Ragu Pasta Sauces over possible plastic contamination

Before you break open a jar of Ragu pasta sauce for your Sunday dinner, take a look to make sure it’s not part of a new recall.

Mizkan America, the company that makes Ragu, announced a recall of several kinds of sauce, citing concerns that some were contaminated with fragments of plastic.
The types of sauce in question include three varieties of Chunky Tomato Garlic & Onion in both 45-ounce and 66-ounce sizes, according to a notice issued Friday by the US Food and Drug Administration. The list also includes 66-ounce bottles of Old World Style Traditional and Old World Style Meat.


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I like the Newman's Own spaghetti sauce.

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Saute an onion with a bulb of garlic in a medium sized pot. Add 1lb pork sausage and 1lb ground beef, cook until brown. Add two 28oz cans of crushed tomatoes (I use tuttorosso). Add a decent amount of basil and oregano, add red chili flakes if you want heat, splash of red wine if you have a bottle open. Let that shit simmer for 3-4 hours. Makes enough sauce for 2 lb of pasta.

There you go, you just made easy and good pasta sauce with less than 10 minutes prep work. No need to use the premade shit.

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Mama mia. Old world style flavored with meat, benissimo.

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I'd be seriously surprised if all the food in the store would not be contaminated with plastic or some other shit

Ragu Pasta Sauces over possible plastic contamination is an incomplete, erroneous headline…

You can't even copy and paste correctly…


and this story is over a month old.

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I saw this story on the televised evening news in the 1st week of JUNE, bitch………….

Anybody who uses Prego, Ragu (or Newman's Own) processed bullshit prepackaged nasty jarred pasta sauce is a chump.

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Those sauces are over 60% sugar and corn syrup

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Anybody who eats prepackaged processed foods is eating 'plastic', either literally or metaphorically

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Only uses ONE bulb of garlic


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and-a then-a you spill-a the spaghetti all-a over-a at-a gamestop-a!

Who do you think you’re fooling? Odds are you’re too lazy to even throw a Hot Pocket in the microwave and would starve to death if your mom wasn't around to cook for you.

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FYI, Paul Newman was one the classiest and well-loved motherfuckers in Hollywood. His food brands give 100% of profits to charities and have contributed over half a billion dollars to various charities (often children's charities) and all of the Newman's Own sauces and stuff is actually really fucking delicious, using the better ingredients over the cheaper stuff used in most brands. You clearly have no idea what "class" is all about.

TLDR: Newman's Own even outclasses Italian mamas.

Except it’s not. All his products taste like crap

No, Newman's is some of the best stuff on the market. You can even see on the labels with things like "all-natural ingredients" and one of the principles that Newman dictated when starting this company was that quality trumps the bottom line. They never cut corners on the quality of ingredients. You can see it right in the ingredient listings.
For example, they actually use molasses in their barbecue sauces, not that garbage corn syrup or high fructose corn syrup that is trowellled into every other shitty product.
Then again, if you're american you were raised on artificial flavors and high fructose corn syrup so actually tasting what a good sauce is all about is foreign to you. The funny thing is barbecue sauces in the US USED to be the best. Americans knew how to barbecue. Newman's brands is one of the few that still does it right.
Get educated on sauces you ignorant millenial. And lay off the fuckin corn syrup.

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