Fasting Is The Best Way To Lose Fat & Keep Muscle

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Nowadays being overweight or obese seems to be the norm. Everyone has a few extra pounds they’d like to trim. However, the idea of fasting for even a brief amount of time sounds “unhealthy” to most people. Especially the bodybuilding types (“I’ll lose my gains bro!”). You can live past 30 days without food and fasting has health benefits and many religions promote it for spiritual reasons. You won’t die of malnutrition or waste away.

This 2010 study showed that fasting did not cause muscle loss. Patients fasting every other day did lose significant fat and showed positive health benefits such as the effect it had on cholesterol and metabolism. This 2016 study showed the fasting group maintained more muscle mass, and in fact demonstrated fasting may be 4x more beneficial than calorie restriction for keeping lean mass.

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I didnt eat for 6 days once, only drank water. Suprisingly easy and was not hungry at all, just got lots of strange stomach noises

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This is mainly because it is on tier with how humans used to eat as animals and hunter-gatherers. Eating once a day is a luxury of modern man and eating three times a day was essentially unheard of. People don't need to eat constantly, and honestly were not built for it. Humans are also category 4 predators (on par with owls and foxes) based off of how much bone tissue our digestive system is capable of consuming and when focusing on a diet high in animal fat and protein you are also significantly less hungry throughout the day.

It's bullshit grain-based diets that make people so constantly hungry and fat.

Gandhi was ripped

The last 3 5-day fasts I did I kept off about 10lbs of fat each time. It's just inconvenient if you have an intense physical job or social obligations.

If you have a hobby that keeps you moving you can fast and expect to easily lose about 5 lbs in a day

Fasting is just as stupid as eating salads, you nigwit.

The true solution is occasional periods of 4 - 8 weeks eating zero-carb. That means just fatty meat, milk, cheese and eggs. As much animal protein as you want. NOTHING from plants, at all. No pasta, no fruits, no vegetables, no sugar.

You will only need two meals a day and you still won't feel hungry, you might even occasionally only eat ONE meal a day.

The reason people aren't thin like in the good old days is because back then the center of every meal was (fatty!) meat, and today they're telling people that meat is bad and it's better to eat plants instead. And that is a total lie.

Fatkins diet is fake and gay.

My neighbour ate nothing but bacon, eggs, and sausage in the morning, hamburgers for lunch, and steak for dinner. Dropped dead from a heart attack at 50 yo.

You're right. I used to skateboard a lot when I was younger, like 12-18 and picked it up again (26) and it's amazing how leaner i've gotten since getting back into it.

Not sure if accurate, but I've heard too much red meat is actually bad for you. I try to space it out between days, or even weeks. For me I look forward to it more when I make burgers, as opposed to eating that stuff all the time.

how much did he weigh?

not enough potassium

God damn, this whole thread is like a bunch of braindead soccer moms.

Fuck off fatass don't pretend we're all as pathetic as you are.

You're probably just being witty, but fasting is meant to minimize muscle loss, but it won't BUILD muscle. If you're already weak (like Gandhi) then you'll still be weak after fasting.

Global meat consumption per capita has gone up across the world in recent decades. Unless by "good old days" you mean 12,000 years ago then you need to do a quick Google search before making a fool of yourself next time. pic related

You one anecdote of your retarded neighbor doesn't prove shit about anything one way or the other.

Where'd you hear that? See a big CNN expo on it? Show me the data.

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wrong pic btw, here's the right one

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keto is shit


tl;dr warning

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The obesogen (chemicals that signal cells to turn into fat cells) organotin has been found in large amounts in fish.
High levels of PCB (industrial toxin) in fish oil, fish, and eggs (94% of eggs tested).

Even when meat consumption is reduced to only fish and eggs, insulin-like growth factor (IGF-1) remained relatively the same.
Notes: IGF-1 has been shown to promote cancer growth. html

Fire retardant chemicals (PBDE) and polychlorinated naphthalenes (PCNs) found heavily in meats.
Notes: For PBDEs, fish was the worst offender.
Perfluorochemicals (linked to thyroid disease) exposure comes from meat, fish, and eggs.
Xenoestrogens (human made chemicals with estrogenic effects) have been found the most in fish.
Methionine (an amino acid) is required for many cancers and tumors to stay alive and grow. Methionine is found virtually only in animal products (with eggs, fish, and chicken being the worst).
Mercury in fish shown to outweigh benefits of omega-3s when it comes to brain development (specifically IQ).
Some chemicals (dioxins, PCB, and DDE) found in fish have half lives as high as 10 years.

if you are willing to ignore this then you deserve whatever happens to your health.

bruh where do you get your fiber?

Only drink you must drink is water, maybe sometimes some green tea. (it must be brewed fresh at home, NO SHITTY NORMAL-IDIOT BRANDS, many crappy brands brew yellow and taste like shit. real green tea brews nice green color so make sure you test out a few of the lesser known and more natural brands as those tend to brew better tea.)
(Try to get natural spring water for low natural fluoride content or a reverse osmosis water brand or a home reverse osmosis filter to avoid craploads of fluoride and chlorine)
(Most random filters you can buy can remove some chlorine but never claim to remove 100% of all fluoride, so don't trust that for that purpose)
(always call up or email your water brand and ask them for a detailed water quality report. Make sure fluoride levels and ingredient lists are 100% transparent and clearly mentioned. If they wont give you this, find another brand that will. The nice ones always have no problem sending you an email with all the details you ask for. Just be polite)

GOOD CARBS ONLY: beans, lentils, peas, oats

GOOD PROTEIN ONLY: beans, lentils, spirulina, hemp protein powder, nuts and seeds

GOOD FATS ONLY: raw nuts and seeds and avocado and coconut

LOTS OF VEG: brightly colored of various colors. frozen veg is cheapest and will give you the most. roast/bake in oven and eat with balsamic vinegar

LITTLE FRUIT: dark blue/purple/red FROZEN BERRIES = cheapest and give you the most for your money.

supplement nascent iodine, b12 methylcobalamin, and D3 cholecalciferol. (avoid cyanocobalamin and lanolin)

I am NOT a doctor or a nutritionist. Don't do anything or stop anything without asking your doctor and nutritionist first.

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But the best thing is to be fit is through SLEEP.
Literally when you sleep you are fasting and doing literally nothing.
The longer you wake up the more your circadian rhythm is fucked up and you crave to eat due to staying up longer = stomach starts to growl. Though fasting is connected to sleeping early (eating twice a day = longer sleep cycle). And in case you woke up earlier than expected, you can just fast during the morning only drinking a cup until you feel like your stomach is really hungry to eat breakfast (or brunch) but better watch out as you can be prone to hyper acidity when you've just started.
The more you sleep, the more you burn also whenever you exhale during sleep there's more fat burned as carbon dioxide and sleep isn't just useless, it is the best time your body is able to repair most of your physical (or even mental) damage (brainwave entrainment helps both but makes you very sleepy - not good when operating machines).
although I don't recommend fasting for candida-caused diabetes which can make it evolve to cancer. sugar keeps them at bay but the moment they lose food source they start to travel out the gut at into who knows what
Running doesn't do shit at all or even exercise because first of all, the body is like a innovative machine that when tuned and used to task (or whatever exhaustive) will become efficient and humans are the most efficient runners in the animal kingdom so yeah like that jog really burned some shit, though it builds up muscle but not burn remaining fat - only burn what's inside your stomach and the muscle just makes it even more efficient through sugar stored in liver or electrolytes - furry animals can't sweat glands.
Though exercise itself is not that bad and to be clear its best purpose is to eject your body of toxins (though you could do that with sauna and literally doing nothing again).

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Would it be possible to eat nothing but fruit and veggies for the next month?

Alone? not recommended. You need a good complex carb source like oats and beans, and some b12 and d3.
I'm Not a doctor. Don't listen to me.

that's not how biology works you idiotic dunecoon.
if you engage in this, you trick your body into thinking starvation is around the corner, your liver enter glycolisis mode, and a number of other process start that will make you retain much more once you eat again.
"calories in, calories out" is how it work, so just diet normally and not like a tard.
a nice trick to increase expenditure is to use a bath for a couple hours.
water has a much higher mass and thermal conductivity than air and will siphon it from your body, forcing it to burn calories to keep warm.
that's why when you go for a swim, you're really hungry after.
also, that shit of yours is why so many dunecoons are skinnyfatsoes with a muscle tensility barely above the one of indians.

gee, i wonder why, faggot?

it's a load of bullshit pushed by vegan trannies.
the only problem you can have with meat, is if it's laced with "fattening" hormones.
in which yeah, it sucks, in the same manner GMO veggies do.

Atkins is just a lightweight version of a zero-carb diet, which is what the Inuit ate for 5000+ years. It involved basically no plant matter, at all.
Atkins is a gay marketing ploy but you don't need to buy any special food from anybody to eat zero-carb.

There used to be a pretty good wiki page about Stefansson and the Inuit diet, but in the last couple years it was wiped out–first separated into several different pages, and now most of those pages are removed totally.

Consider the following:
11 months of the year, the Inuit ate nothing but meat–because they were living on the edge of the pack ice, and could only eat animals they hunted from the ocean.
Only ~2 weeks each year did they eat any plants at all, and then even still they ate mostly meat–because the migrating elk were eating all the plants they could find.
And they lived this way for 5000+ years… If eating only meat was bad for you, there wouldn't be any Inuit around today.

Eating vegetarian/vegan diets has been a fad for thousands of years, but there is no sustained culture that ever did it unless meat was temporarily not available. Some people like to claim "it's perfectly healthy" (the same people that think that soy milk is healthy) but there is no long-term study that approaches the 5000-year history of the Inuit. The only proof that eating vegetarian could be healthy is from very modern times; all the people attempting it before then were malnourished.

Also we note–in a zero-carb diet, eating low-fat meat is bad for you. And all fish is low fat, so it's bad for you, for that reason alone.
All the meat you eat should be at least 25% fat, and 1/3 fat is better.
(—and what do "they" tell you now? They are telling you to eat fish instead of 'bad' fatty red meat. The one kind of meat that is most likely to harm you, they are trying to promote the consumption of—)

The Inuit diet was generally at least 1/4 fat, and often was as much as 1/2 fat.
The Inuit ate fish, but only if they had whale or other fat to dip it in right before eating it.

Eating plants instead of meat now is becoming a social doctrine–there is no scientific basis in it. It is propaganda.

When you were in school, the health textbooks always said that you couldn't be healthy without eating plants (you'll get scurvy like Henry VIII!).
What killed Henry VIII is very debatable, since people eating zero-carb tend to LOSE weight, not gain it. The tradtional Inuit diet had a HUGE fat intake. The Inuit tend to be barrel-chested, but they were not usually obese.

The textbooks always mentioned vegetarianism, and many even mentioned veganism–but they probably never even mentioned carnivorism or the Inuit.
The ONE 'extreme' diet with VERY-long-proof that it was healthy, they left out totally.
Why do you think they would do that?

The longest fast i have done is about 23h on accident sort of but usually i fast everyday for 16-20h and i can as much i do when i bulk up and still lose weight. If i try to lose weight harder i can lose a kilo in a day much more easier than if i didnt do fasting also my desire to eat food has decreased a lot.

Why is everyone on here so retarded and like proud of it?

In your graph only poultry has shot up, pork as increased a little, and the rest has remained constant.

Just don’t eat between the hours of 7-7. Literally not hard to not be fat

Fasting promotes atophagy, which the body uses to eliminate cancer cells. It also boosts the immune system and flushes out heavy metals and toxins.

I've never seen a vegan manage to go on long fasts. They always get a nasty sugar crash, which makes them feel absolutely miserable in their attempt to get into ketosis.

Meat is actually very bad for you and this proves it.

Not all vegans=liberals
Conservative plant BASED.


all these fad diets are all the same, just renamed every couple of years to trick fat people into buying meal plans, workout videos, snack bars, diet drinks, diet pills, and many more scams.

THIS is what I do.

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Ignorant people love sniffing their own farts and thinking it's the cleanest air in the universe

set eating times just creates anxiety because if you get hungry outside those times, you panic and product more cortisol from the stress and gain more wait even if you ate something healthy. I just eat whenever the fuck I get hungry.

I do this sometimes, but not always.

Why are you making shit up?

yeah, stomach gets pissed but calms down after a while.

hey mahaatma, your daughter didn't fly so good

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Still manage to increase my max bench and jog 5m while fasting; can't be too bad for ye. As long as you get a good meal the next day.
Should be benching my weight soon; considering I still weight the same.

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if you want to be bald, fast.

fast, be bald.

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What do you mean by "category 4 predators"? Researching it now but there's a lot of wikipedia shit clogging up the search because of the "category".

Fried food in general kills. It's not the meat. The oils used to cook the food cause extreme amounts of inflammation that lead to heart disease, cancers and all kinds of tumors.

A friend of an acquaintance of mine eats nothing but fried food all the time. She's an older woman who won't stop producing tumors in her gut every year just to have them surgically removed and grow again. Every year she is weaker, I wouldn't give her more than one or two years.

Meat heals. Vegetable oil and vegetable fats kill. And kill really fast.

Look at the 46 year old jew vegan you're promoting. Can he even maintain an erection? Do you have a penis tranny? You should be raped and killed for believing this shit haha what a moron.

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Do you want to look like this? Eat like a vegan.

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the brain switches to a lower power mode so no way, awful idea.

read the comments in these vids, many of which arent relevant to the titles you posted them under.
stop dude. make a coherent argument instead of spamming. you are just wasting yr time.

imagine panicking from being hungry outside of a set time lol

Just eat less of what you feel like. All these men going diet conscious, you sound like women.

all i did was keto + intermittent fasting+ kickboxing 3 days a week and i lost 65 lbs in like 5 months

how the fuck can you just not eat? im fucking starving over here

its really easy. don't eat for 12 hours. that's 8 hours of sleeping and 4 hours of only drinking water. no coffee allowed either during that time. after 4 hours you can eat

beans are terrible for you. why does everyone say conflicting things about food!?

who r u talking about… indira gandhi??

thats not his daughter, gandhi had 4 boys

It takes a bit of getting used to. It takes time for the body to build up enough ketones to rely on body fat instead of sugar. Your stomach is full of parasites that live off of sugar and carbs and they send signals to your brain to eat more and more as they die off. YOU aren't dying of starvation if you're a fatass, the parasites are.

you are entirely correct–but the Inuit diet is what they all copied ideas from, and it is 5000+ years old.
you don't need to pay anybody to change to a zero-carb diet. The idea is simple: eat nothing from plants. At all.
plain cooked meat, plain milk, cheese and eggs. As much as you want.

if you eat zero-carb, you find out that eating carbs is what makes you continually hungry. it becomes easy to go 12 - 16 hours between meals.
many people eating zero-carb go to only two meals a day, because they're simply not hungry enough to bother with eating three separate meals.

Fun fact: eating sugar is almost certainly worse for you than eating fatty meat. Even the Jew York Times approves of this message-


keep sucking your big meaty sausages you huge hypocrite. I'll stick with my cucumbers like a healthy boi

Well we aint inuits bitch

I'm about 150lbs overweight. If I fast and lose it, will it be lost so fat that I'll have flaps of skin like Fat Bastard in Austin Powers?

also to add upon what this poster said, humans were mostly carnivores, and opportunistic omnivores.
people followed herds of animals, and agriculture only became a thing ~10k years ago.
vegans OUT

t. burgerkike

The obesity epidemic is caused by a virus.

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Nah it's because USA started putting cheap wheat and corn sugar in everything then everyone else emulated that decision.

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Time to catch up with the times. Viruses have been weaponized.

And someone's making sure I cant stop it.

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Need I remind everyone of the real problem here?

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There's not nearly enough effort being put into stopping this. The ameriburger memes are proof of the purpose behind having released these viruses.

100% this

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This method is tried and true, if you don't mind becoming schizophrenic and losing your teeth.

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All modern diets are jokes, none of these people can ever agree on anything. Genetics are king

I can tell you as a fact that fasting is the fastest way to lose muscle. I lost 12 lbs in 11 days and my waist didn't shrink.

How do you get arachidonic acid?