Funeral held for 29-year-old black trans woman fatally shot in South Carolina

By: Shawn Cabbagestalk

The family of the black transgender woman fatally shot in North Charleston, South Carolina, buried the 29-year-old in a private ceremony on Saturday.

According to North Charleston Police, they found 29-year-old Denali Stuckey on the side of the street near the 2700 block of Carner Avenue. She was dead from an apparent gunshot wound.

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This is not newsworthy…

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It was for the best. Shame the entire graveyard now has AIDS

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No, it wasn't a case of "surprise trap rage". Another result of African low impulse control and poor future time orientation is engaging in AIDS-infested behavior and then regretting it.

Whenever you hear about "violence against trans 'women' of colluh", remember it's nearly 100% by gay Africans of color. I've witnessed the ghetto tranny hooker gatherings in my city, and the nogs stopping for their "finna get you a REAL woman" bonics know exactly what they're getting.

The appropriate response to all the rainbow ghetto kvetching is to agree that the African community needs to confront its homosexual violence problem.

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Great point. I'm actually from there originally. Been a few years but they can't have changed for the better. Seems nigs never evolve.



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RIP Denali. This country needs better gun control.

because nothing prevents shooting like 'gun free zone'

Thanks for your input, Moshe. Now fuck off.

i live about 15-20 mins away from where the shooting happened.

Having spent at least half of my life living in the Northeast outside NYC, i can tell you that the blacks down here are a million times better.

Carner Avenue is right near Riverside Avenue and Spruill Avenue. Spruill is notorious for being a hotspot for crack and prostitution.

North Charleston is a shitshow.

The blood is on your hands, dishonest news media.

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Florida's Haitians of Riviera Beach. They transform anything they come in contact with into absolute filth and that's the way they like it

Hahahaha why is no one taking about the black dudes name who wrote this stupid article, it's Shawn Cabbagestalk.

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By definition, in a gun free zone no-one gets shot. It's not rocket science.

just because it's zoned against guns doesn't mean one doesn't get through

True, but less guns means less shootings anywhere in the world. Simple math.



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I don't think that would change much here. You can decrease or get rid of guns here but that's onlygoing to affect the law abiding responsible ones. Which is the vast majority, despite what the media and libfags like to say. It will do nothing to keep the stolen and untraceable ones. The ones most people probably use for naughty behavior. Sure a white kid blows away some people with a legal one every once in awhile, but the death toll pales in comparison to what the Nigs do to each other on a daily basis. Fuck, I'm completely responsible but I have one thats registered to a corpse. It was given to me from said corpse. But good luck tracking it down if they ever come for them. You can bet if its ever being talked about a couple of mine are going to be reported as "stolen". Because it's like they say "when guns are outlawed, only outlaws will have guns" and I intend to be ready.

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yes, true progress would be if instead of a gun it was acid or a truck or just a simple beatin to death. Rational people don;t kill over dumb things. put a five day waiting period on conception. watch the levels of idiocacy drop

Less niggers and mudshits means less violence anywhere in the world. Simple math.


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We are going to inherit the earth; there is not the slightest doubt about that.
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My heart goes out to Denali's family, friends and community of care, all people of color, transgender people and the many people who would feel saddness hearing of her loss.

so i took a micro-dose of LSD this morning… definitely in a come-down right now… but damn, this is so sad to see… just this whole page. im fully aware this is where conservatives/racists/fucktards like to congregate to circle jerk their BS into each others waiting mouths… just wondering if you incels realize that it was mostly liberal… openminded people who invented all your modern comforts… its your own fault that women do not want you and that society rejects you… you come here because youre afraid to yell your shit on the street corners. youd be laughed off the world. enjoy your lives losers, ill be out here enjoying the world with everyone else :)

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Denali was a man pretending to be a woman and no amount of rhetoric or surgery will change that.

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I mean tbh we need to call out the sexual molestation and abuse rates in the white community. You can spout the ol’ 7% of population, 45% of crime. But I think we need to call out the 60% rate of Sex crimes with white guys. If you care about your community don’t be so tribal you can’t take criticism. It’s a real problem.

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