Marijuana vs. Opioids for Pain

By Cindy Perlin

Most people believe that the most powerful weapons we have against severe pain are opioids like Vicodin, Percocet, Hydrocodone and Oxycodone. But is this really true? It’s an important question because opioids are highly addictive and taking too much can be fatal. Millions of Americans have become addicted to prescription opioids and most have been medical patients taking them as directed. Even worse, more than 200,000 Americans have died of accidental overdoses of these drugs. Yet opioids are still widely prescribed for patients with moderate to severe pain because most patients and doctors believe they are the most effective treatment.

Mounting evidence indicates that marijuana may be more effective at treating pain than any other available drug, including opioids. Marijuana is certainly safer—it is not physically addictive and there has never been any documented case of death due to marijuana overdose.

Marijuana users do not build up tolerance to the drug, (i.e. needing higher doses to achieve the same effect) the way that opioid users do.

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Testing is still in its infancy since its only been illegal in most places until recently. The early results though do appear to make it pretty clear that there is a good success rate with high CBD, low THC weed or hemp. Higher THC or lower CBD doesn't seem to have the same long term pain reduction impact. CBD doesn't work on as many people as opiates do, but low THC strains of weed/hemp also don't have any addictive qualities and don't leave you intoxicated so that's a HUGE advantage.

Basically if you have long term pain, try CBD.

As an aside saying Marijuana isn't addictive is completely incorrect. Moderate to high THC strains (the stuff that gets you stoned) IS addictive. The withdrawal symptoms are mild for most people and it 's out of your system in about of a week but you body definitely gets addicted. Anyone who is chronic can tell you that the first hit after a long break is "better" than daily use. That's because the body has built up a dose with regular use.

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If i hike ten miles and my feet and legs are done and i smoke herb, it restores me. Id say its better for dull pain than sharp.

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Anyone who thinks weed can be used for pain management has never tried it.

Stay away from disgusting marijuana goy!
Use our healthy and highly addictive and expensive opioids

Having tried vicodin for fun as a teenager, I tried using some to help with wisdom tooth removal pain as an adult. The pain did not go away, but I was in a much more pleasant mood about it.

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My wife (MS) and I are chronic pain patients who have been on Opioid pain medication for years without issue. Recently legalized medical became available and has allowed small reduction in frequency and dose and made the last couple of hours between doses significantly more comfortable. This does not condone use of either; just sharing our personal experience trying to live a more comfortable life with pain mitigation.

Just because the weed you got from your dealer didn't help with pain management doesn't mean anything. For medical purposes you need high CBD, low THC weed. Stoners want the opposite. You've never tried weed strains designed for medical purposes.

THC for some pain, I agree it works for dull pain, soreness. Some pain, it can amplify. For chronic spinal and knee pain, structural pain with sharpness, opiates and clear tequila.

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The variety of pain is as much as the variety of anything. People overdose on alcohol and street drugs. For pain management, a variety should be used prudently to decrease body load and tolerance.

i've had medical weed since day one, weed isn't a substitute and really works no better than ibuprofen in a lot of the cases, on the other hand it does make the pain more tolerable due to the mental state it puts you in.

i fucking hate druggies and stoners, a bunch of fucking losers and there's a lot of propaganda that comes from those sort of people about the benefits of this shit, i've been smoking for 20+ years and am heavily involved with the scene and still feel this way.

thc or cbd isn't a substitute for opiates, if you are in serious pain you need to have prescription medications as even the most potent pot just doesn't have the same effect, the guy with MS should know what i am talking about here, it helps a little but by no means is it a substitute.

that said, the biggest benefit of pot for medical reasons i can see is in the dealing with withdrawal symptoms, it certainly makes life much easier when coming off the pharmaceuticals and i honestly can't say enough about the effect that pot has when your trying to come of the really hard stuff like fentanyl, thanks to the things pot can actually do i was able to quit my fentanyl patches 2 whole cycles early, cold turkey…not going to lie, it still sucked but was manageable. …i think there's more to this end of things than to actual pain relief…it's not a very good pain killer in of itself.


My back is all fucked up from military service and from genetically being gifted with a fragile back. I took vicodin without getting arrested or ODing for over ten years. It worked great and didn't impair me or cause any health issues. Then my doctor decided to become a pussy and stop prescribing it because I don't need it. Then my life went to shit basically, because I'm always in horrible pain.

Doctors and congressmen have encouraged me to try marijuana because it's the hip new thing. It doesn't work. Yes, it makes living in constant pain more enjoyable just like it would any other activity. But it isn't legal, it doesn't make me able to enjoy doing things I used to do when I had working pain meds, and it also interferes with my professional life as most employers still see it as a drug. With vicodin I could carry it around and consume it in plain view of everyone and not be judged.

I buy percs and vicodin on the street now and just hope that it's not being stolen by some nice little old lady's grandkid. I also hope it's not laced with fentanyl and won't kill me, but that's less of a concern to me because being dead probably hurts less than what I live with on a daily basis when I have no pain pills.

I fucking hate the US healthcare system.

THC/CBD may help people dealing with certain kinds of pain, but it isn't a replacement for opiates.

Opioids or marijuana? Really?

I heard a good ole' bottle of Man The Fuck Up (MTFU) works relatively well, and doesn't make you weak and stupid. Plus it's free.

glow harder kike>>248730're not alone.
your story mimics mine but i'm a recovering cancer patient…the whole cycle of being shorted meds we actually need and the quality of our life going to shit because of it is exactly the same.

i blame druggies and the whole coddling culture of our society, let fucking junkies overdose and fucking die if they can't handle their shit, people like you and me shouldn't have to live in pain and have the quality of our lives turned to fucking shit because some scumbag druggie picks up a heroin needle when they are told they can't have anymore drugs from the doc…. i have legitimate pain that hampers my life and makes it impossible for me to work fulltime and enjoy the things that makes life worth living, i would love nothing more than not to be a slave to some pills and having to fool with prescriptions and doctors and all of the rest, it's a burden and time consuming…i have better things to do with my time and money than going to dr's and paying for prescriptions ffs.

You should know what a pharmacophore is: a part of a molecular structure that is responsible for a particular biological or pharmacological interaction that it undergoes. Familiar, effective, and widely used analgesics (pain-relieving compounds) share a common pharmacophore. As far as I know, marijuana does not share this pharmacophore. I suspect that any perception of analgesic properties from the use of marijuana is just an illusion. I suspect that those who originally characterized marijuana as an analgesic did so to disguise their agenda – legalization for recreational use. (I believe that the recent wide-spread rallying cry for its legalization is premised on misinformation.)

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Pot is good for pain and not Physically addictive like opioids but is mentally addictive not as mentally addictive as tobacco.

I've smoke weed for 30 years now. Been prescribed opioids for over 10 years. in 2016 the CDC started their shit and now I am on a minimal dose, 10mg 3 times a day oxycodone.
When the doctor started taking me off the pain pills and prescribed me medical cannabis, all it did for me is make it where I cant own a gun.
I have been suffering for years now because of the "opioid crisis".
Its bullshit. There are people that need it in order for a % of quality of life.

ive had pain for years and years im female it helps for mild stuff if it actually has to be taken in combo with stuff

I tried all these Shit, not working for me. Now I take Methadone for the pain. Yes I am addicted because I worked too hard for over 35 years. Don't believe the marijuana fairytale, they are all junks.

It would depend on the cause of the pain, it's not a blanket cure for everything. I dated someone who had chronic back pain and taking some oil would help (or so she said) but then taking pills also helped, so… I do think the oil is healthier than the pills though.

Opiods lower your pain tolerance. They are strictly only to be used in the immediate time after an injury or major surgery. Taking them on prescription is absolutely terrible.

Cannabis doesn't really cure most pain, it just distracts you from caring about it. Again, it has a tolerance factor.

Just quit all that shit, deal with your pain.

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