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What happens next, anti-revisionist, Furr-reading, Stalin Did Nothing Wrong MLs of leftypol? Would he purge the revisionists? Would we be living under world socialism by now?

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Stalin was already ill by the end of WWII. The war and reconstruction period really took a toll on his health, he wouldn't have lived much longer.

Having guards that were afraid to check up on him while he had a stroke certainly contributed to his demise, if he had received early treatment he might have survived.

Good point, but Mao's life was just as stressful and dude lived until the 70's.

cuz mao was chinese tbh

Stalin was right to be paranoid. How the fucking couldn't you be in his position? Saboteurs in every corner and fascist hordes on every border, not to mention that western states were LITERALLY making plans to nuke the USSR to rubble after the end of WW2.

He should have killed any doctor in the country years and years before, sometimes an amin dada styled move can save socialism.

Impossible to say, although it would seem likely that the collapse of the soviet union will be delayed by a significant amount or even prevented, depending on who takes charge after Stalin dies in 1980. Worst case scenario is that the cult of personality and purges grow to a ridiculous amount as Stalins paranoia increases due to his age taking a toll on his mental health, which could also lead to him becoming a puppet to some other leader.

not really. stroke reversal treatments were only invented like, what, 1980s? even then they have to be implemented within 3 hours of treatment. At very least he would have lived with minor deficits, either motor or neural ones. Nothing could also be done to prevent larger strokes from happening either at that time if I'm not mistaken. The first type of primitive medicines for that were made in the 1950s and aspirin wasn't used till the 1970s as a preventative measure for heart disease and stroke (even though it was mass produced since early 1900s)

I think a better question is what would've happened if Lenin had lived til 1944. What would've gone differently that way?

he was murdered by poisoning
anyone else but ad hominems?



Lads what about Marx finishing das kapital.

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I would've loved to see the reaction of those german niggers that helped the bolsheviks during the revolution thinking they could use them as puppets and then 20 years later get absolutely btfo'd by the soviets.


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Nice great man history.

Why were they afraid?

I'm going to start a thread about coal production in 1935 and how it inevitably led to K-Pop.

There was a guy who lasted until his like 100's and was with Stalin.

He should've been made leader.

because that's the retarded bs liberals are pulling out of their ass to make "sense" out of their nonsense

This. Never seen anu sauce for that bullshit claim. I have even heard people claim he faked getting a heart attack or something and then executing the guards that "disobeyed" his supposed order

Alt-history is so fucking lame


I don't know, economic growth was already slowing down in his last years, so he probably would have implemented the same reforms that Krushchev and Brezhnev did. Stalin wasn't some hardcore anti-revisionist Maoists and Hoxhaists make him out to be, he was quite pragmatic in his policies. For example, he supported the NEP against collectivisation, and then collectivised when the NEP was no longer useful, etc.

He also wasn't as belligerent with the West as people claim he was, he wouldn't have invaded West Germany or whatever. Mao certainly would have if he was in his position.

Stalin didn't "purge" the doctors. No-one knows who did it for sure, but Stalin was heavily skeptical of the claims.

Stalin dying early doesn't effect anything, him not having a good successor is his problem.

If he just wasn't so fucking paranoid and surround himself with with strong smart men rather than weak yes men, or if Trotsky led USSR rather than Stalin it would have a much better run.

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Lazar Kaganovich


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He should've seriously been made the Leader.

hmmmm this seems unbiased

It's bullshit, according to their standards every Soviet citizen that supported the government under Stalin was "known for helping Stalin seize power, for their role in the Soviet famine of 1932–33 in Ukraine, and for their harsh treatment and execution of those deemed threats to Stalin's regime."

Kaganovich was suffering from dementia his last two decades, I doubt he could have led the USSR up until his death.

To be honest, Malenkov should have stayed in power. He was trying to improve the production and allocation of consumer goods, which was denounced as "Stalinist" by Cornholio (lmao). He also tried to rehabilitate the victims of the Great Purge which was probably the right thing to do. I'd imagine under Malenkov, the USSR would have had better economic growth while enjoying increased civil liberties whereas Kaganovich would have been a bitch about it. The only problem with Malenkov was his lukewarm stance on the West, but this is something he shares with Stalin somewhat (Greece, etc.).

haha fuck no
"muh consumer goods" is a literal meme, I don't know why you idiots keep falling for it

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Based Marx. Remove thots.

literal trot tier "if x person came to power everything would have been different."

I'm pretty sure Stalin died at age 74, no 102

*not 102 I mean, obvs