Tulsi 2020

Let me tell you a story.

There was once a man in the 60s called Dr Willis Butler.

He was a comrade who was driven out of Louisiana and tracked by the CIA for his communist ideas.

Later in the 70s his son Khris Butler, created a hindu hippie cult in Hawaii, They lived in a commune where he preached enviromentalism,extreme anti imperialism and some homophobia (which I know is a bad thing but it was 50 years ago). Butler was interested in making his movement bigger and getting into politics but he didnt have the power to do that. He needed a vessel and this is the part where Tulsi Gabbard is involved. (The daughter of his close friend Mike Gabbard) who grew up in the commune. Butler is now her guru.

The marxist ideas were passed on from generation to generation, and I have no doubt that she is /ourgirl/ who plans to fight imperialism and make the world a better place.

Leftypol should support her.

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Her complete true allegiance doesnt matter.
Trump isnt Hitler and the alt right retards have to live with him.
Tulsi isnt Che, but we have to live or die with her.

all her domestic policies are neoliberal as fuck. sorry but I only give a fuck about some backwater Muslim shithole only to the extent that it allows a neoliberal global order to be established, I do not reserve any special sympathies for your smiley idyllic view of easterners.

Free medicare and education is a move towards the right direction.




Capitalism is truly threatened by this

did she propose this?

Being against imperialism is being against the highest stage of capitalism. Retard.

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Yes, I'm sure it's because this was 50 years ago that he hated fags (one of the most rational, down to earth beliefs one can hold). Let's just ignore the fact that they spread disease like a plague and increase molestation rates ten fold.

I’m sure you based your opinion peer-reviewed evidence-based scientific research

Has nothing to do with my post

The reason there's more fags nowadays is because it creates tons of money for capitalists. They're making a fringe minority mainstream and capitalizing on it. They also divert the focus of the proletariat vs the bourgeoisie to fags vs homophobes (yet another divide and conquer).

Or maybe it's just people who were in the closet before? Regardless, sexuality is a spook. That capitalists exploit it is a moot point, they'll exploit everything.

I showed you other ways she threatens the establishment.

the reason there's more fags nowadays is because there's more people nowadays

She's never going to be relevant in anything she does, she might aswell quit. The high point of her career was when she deepthroated those hot dogs on aots.

Actually I am very confident that the "T" is mostly capitalist propaganda.
Doctors make millions of surgeries. Transgender porn makes money. Yet there is no talk regarding the economic aspect of this issue

That is bullshit. Her domestic policies are basically the same as Bernie. She’s currently the only anti-interventionist candidate in the race.

where is this claim coming from? I see nothing like Bernie's policies on her wikipedia page

I'm sure there's no social reason for this at all and lgbt people just happen to rape more for no reason and they totally aren't a historically shit on group and the governments of the world didn't just close their eyes to the aids epidemic and governments have always been supportive of that community and the social conditions of gays didn't force them underground into literally and unironically meeting up in sewers or industrial areas at 3 in the morning to avoid getting hung or beat up and these conditions totally wouldn't fuck some people up just like the Black community. But fucking niggers and gays amiright

No it's because we live in liberal society and one advantage liberal society has over some medieval theocracy or fascist ethno-state is the rights of the individuals and liberals are much more open to individual and property rights then the other two so obviously if that was the case those who felt unsafe under literally Hitler feel more safer and accepted to come out. And with Socialism coming I'm almost certain the amount of lgbt people is going to skyrocket with medical and mental health becoming more available to people and reactionary/religious views dying out.
I'm not saying they don't do this but you just did the same thing as well. Anti-lgbt is still idpol just like anti-feminism anti-black is still idpol, (dosn't mean you have to agree with everything or the way those communities go about their goals but my point stands)
sage cause not related and idpol shit

Then why did she join the army and help invade Iraq?

Medicare4all, free college, no tpp, reinstate glass-steagall, criminal justice reform, etc. neoliberals despise her. She resigned from dnc to back Bernie last time. She’s talked about all this lots of places. Did like 2 hours with jimmy dore. I have no idea what’s on here Wikipedia page

No revolution ever happened under succdem policies

Liberals get the bullet too

Socdem isn't any better than Neoliberalism

its probably worse in many cases

One of the best ways to get attention in US politics is being a former soldier. Its the best thing to put in your resume in order to gainattention.

Social Democracy is the Left Wing of Fascism

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where are your sources? sounds like bullshit to me as she's being spammed everywhere with a completely different, wholly contradictory background everytime. She's Hindu, but Muslim, and Catholic too!? awesome! So diverse!

None is going to revolt in the most imperialist place on earth. Because even the poorest americans are getting a piece of the pie.
The US government has enough money to feed off poor third worlders for a thousand more years.



So basically, it's cool to go out of your way to support and work for American imperialism as long as it's part of a 4D chess strategy to end American imperialism?

Well Lee Harvey was a Marine and killed Kennedy who loved Hitler

So you're saying that Tulsi is a fake communist, CIA asset like Oswald?

Uphold Oswaldist thought