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French riot police are now deployed with semi-automatic weapons and live ammunition against Yellow Vest protestors as Macron's law and order crisis spirals

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I can’t wait until 1905: édition française

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This sniper?

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French libs are particularly fucked because they are the beneficiaries of overt political violence and a rich revolutionary mythology.

it's not like they can tell people that revolutions are bad

The guns aren't French

Yeah they are German G36.

The French don't have French guns anymore

Random question: what’s the best French gun ever made?

I was in Paris last year and they mostly used FAMAS.


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Porky is also using live grenades.

Source? The fizzgrenades don't count.

Someone’s hand was blown off by some sort of tear-gas canister a few weeks ago

A WHIFF OF 5.56x45MM

Seriously though, the second a Yellow Vest is killed by live ammunition Macron will be looking at a march on Élysée.

Easily the Chauchat

Oh yeah, the fizzbangs.

MAT-49 smg, I guess


Trick question: they don't have any.

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Cant find the webm right now, give me a second

Porky better be trigger-happy

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Crush your innate pacifism.

That's because French tear gas grenades have several grams of TNT in them.

Here, don't tell me this thing doesn't have the power of an offensive grenade

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MR 73

An average hand grenade ahas 180g of TNT in it, they have 25. Now don't get me wrong, they can blow your hand or foot off, but they aren't gonna kill people.

Is there ANY French-language media reporting on this?

That's one hell of a fizzbang

Yeah, and land mines are also only there to maim you. Same principle, one person without hand or foot will occupy multiple other people.

What the fuck are “fizzbangs”

Toepopping the cops when?


I think that's just what we're calling the tear gas grenades that blow peoples hands off.

They make fizz and bang

A device designed to discombobulate the victim.

For some reason this shit reminds me of that shit game Brink. Maybe that's my inner liberal constantly making analogies to works of fiction.

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Just needs a few stitches

Thank Marx I don't do this as I am not able to (haven't partaken in all pop culture crazes). Why do libs do this?
Sage for off-topic

It's really all their personalities consist of. That, and shit like sports/subcultures tbh.


Do you know what irony is user?

Because reality is hard to understand mang.

I also think it's because works of fiction have a narrative and a general sense of its themes. So you can predict what will happen later on, reality isn't like that IF you're a liberal. However, communists can predict what the liberal elite will do 90% of the time - and they know how low they can sink.


Libs have been trying to white wash shit since they wrote the 1790 constitution to enshrine a propertarian constitutional monarch


Thanks for the nightmares, user

You’re welcome

OK, so there are three ways that this can go.

1. The protests get crushed, and the global order reasserts itself
2. The protests escalate, and the government is toppled. The protesters are then unable to construct a new order from the ashes of the old, and then the old order reasserts itself in a different form.
3. The protests escalate, and the government is toppled. The protesters are able to construct a new order from the ashes of the old, and manage to resist the global order.

Only this third choice can properly be called a revolution. Leftists in France should desperately doing every thing they can to ensure that this third choice is made.

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In the off chance that this got crazy enough to where the government was toppled (legit toppled not the shifting of posts) what would America do? Would there be any precedent for this?

I wouldn't be surprised if America sends troops in. At the very least America would embargo them, and strongarm their allies into following along.

I know it's liveleak but I figured the userbase was more, you know, sympathetic to anti-government stuff.

The closest thing (Of a western-aligned European state suffering a revolution) is the Carnation Revolution. What happened there was that the US stepped away, let the leftist sentiments die-off then make deals with the first conservative government elected. That was the Cold War of the 1970s though, this is a very different era.

Right after I submitted my post I thought of the Allied Intervention against the Russian Revolution. If they were willing to send in thousands of troops against the Bolsheviks, they would certainly do the same in the event of something similar happening in France

Yeah it's really strange, rly makes one think hmmm

I dont understand how you can be aware of Zig Forums and be surprised that sadistic gorehounds are also bootlickers.

Holy shit wtf is Macron actually insane? Imagine if that was a person

Britain will reclaim the French throne.

Anything to protect capital
t. Manu

that depends, if the new government is a DoTP, then we will see france getting coalion raped, hoards of nato armies will flow into france as if mirroring the first coalition, if it's not a DoTP then well it might go either way

This. They'll recreate the Angevin Empire.

How does a governmental collapse affect the stock market?

I still think the GJs need more organization. I support them but it’s too spontaneous and without theory. It’s like an army without a general staff.

That gilets lead to the revolution, and that's it. The proletariat can make an army once it's under way.

Welp,France is one of the big players in the EU, so it would create a good amount of chaos, and that if the planets allignate with the earth that should create at least a good fall of the euro and in new york.

Shit's getting gruesome over there innit

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allied intervention was actually quite pathetic against russia. they didn't even keep the whites as supplied as they needed to be to win the war and mostly just gave old war supplies if even that.

ummm sweetie do you know what levee en masse is?

Oh my god his hand is gone

Meanwhile your analogies and personhood consists of memes.

stop trying to normalize this treating Marx as a god shit you autistic larpateer

Is there anything that Europeans or people in general can do to 'critically support' Gilet Jaunes that's actually useful? I feel bad that comrades are getting horribly wounded while we're not doing anything about it.

Nice to see someone knows their French guns.

They would be extremely limited, but you would see a full media blowout and enormous pressure on Trump to "be Presidential" and take care of these French. They would also destroy the French economy by renaming french fries "freedom fries," costing France billions in royalties.

Picture the propaganda equivalent of Bana al-Abed talking about the horrors of living in France now. I hear the yellow vests plan to jail animals of little means.

In short, they couldn't do shit except vilify it in their dying media.

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design a marxist-leninist political and NEP-style economic system to replace the current french parliament that adheres to dictatorship of the proletariat and democratic centralism and takes into modern french material conditions. socialism with french characteristics. currently there is no plan among GJ, they're still stuck in the liberal democratic (dictatorship of the bourgeoisie) framework, inclduing that melenchon character.

You guys better be careful what you wish for. This recently released video shows what the Yellow Vests are fighting for: traditionally beautiful demure French girls talking about communism and anti-imperialism.

The whole place cries out for the benevolent hand of American intervention.

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How is it surprising that people who love violence want politics that facilitate violence? Look up that lecture where žižek explains totalitarianism and its appeal as saying "you may" to the people suppressing violent tendencies to fit into normal society. There's a webm of it too, with some Trumpets to illustrate.

Loling @ you paranoid motherfuckers and your goldfish memory.

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the best french made guns are the belgian ones

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I thought Macron welcomed terrorists, which one is it now?

Ok kid

absolute LOL

Not buying it

Liveleak is porn for people who like death, injury and gore.
Why would you expect the audience to be any more politically mindful than say, Pornhub?

Jesus christ

This. Those who love gore want gore and if the Government is causing it the more the better.

Unironically Hebrews 9:22

In the off chance that this got crazy enough to where the government was toppled (legit toppled not the shifting of posts) by a NazBol revolution that told the colonists 'Le cercueil ou la valise - yes, Dieudonné, you too lmao', what would Zig Forums do?

This isn't necessary for an advanced capitalist nation, just go straight to a Critique of the Gotha Program style labor voucher system digitized

What are the chances this turns into an all out civil war or high level insurgency?

What the actual fuck is he thinking with? Is getting guillotined really better than getting deposed in his mind?

My man literally said his thoughts are too complex, he's got the ego of Shah Palevi

You really think the other neoliberal alliance countries would let that happen?
Absolute worst case for Macron and his goons is they are forced to hop on a plane and leave the country.

I know we all want a huge revolt if someone is killed, but let's look at the actually most likely scenario. If someone goes down, the government can *still* get away with it or at least pull a plausible deniability card. All it takes is for a yellow vest (or agent provocateur) to lash out against the police "unprovoked" and then the state has all the excuse in the world to open fire.

Remember Bloody Sunday in Ireland? We could see that again with the same amount of government accountability (read: zero) until decades later.

Forcing a first world capitalist government into exile would still rock the world like 9/11 though

Far from my area of expertise but I would say this is pretty unprecedented so it depends entirely on the ability of the protestors to win the sympathies and then allegiance of the military and/or high level bureaucracy, and then actually assume control instead of pushing just hard enough for the reforms to pass. The government does seem to be between a rock and a hard place, because not only are the demands basically impossible (within the confines of a neoliberal government) from what I understand, they also seem to be reaching a point where their legitemacy as a government truly hinges on their ability to suppress this. At the very least, if this all slowly falls apart, the next French election will not be a welcome place for centrists. And if there's a massacre of protestors by armed cops who fucking knows, I dont expect true civil war but there may be police and military switching sides.

Yeah. My point is that it's easy to see why they think they're invincible, and it's because they basically are.

I think a lot of bottled up discontent in people around the globe would be unleashed. Hell, I'd be on the streets here in the US soon afterwards

MAS-36. Too expensive though.

Leftists in France are not united. A great many consider that the movement is at best of "petit blancs" (petty whites i.e kinda racist and uncultured) at worst fascist.