So how many of you are gay?

So how many of you are gay?
How many of you have jobs?
How many of you have an Autism Level over 85?

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LOL intelligence quota corrects to autism level. Being smart is dumb. I love you guys.

We're somewhat better than you Zig Forums

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it's like that jpeg of the fat chicks smashing scales because the scales tell them they're overweight

Someone who has to use level autismo to swing their dick is pretty autistic so it levels-out.

Intelligence is just another capitalist scheme to enslave the proletariat! Being smart is evil! holy shit

Does anyone have that pic with the reading level test for Zig Forums and Zig Forums respectively?

it's like you're admitting you're all dumb. this is a revelation for the ages

Also why are you talking to yourself?

Because I'm the only one here worth talking to

So you admit you all have a low Intelligence Quota. What makes you think you know what is good for the world?

Petition to change Autism Level to Rick and Morty points

I bet you threw away your scale last time you weighed yourself. Stupid problems require stupid solutions. I'm dying

What the fug is wrong with him?

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Nobody did, I think you need to work a bit harder on your reading comprehension mate.


What is the last book you have read?

so is this the power of rightwing memes?


I thought they were a transwoman

jewishcontrol.jpg by user

been a neet for 5 years since i was 15. wish there was autismbux in my country

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How do you survive? Mombux? Panhandling?

If having a job makes you more right wing you have brain damage and are insufferably submissive.


I thought it was someone transitioning towards malehood.

Now that I know leftypaul actually rejects intelligence as a concept, your opinions make a lot more sense.

Answer my question please.

Bisexual, in studies, 140+ powerlevel

mom is supporting me obviously. wish they leave a piece of shit like myself dying alone so they dont have to carry the burden of nourishing a parasite.

Communism is when everyone has equal smarts it is known.

Stop talking to yourself and answer. What's the last book you've read? Also, if you wanted to recommend 5 books that have informed your right-wing ideology, which ones you'd name?

The last book I read was Dead Souls by Nikolai Gogol

lmao that's all? why only triple digits? you can lie as much as you want, make it 1400 instead

because you little savages murdered everyone with half a brain?

*which ones would you name?
It's okay, you're not as autistic as me. Coherence is autistic too, apparently.

Bisexual student, probably 95-100 Autism Level, still smarter and less degenerate than Zig Forums

intelligence quotient

That wasn't me by the way, here i put a flag so you won't be confused anymore (hopefully)

That's good, some honesty in the AL. You aren't totally hopeless.

it'll be a quota under communism

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so what are your political leanings?

I actually peaked around 155 in purely verbal tests which is apparently the maximum in the WISC III test.

Brainlet tier nazi/market apologist/apolitical centrism. Leaning more on brainlet nazi

So this is what 200 I.Q. posting looks like

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If you did, you really missed the point of basically all of Gogol's work.

nationalize the Flynn Effect and issue everyone a mental ability ration card

Whoops, you got me, I mixed up my words. I guess your autism level is pretty high.

I'm here to discuss your political leanings, leftypaul. They are disturbing to me.

Hey you're not me

I didn't see any productive threads, so I thought I would help

It was the only book of his I read. If he was a communist sympathizer, it didn't make it into dead souls. He seemed more like a Russian patriot who loved his culture, but I don't know anything about him.

Truck driver and last time i was tested in high school i was considered gifted so somewhere between 125 & 134

That's over half a standard deviation

you already know our political leaning
now tell us yours so we can have a good laugh

Have you ever done a real Autism Level test OP? You know the ones where you have to sit down with a psychologist for several hours, multiple times?

Gogol believed in the inherent ability of the unwashed, idiotic masses to embetter Russia from a pochvenvechist perspective: autistically going around saying "WAT'S UR I Q HURR DURR UR STUPID" is like reading Tolstoy and going on a killing spree or reading Pushkin and then going around pissing your friends off & not telling people that you do that you love them.

A bit whiter than Zig Forums and significantly gayer than /a/.

I'd be interested in knowing how many were rasied by single mothers, are some form of non het and whether you were sexually abused or not.

Eh, it was a short book. I was told it was a good introduction to Russian literature. I thought it was pretty funny, that was it.

post Autism Level

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Online intelligence tests are a good measure of your intelligence, but not in the way you might think. Oh leftypaul, you crack me up

I couldnt give 2 shits about muh Autism Level but I do remember that they told me I was gifted in relation to quotient scores, looked it up and thats was the range given. If im remembering incorrectly so what, Im for sure smart enough to not give a fuck what it is or have a need to swing it around to compensate for my own stupidity.

We had a similar and better asked thread before that didn't ask retarded things like orientation and Autism Level

Why do you ask those questions?

Do you not realise that it's pointless (and, in fact, cannot be used to substantiate a point you are trying to make)?

Do you not realise that they are triple pointless on an anonymous imageboard, considering that imageboards are non-personalized by design and, as any group, unrepresentative.

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your birth caste is more important than your abilities, that's very Indian of you

My goodness, you are so articulate and wise, wtf intellect is meaningless now

147 tested from an actual legit psychologist and then got to skip a grade ahead so i graduated earlier than my peers.

You could have made a thread about that retard

post pics then

Threads are relative and arbitrary, just like intelligence

IQ is a good way to find validation for a loser who is deprived of tangible and objective achievements. It is a way to diagnose clinical retardation (not the most optimal one). Not much use beyond that.

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That's why I haven't posted mine. I'm here to diagnose you with clinical retardation, not to brag.
The norm may be old, but it is still a good test.
All tests designed by Mensa people on the web are pretty good.

I rushed a couple of questions with 6 min left.

Well, that was fun. Now that this is the top post, I guess my work here is done. Have a good day and pls kys


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You don't know what class is I'm guessing

am I supposed to have a clue what that means

>spend the entire thread saying lol u dum
damn, you sure showed us

i heard that sucking dick while dressed as an unconvincing tranny gives you super high Autism Level.