Why is it that we always dream about how amazing a socialist country would be, but in real-countries like Cuba, USSR...

Why is it that we always dream about how amazing a socialist country would be, but in real-countries like Cuba, USSR, DPRK and Albania it was just slightly better and fairer than social democracy? According to the World Health Organization Cuba is one of the countries in the Latin America where depression (which mostly comes from alcoholism and drug abuse) runs the most rampant. havanatimes.org/?p=124535
An it doesn't make sense at all why they haven't even tried implementing cybernetic planning.
Am I expecting too much?

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you're expecting countries that went from dirt-farming feudalism to socialism in the matter of years to be significantly better than countries of the center


I'll just leave this here

When America is gone socialism will flourish.

You’re retarded if you don’t think a new country will declare itself king Porky

I am not expecting them to be extremely developed distant future societies, but societies with radically different structures built for human needs and lack of the "alienation" you hate capitalism for causing.

Why is Cuba so hindered by not being able to trade with the US, when it can trade with all the other countries in the world, and is one of the top sugar exporters in the world?

Having that requires extreme development. That said, the USSR fits the description albeit not perfectly. It's unfair to expect likes of Cuba and Albania to fit the bill considering they were/are unable to be self-sustaining like the USSR was.

see second part of

Well, for starters, Social Democracy is a direct consequence of the USSR. No USSR = no Social Democracy.

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dprk is best buddies with china but struggles from sanctions as well though according to your narrative.

china also sanctions the dprk

It took 50 years to build American hegemony and that was with a powerful international communist movement which helped to scare the European bourg into acquiescing to the Americans' demands. After America there will be no more singular super powers.

Because we are limited by our material conditions. Be excited for the first highly developed and wealthy country that goes socialist.

The USA also embargoed trade ships that docked with Cuba in the last 12-18 months or something like that, so a cargo ship from say China could go to either the USA or Cuba, what are they going to pick?

Czechoslovakia and Hungary already happened. Czechia and her capital Prague have been highly developed ever since they were part of the austrohungarian empire which was one of the top producers in the world at its time.

Cultured? Yes, economically developed, not really.


Fourth largest machine-building industry in the world, third largest manufacturer of electrical appliances and huge economic growth. If they were not highly developed, no one were.

At what time? Certainly not after WWII.

See pic related. The USA controls the majority of the First world and Capitalist Russia has been actively undermining Cuba's economy, even while pretending to be friendly.

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Dude Czechia was as economically developed as Austria.

Weren't all the countries in that area fucked over economically/militarily by the decline and fall of Austria-Hungary?

t. never been to Czechia

Economically kinda but everyone after WWI was fucked so eh.
Militarily, nah. Austria-Hungary never saw high conscription or casualty rates due to its role in the war. Since the states also got independence relatively bloodlessly (compared with POland, Ukraine, the Baltics, RSFSR ect.) they did pretty decently. Then Hitler fucked it all up.

I'm currently playing Kingdom Come what more do you want?

Fair enough, I guess I'm no expert about it. I was just under the impression that Central/Eastern Europe had been on the decline since before WW1 even.

Nah eastern europe was on the ascendancy, without Hitler even after the inevitable Danube war Hungary, Czechoslovakia, Romania, Bulgaria, Yugoslavia were on the verge of pretty decent development.
Eastern Europe got really fucked by the Russian civil war though, a lot of it took about a decade to recover and even then it wasn't recovery to much.

Conclusion being, that socialism has in fact been tried in a well-developed country?

anyone can be a socialist. it is meaningless. I am for communism.

Well I don't think you could call a single continental state in Europe well developed after WWII, most of them were reset to year zero.