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Lebanese Envoy Urges UN to Act Against Israel Border Wall
Lebanese Ambassador to the United Nations Amal Mudallali filed a complaint with the UN Security Council on Sunday over Israel’s construction of a concrete wall on its border with Lebanon.Mudallali accused Israel of violating Lebanese sovereignty by continuing to build the wall and other structures inside Lebanon and at points along the blue line near Kibbutz Misgav Am.

Polish Mayor Dies In Stabbing Attack During Charity Event
The mayor of the Polish city of Gdansk, Pawel Adamowicz, has died a day after he was stabbed in the heart and abdomen at a charity event attended by thousands of people.Adamowicz, 53, was onstage after speaking at Sunday's finale of the annual Great Orchestra of Christmas Charity event, which raises money for medical equipment to treat sick children.

Take our outstretched hand, Germany's Weber urges UK lawmakers
German conservative Manfred Weber, who is running to take over the European Union’s top job this year, urged British lawmakers on Monday to approve Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal, which he said could not be renegotiated.

Italian fugitive brought home to serve life term for murder
A left-wing Italian militant who was convicted of murder three decades ago arrived in Rome on Monday to begin serving life in prison, after his time as a celebrity fugitive came to an abrupt end with his arrest in Bolivia.

Nervous Brits stockpile food with 'Brexit box' during uncertainty
An increasing number of British people are stockpiling food ahead of Brexit in fear that the UK will crash out of the European Union with no-deal, leading to shortages of food and medicine.Manufacturer Emergency Food Storage said around 600 people have purchased a €331 "Brexit box" since it launched the product in December.

France’s mass “yellow vest” protests continue to grow in 2019
Demonstrations by French “yellow vest” protesters on Saturday, January 12, grew again, amid rising opposition among broad layers of the population to President Emmanuel Macron. Interior Ministry sources claimed 84,000 people demonstrated in the ninth straight weekend of mass protests against Macron, compared to 50,000 the week before.

Antarctic ice sheet could suffer a one-two climate punch
Now, it turns out that variations in the axial tilt—what scientists call "obliquity"—of the planet have significant implications for the rise and fall of the Antarctic Ice Sheet, the miles-deep blanket of ice that locks up huge volumes of water that, if melted, would dramatically elevate sea level and alter the world's coastlines.

Brazil to Treat Landless Workers Activists as Terrorists: Govt
Brazil's far-right government under President Jair Bolsonaro will seek to classify "invasions" of farmland by landless workers as akin to terrorism, with harsher penalties for the activists, an Agriculture Ministry official said on Monday.

Report: 2 killed, 40 detained in new gay purge in Chechnya
The Russian republic of Chechnya has launched a new crackdown on gays in which at least two people have died and about 40 people have been detained, LGBT activists in Russia charged Monday

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What the fuck is their problem? Has Chechnya always been a reactionary shit hole?

Nah, after the second Russian invasion under Putin Islamism took hold as both the ideology of resistance and as a means of control by Kadyrov. All of this takes-place with implicit approval from Moscow because it keeps the islamists happy.

Thank Boris Yeltsin Thought


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Los Angeles teachers strike in second largest school district in US
More than 33,000 teachers in Los Angeles, California went on strike Monday morning, setting up picket lines at more than 1,200 public schools in the second largest school district in the US. Teachers are demanding higher wages, smaller class sizes and more support staff.The walkout is the largest struggle by educators since the wave of statewide strikes in West Virginia, Oklahoma, and Arizona from March to May in 2018.

A Reckless Advocate of Military Force': Demands for John Bolton's Dismissal After Reports He Asked Pentagon for Options to Strike Iran
Reminding the world that he is, as one critic put it, "a reckless advocate of military force," the Wall Street Journal revealed on Sunday that President Donald Trump's National Security Adviser John Bolton "asked the Pentagon to provide the White House with military options to strike Iran last year, generating concern at the Pentagon and State Department."

Bernie Sanders staffs up for 2020
Bernie Sanders is adding firepower to his political team ahead of a potential 2020 campaign, locking down digital alumni who were key to his surprise performance in 2016 and recruiting the media production company that helped launch Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to prominence.The flurry of activity, detailed by four people familiar with the campaign’s thinking, is the latest sign that the Vermont senator is closing in on a decision on a second run for the White House.

Judge blocks Trump administration contraception rule
A judge in California on Sunday blocked from taking effect in 13 states and Washington DC Trump administration rules which would allow more employers to opt out of providing women with no-cost contraception.judge Haywood Gilliam granted a request for a preliminary injunction by California, 12 other states and Washington DC.

Someone in Silicon Valley is renting a studio apartment for $1,500 a month just for his two cats
Rental prices in Silicon Valley have skyrocketed to some of the highest in the country, as troves of tech workers have made the move with grand dreams of cashing in on the next big thing. Now, prospective renters may have to start competing for the limited amount of housing with our four-legged friends, too.

PG&E Plans To File For Bankruptcy Over Possible Liability In California Wildfires
Pacific Gas & Electric Corp., the parent company of California's largest utility, plans to file for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection amid what could be billions of dollars in liability costs over the massive wildfires that have torn through California in recent years.

The Next American Car Recession Has Already Started
These should be boom times for Detroit. Unemployment is at a half-century low, gasoline is cheap and auto sales in the U.S. were near record levels last year. Yet American automakers are closing factories, cutting shifts and laying off thousands of workers. The industry is behaving like a recession has arrived. In one segment of the market, it has.

Trade war’s wounded: Companies improvise to dodge cost hikes
In Rochester, New York, a maker of furnaces for semiconductor and solar companies is moving its research and development to China to dodge President Donald Trump’s import taxes — a move that threatens a handful of its 26 U.S. jobs.

Stocks slump as more bad data out of China adds to global growth concerns
Wall Street ended lower Monday as dismal economic data out in Beijing raised concerns that China's economy could slow more than previously thought, adding to risk-off sentiment amid a global trade war and Washington's longest government shutdown on record.The Dow Jones Industrial Average closed down about 90 points, or 0.38%. The S&P 500 shed 0.54%, and the Nasdaq Composite was 0.94% lower.

that sounds like a very trustworthy source and not at all a western backed NGO

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Are you that fucking dense? It's from AP directly what do you think isn't legit about this?


‘Traditional masculinity toxic?’ New universe of subtle corruption emerges – Slavoj Zizek
The Czech-born writer Milan Kundera once wrote an entire book about an atmosphere where one joke made in bad taste can ruin your life. It's no joke now, as denouncing colleagues becomes normal in the US.Recently, the boffins at the American Psychological Association (APA) proclaimed “traditional masculinity” as toxic.With no apparent shame, here are the exact words they used: “Traits of so-called ‘traditional masculinity,’ like suppressing emotions & masking distress, often start early in life & have been linked to less willingness by boys & men to seek help, more risk-taking & aggression - possibly harming themselves & those with whom they interact.”What makes this statement really dangerous is the mixture of ideology and ostensibly neutral expertise: a strong ideological gesture of excluding phenomena considered unacceptable is presented as an impartial description of medical facts.

The FBI’s police state operation against Trump
A front-page article published Saturday in the New York Times revealing that the FBI secretly opened a counterintelligence investigation into President Donald Trump after he fired FBI Director James Comey has laid bare a massive police state conspiracy by the US intelligence agencies.The Times published the article in an effort to revive the anti-Russia campaign against Trump, promoting the unsubstantiated and highly dubious claim that Trump is a Russian agent. The facts presented in the Times report are, in reality, far more damning of the FBI than of Trump.Despite the newspaper’s intentions, the picture painted by the Times of the FBI is alarming. The Times depicts a highly politicized intelligence agency whose officials carefully monitor the activities of the two main capitalist parties, keeping a vigilant eye out for any deviations from the national security consensus in Washington.

The Tech Education Con
Big tech companies are spending millions to get young people into coding and STEM — not out of altruism, but to create a future supply of cheap labor.

The Tears of Justin Trudeau
On January 7th the Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) swept into a non-violent checkpoint set up by the Unist’ot’en and Gidimt’en clans of the Wet’suwet’en Nation. Fourteen people were violently arrested in the ambush by the militarized colonial forces. The camp was set up by hereditary leaders to defend the ancestral lands of the Unist’ot’en and other clans from the unwanted incursions of TransCanada and its Coastal Gaslink pipeline. Following the incident Prime Minister Justin Trudeau had the temerity to extol the neoliberal scheme behind the incident as something that is good for the earth. In a speech to supporters he said: “We moved forward on the LNG Canada project, which is the largest private sector investment in Canada’s history, $40-billion, which is going to produce Canadian LNG that will supplant coal in Asia as a power source and do much for the environment.”

Washington Moves Towards Outright “Regime Change” in Venezuela
An imperialist coup d’état attempt is underway in Venezuela. On 10 January, President Maduro was sworn in for a new term of office. He had won the election on May 20. At that time, one section of the opposition decided to participate and another to boycott the elections. On 11 January, Juan Guaidó, the president of the opposition National Assembly (in contempt since 2015), refused to recognize President Maduro and declared himself willing to assume the presidency “with the support of the armed forces, the people and the international community.”Apart from being a totally illegal decision, taken by a body that is in contempt and also without following any constitutional precept, this amounts to a call for the armed forces to overthrow the elected president. Such an action has a name: coup d’etat.

2:00PM Water Cooler 1/14/2019
Today’s Water Cooler; Fortnite, Southeast Asian trade, Sanders 2020, Democrats and the heartland, soybeans, Tidal’s faked streams, Bird, AWS and MongoDB, RSS, fiber, market moves, Los Angeles teachers strike, gig economy, Marie Kondo, countering misinformation.


Everyday Joes.

Grant Humphries.

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Chechnya was Baathist IIRC before Putin declared war on it.

I want to break into that apartment and kill those cats so badly. I fucking hate this trend of pet "parenting" among well to do American professionals.

Orwell wrote about that. About Pet Ambulances, Pet Stretchers, Pet Worship.

Shame he was a Trot piece of shit.

John "bomb Iran, Sam I am" Bolton strikes again.

Russia doesn't pretend to be communist anymore, you don't have to shill for them.

They resist America hegemonic imperialism which is all that matters at this point.

Link? I am a fan of his work (his social writings are weirdly relevant to today), so I would appreciate it or a title at-least.

Aye and Japan did that to the US: no socialist supported imperial Japan.

America wasn't in charge of maintaining the global capitalist system back then.

So you would have supported Imperial Japan vs Britain then?

Supporting the Axis is a little different to supporting a country that constantly gets cucked by NATO but refuses to put up with it. Pet Stretchers&source=bl&ots=QG6pUrMm1N&sig=hcwRFOL_1wSWIuzx3LTOpDI0748&hl=nl&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwjUsMLIxu7fAhXJsY8KHZVzAPsQ6AEwB3oECAkQAQ#v=onepage&q=Orwell Pet Stretchers&f=false

The Axis was good dialetically. Weakened the Allies and helped spread Communism. All of Europe would've been Communist if not for the Allies.

The axis were only bad for Europeans, which is why westerners cry about them constantly. If it wasn't for fascist Germany, Britain and the other European countries would still have their colonies.

I know right. Because of them the whole Third World Communist Revolutions happened.

It's a shame it's the Soviets that had to pay the blood price to crush Germany, instead of the French.

France was so rapidly anti-Communist that Fascist Italy invited Trosky to show how much more progressive they were, and the Fascists got into power via killing Socalists.

Don't take my post as support for the fascists, and I was being hyperbolic when saying "only". But in large parts, fascism brought the colonialism Europeans practiced abroad back home. That is why they're so vilified.

I honestly think this is the only timeline that France *isn't* a Monarchy.

Ehh… the groundwork, sure. But it was more USA plotting to strip colonial possessions for themselves, with aligned dictators, so that Europe would be continually dependent on them. It didn't sink in fully until the Suez Crisis.

Are you fuckinh kidding me?

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Oh shit nigger what are you doing

Politically, my dude.

China got Mao. The rest got some measure of independence.

Soviets were the majority of casualties in Europe, but it's not really what European has-been imperialists bitch about.

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Russia is a reactionary shithole. Not sure why some people here have a boner for an openly anti-communist oligarchy.
The only redeeming factor is that what little they have is directed against American/NATO hegemony.

They still have their colonies by different means. "Winds of Change" was always a PR farce; as European bureaucrats pulled out they left in their wake (deliberately) ungovernable states, geared towards western commodity exports. Those that resisted (Kwame Nkrumah, Sankara, Lumumba, Gadaffi, etc.) were sabotaged or outright deposed, then replaced by corrupt puppets. Often leading to decades of stagnation and civil war.

Evo has been pretty based as far as bourgeois politicians go, but he’s still just a socdem. There’s also still crippling poverty and widespread homelessness in Bolivia, and rural areas are extremely poor. Imo if Cuba can achieve the levels of development that it has then there’s definitely more Bolivia can be doing.
t. Just got back from Bolivia

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