Amidst government shutdown, the White House served their special guests, the Clemson Tigers…McDonalds' & Wendy's burgers.

Full video:

Will historians point to this moment as the US beginning its final decline, paving way for Socialism with Chinese characteristics to take over?

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The last days of superpower status?

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tbh this is the funniest thing about it, "most powerful" guy has to waste time kowtowing to a bunch of IRL gamers

Non-burgerland posters maybe unaware that the Clemson tigers are merely a college team not even a pro-team.

Is America great again yet?

America is fat again.

Isnt college sports bigger or as big as the pro scene?

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for fucks sake you find cleaner lenses on World Star Hip Hop street brawls.

no, fuck no, college is way less watched or cared for. Its the closes Football has to armature league or what ever league all the 19 y/o kids go into to hopefully be noticed by the pro teams.

He did it. He made america great again.

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Hamburgers ain't reactionary

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Thats the most American thing you can serve.
I don't think its bad.

Truly a Burger King for Burgerstan

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Steamed Hams, except Skinner doesn't even try to lie.

Beyond parody

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College football is more popular where I live in the south, but I think in general the NFL brings in a lot more viewers.

Makes me hungry, tbh

Unfortunately true

I want that to be the title of the full video.

lol I bet the catering was auctioned to corporate boards for free advertisement. Now Boomers a d magapedes will take pics of themselves eating at McDonald's or Wendy's to own the libs


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If you venture into the fox news videos on YouTube, you will discover that they would very much like to feast on this delicious delicacy of 100% American culinary ingenuity.

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The picture of Lincoln make it all seem rather surreal

How can one be so class-cucked?

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It's all the grease in the air sticking to the camera

Well Donald, you are an odd fellow but I must say, you steam a good ham

Zig Forumscope

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The live thread, btw:

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Has Zig Forums colonized /tv/ now?

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Fast foods is ridiculously expensive when you break it down to grams per dollar, or just the amount of nutrients you get.
You could easily get some good vegetables and meat for the like 3000$ they spent on this junk and piece together a decent buffet, or just order those people who do fucking buffets for corporations and events.

yeah, for a long time

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I think the drinking fountain comparison is actually fair.

I love how ass-blasted they get when we laugh at this fat idiot.

I'm almost scared to check /int/. They've gotta be having a field day over this.

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The thread was just fucking deleted.
Damn. I just had a good post ready to be contributed.

Here are alts:

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tbh clemson has a complete twunk of a qb that I'd like to use as a power bottom

I'm sure Zig Forums feels the same frustration

Holy fucking shit.

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I like it when conservatives show their hands like this and prove that they don't even know what American culture is, much less give a shit about "preserving" it.

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What's pit barbecue?

God damn I want to try out all of those.

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Must. Protect. Daddy.

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Looks like they it's dark in there, and they had to push the ISO too high

Those fries look cold as fuuuuuuuck

I knd of agree with Zig Forums on this one guys. Cheap food but I prefer some food staples they got out a grocery store, not this.

Check that pizza @03:25

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am I a pleb?

These days it typically refers to a cooking method of slow smoking meat (usually for hours) until the meat becomes tender. Used to be done in an underground pit, hence the name, but these days tends to be done with specialty slow smoking "pits".

Imagine how comrades in the politburo would react if the USSR still existed. This is the fucking White House. The symbolic apex of capitalism, where the "most powerful man in the world" presides.

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Fucking kill me.

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pffft pffft pffft


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Surprisingly woke thread:

Interesting, so you just need a place for smoking meat and what, after a few hours you take it out and put it over a grill or pan?
Sounds more or less like ordinary smoking or drying or however you call it in English, but instead of days, you do a shorter round.

im fucking dying, holy shit

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It's more like a particular method of slow smoking and the meat is fully cooked once done. You aren't simply flavoring it or drying it, the process takes it from raw to cooked and ready to serve. Not exactly an expert on it, though.

it got baleeted

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saves my favorite reply

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kek, they predicted it again

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Jeb would have gotten kids meal for everyone with a little turtle toy inside.

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Can't make this shit up.


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worth it

Trump literally gave some secret service agent a wad of cash and told him to order 500 of every combo

Also can't wait for libs to continually talk about covfefe and hamberders.

I'd just like to point out Trump is up at 5am posting shit on Twitter about burgers

Truly the president boomers deserve


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I can't help but feel that thread is this image

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I lowkey want to order some McDonald's right now, after talking about it all day.

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I rarely go on pol but dammit are they retarded. Like legit ignorant. Boomer fucks

find some normal restaurant or burger place other than that where they actually take time to prepare it
where you actually feel stuffed after eating one because they fill a plate and not just a little box
with decently prepared meat and good sauce
when i feel like going to mc donalds i just grab some frozen burger from the super market, they taste just about the same and cost only half as much

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what comic is this from? I feel like I've read it before

Cringe as fuck.

Is it 5am at his time or at the person taking the screencap's time?

An Aurora Borealis!? At this time of year, at this time of day, in this part of the country, localized entirely within your hair?!

I bet the line to the bathroom was insane

Is there literally no other place around you that makes burgers? In-N-Out? Five Guys?

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Nah, biscuits are superior imo