Yo leftypol

Whadda yah do when your IRL activist group meeting gets infiltrated by obvious
2. Woke alt-lite bros trying to get info on "antifa" (fyi it was a food not bombs meeting)

We searched their names on FB after and found that they were tied to the Yellow Vest Movement here in Canada which is very much linked to the far right.

Also they were wierd/awkward as fuck and couldnt answer even the basic of questions like what brought them out which made them super suspicious.

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Canadian anons know what they must do

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If they gave their real name maybe they're shopping around? Pretty fucking stupid to do that with ill intent.

Knife them after isolating them. Be smart about it, leave his body and a disposable knife in an alley where there aren't cameras.
Knife them in the open
Probably knife them but I can understand why you wouldn't want to.
Definitely don't knife these people. They could be innocent party crashers who just want to break shit.

In all seriousness, fucking murder cops and Nazis. They are enemies of the people, and they will systematically destroy your movement if it gains traction. People out here playing like the revolution will be peaceful. Kill anyone with firm evidence convicting them of treason.

Shit piece, Royal Canadian Mountain Police.

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Literally no one said that, you brainlet F.B.I agent

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If I was a cop I'd be legally obligated to tell you, idiot.

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Don't associate with them and express your suspicions / discontent with those you trust


If you have compelling evidence, confront them. Stab all trots

Try to isolate them from important operations, relegate them to stuff like procedural work if possible. Things like charity work, neighborhood cleanups, that kind of thing. Infiltration is inevitable, but it can be nullified without needing weekly purges, which only makes your group look unstable and reclusive. Especially make sure to keep them away from organizing or recruiting, as they will try to create factionalism if given the chance. If you want someone recruiting or organizing for you, make sure it is a well-trusted member of the party with a good record. Be especially careful to not leave the police with possible political outcasts, as they will try to sew division when possible, create ideological drift and divisions. If you play your cards right, you can mitigate them until you have a good justification to kick them from the group.

point out the idpol.
literally nothing. they're lumpenproles, they don't have the material conditions and thus lack the drive to do anything effectively subversive.

Based. This is something that early leftist parties would do.

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This. Those who cry cops ARE the cops.

t. FBI

Nice attempt at obscurity, National agency of security

I agree

Nah, if it were the FBI they'd be trying to pay you $100,000 to do it. BUT IT'S NOT ENTRAPMENT!!!!

every time you see them push your nose up and make oinking noises
do this until they fuck off, and always exclude them in communications when possible
tell them about "secret antifa chapters" that meet in the most dangerous neighborhoods you know of and to ask around there

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OP here.

We essentially grillled them. Made them super uncomfortable and continually. Made jokes saying well if you are cops. Welcome cause all were doing here is making vegan chili to share" untill the one pulled out their wallet to "prove" they werent cops. We took the name we saw on the i.d and searched it among our online group and found them both. Their politics were super confused. An amalgamation of annonymous, yellow vest, alex jones and free palestine?(k i dont get it either lmao) pages were being shared/commented on by them both..

this except dont oink the cop will call that an attack and shoot you

Seems pretty harmless tbh, the real test is whether the accounts were both made around the same time at some point.

Real talk.

Work with Nazis to destroy the system but make sure that when it happens that you kill them before they kill you.

Both the Far-Left and Far-Right wanna crash the System. This is what Thalmann did but he made the mistake of allowing Hitler take over.

The only way that the Far-Left will take power is if they attack The System. Attack the System and then kill those who are against you.


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Should have dumped him straight into the sea

make up a plot to do something radical, make sure they here of it, make it in a semi obscure location, then have someone (not you) stake out the location at the time and place the thing is supposed to happen. If it is swarming with cops or undercover looking people, there you go, cops. If its alt light just smash fuck out them