My pronouns are him/her/xir

Wanna know how I know Marxism is dead?
I was born in a Marxist family. My grandfather was a Marxist. He was arrested and tortured by police for trying to found an union in Mexico. In jail, he studied to become a lawyer, and once he was freed he kept fighting. He was involved in several shootouts and was arrested several times during his life. The last time was in 1976, he was 58 years old and spent 4 months in prison. At the end, he had helped to create 5 unions, 2 of which still operate in Mexico. The tombstone on his grave is, literally, a fist made of granite. He was tough as nails, and he had friends even tougher than him. Guerrilla fighters and that type of people.
Fastforward 30 years and you got pic related introducing himself "I'm dave or lisa…" while wearing a tie and a skirt, then he introduces Richard Wolff to the stage.

This is a lost cause

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For every one of these people there's 20 more disaffected and alienated workers just waiting for someone to speak to them and it's our job to do so and not let them or alt-righters co-op them.

For every 20 alienated workers there is a Tifanny/Rex waiting to co-op them into believing their genitals are the most important structure in society.

Stop getting so butthurt about less than 1% of the population and maybe follow in your ancestors' footsteps by doing stuff that helps real working people, dumbass

I'm not OP, but that would be pretty embarrassing, if what happened in the OP occurred. Most transgender people want to pass anyway; this "Dave or Lisa" shit seems more transtrender than transgender, based on some bizarre misunderstanding by someone who wants to be "special."

I agree that transtrenders are cancer. Every tranny (less than five) that I've met IRL has just identified as either male or female and act pretty normal. People that seem like they just stepped out a Zig Forums caricature shouldn't be associated with

Trannies can get involved in whatever they want. Them highjacking the discourse of a movement is completely different game.
And yes I'm butthurt for 1% of the population, wheter trannies or bourgeoisie, as they are capitalism spawns.

Can we just move these all into a post about gender theory mods?

Nigga read up on hijras, fa'afafine, etc

Are you saying that gender theory is complicating the discussion of Marxist theory on the board?

Color me surprised

Who fucking cares they are a fraction of a percent of people. We don't need to go around lynching them but we also do not need their snowflake bullshit politics shutting down all leftist discourse for 99.75% of people.

all trannies are on cia payroll

Stop engaging in weird online communities and talk with actual workers and you'll rarely see them. You seem awfully butthurt about trannies, meanwhile I rarely even think about them

Communities in societies with a very rigid caste system. Also, enacting guru functions.
Let me remind you that a Marxist state, would be a caste free system and devoid of superstition.

Also, trannies are not hijras, fa'afafine or anything else. They are a symptom of late stage capitalism.

But transsexuals predate capitalism

Socialism can only proceed when all the faggots and kikes are gassed

Some native American cultures had (have) a notion of a third sex, usually involving males in the role of a female, as well as identities such as the Khanith in Oman. It has nothing to do with capitalism

Yeah, and the bourgeoisie are also a fraction of a percent of people.
Don't you guys realize that that fraction is representing Marxism in universities? Don't you realize that they are the ones controlling the narrative around Marxist activities in the mainstream?

Good on them for doing the hard work then.

Fine. It has nothing to do with capitalism. Let's all be intersexed and third sex. That way the revolution will be faster and easier.

Yeah, Marx always had in mind grievance and gender studies as the correct way to expropriarte the means of production.

As I said: lost cause.

Something which was never even mentioned in my post. I just said trannies are not a product of capitalism and that similar notions have existed in cultures throughout time. Your remarks are just stupid

I'm sure Marx wouldn't sperg out either like you are


unironically no u. He just told you about why gender dysphoria was created by rigid systems like classes, and religion. It's not much of a stretch to say this might be caused by capitalisms tendency to forget about body shapes, actually healthy curves, not being obese and unjustified gender roles

Only by attributing all alternative cultural practices around sex roles to the recently developed category of "transgender," subsuming them and partly misunderstanding them. These practices were based more on one's actions/behavior or cultic/ritualistic functions, rather than individual psychological identification with the male or female, as the modern transgender in Western culture. Regardless, it doesn't necessarily imply anything beyond the performance of sex roles coming to determine societal identification of men and women in those societies. "Transgender" as an identity category in Western culture is specific to late capitalism.

It's been purposefully blown out of proportion by corporations because it's marketable. It sells clothes, it promotes movies/shows as being diverse, and it gets you publicity on social media.

Then they completely forget about where all their problems come from. They whine and whine but still fail to realize that these businesses are responsible for all of their problems. Dumbass neolibs. They just LARP as socialists.

The eternal conspiritard

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Still, who cares? Live and let live.

Abandoning Marxism because of a few queers?

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Right. Just don't let other people suffer what capitalism burdened other people with.

I'd enjoy an argument

I would've enjoyed one as well, but I have nothing to reply to.

My nigga

Paglia says that an obssession with transgenderism, queer and third sex is characteristic of a society about to collapse.
Which you could safely translate to late stage capitalism in the 201st century.

Yeah, queers that seem to be stirring the movement to a gender downfall

People complaining over gender benders is like complaining about punks in the 1970s. It's just not an interesting complaint.

Don't blame him because you're not living up to your grandfather's example.

Paglia is a moron.

Yeah, Paglia is actually pretty stupid.
I use to like her a while back, too.

Because she likes Trump?

I wish that were the case, but most of the time they're not though.


You're right, he probably would have kicked the grifters out without giving it a second thought, like he did with Woodhull.

But anyways about this genderqueer stuff: I do see it a lot like the punk movement in the 70s. Think Iggy Pop playing with homoeroticism in this aggressive fashion (compared to the lame and middle-class Bowie). It's really nothing to get your panties twisted into knots about. If you think they're helping lose moderates to your cause then you're an opportunist who should rethink your life and move back in with your parents.

I'm guessing you're a 12 yo and never actually seen a real punk.

Also punks didn't try to control a society speech nor ban words because their feelings got hurt.

I see these arguments everywhere on the internet and it's always about this nebulous "they" out to get people and take over, plus a photo of some random college kid with a bow in his hair. This isn't any real analysis but conspiracy theory that seems to believe a tiny group of gender provocateurs have taken control of society or something. It's rubbish.

Wanna see who they are?

Just tweet (you have twitter, right?) "The modern grievance and gender study mob is actually a collection of social symptoms from late capitalism. They earn class profits from the interiorization of a victimhood mentality and a masturbatory obsession with their own genitals"

And you're gonna see who "they" are.

Who cares if a dude wears a skirt asides from absolute moralists?
There is no material difference between a skirt and a kilt or something of that like asides from the fact one is associated with ideals of Feminimity while the other is often associated with Masculinity

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Goo goo gah gah

What about compelled speech? Who cares, also?

a lot of these types are opportunist though.
If we had a trans movement the likes of the black panthers that always brought the conversation back to class struggle, I'd say you have a point.
That isn't the case, though.
It's always their intersectional nonsense stapled on top of every opportunity to organize.

go back there

Preach it bro.

Could that even happen? Trans issues are commonly seen by non-liberals as an issue for unrelatable rich people/


I don't see why not.
Bougie types get the most press coverage, but I don't think they're the only ones who are trans.
If I remember right, they normally have higher rates of poverty.

M8, if you think marxism is going nowhere cuz of "muh trans fun" you have to open your social circle outside idpol rethoric.

Also, it seems that you need more actual theory. Too much moral bullshit.


Where did I say any of this?

The conditions which spawned the Panthers are completely unlike anything trannies think is "oppression". The "trans panthers" would be cringe and get no following and inevitably degenerate into liberalism

What theory would that be?

Theory, theory, theory….

And when is put on practice "It wasn't the real deal"

I agree with, but you'd have to be a full on scottish stereotype to get away with a kilt.

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These xim/xer people arguably make up a fraction of 1% while workers of any stripe are the overwhelming majority of the population

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Either way they were both spawned by capitalism. I don't see any reason to think otherwise.
The hobby horsing needs to end, but seeing how the lifestyle usually lands them in poverty, I have no problem saying they probably have concerns worth addressing based on that. Right now, they're distracted with peripheral like bathrooms, but I don't think it's impossible to turn their attention to more substantial change.
Calling themselves the transpanthers would be stupid because they are very different movements. The smart move would be to develop their own aesthetic.

The idea that trans issues are only of interest to wealthy people doesn't accord with my experience. Most trans people I know are pretty damn radical (mostly actual communists) and work really shitty jobs serving fast food.

I agree here. In my experience, from the few trans people I do know, they have been the most consistently far left demographic. I'd honestly say that out of the whole LGBT coalition they probably tend to be the most likely to be radical.

Poor nazi retard, kikes and faggots deserve forced labor not genocide. Like you

Those cultures even weren't feudalists, their system was literaly a monarchy with a divinazation… The sacrifice or cannibalism is good too by your logic?. Capitalism is anacronic system, and that's why the modern faggots are supported by this system.

Never give up, never surrender. Idpol will be defeated.

Also, FYI, we already had an entire thread about how liberal gender-identity agendas are retarded, it's in the archive.

Why do you care? Really?

Like the idea that gender benders are holding back Marxism in the west is just goofy. The police and FBI will destroy your organizations if they ever amounted to much. You've got bigger problems than some college kids who want to piss off their parents by dying their hair pink.

who the fuck cares lol

Part of creating a respectable organization that people will trust to hand power over to is in fact purging the rebellious college kids who dye their hair pink.

As a general rule they are more radical, but I wouldn't attribute many of them to the LGBTQ+ movement. Plenty of us have a distaste to the organization of the coalition and how they handle internal politics, and would rather work with other elements for achieving social freedom rather than whatever the coalition is focusing on now.

when it's crunch time and people's backs are to the wall they'll be drowned out by the masses

if american anarquistas want to play dressup and talk shit on the computer in the meantime then let them. who cares. it's easy enough to ignore

allz I'm saying is DICKS OUT FOR HARAMBE!

It's just Maoism. They want rich dumb people to kill themselves.

imagine being this triggered by a skirt

Just like gender according to Judith Butler.

They're a very loud, histrionic, and frankly disgusting 1% of the population

Literally porn-addicted men in the misogynist equivalent of blackface, and they've screamed and cried and threatened suicide until they've become the face of many socialist orgs, because god forbid they don't get attention

The fact that "gender is an abstract construct" and that womanhood is just some thing floating in the air you can Choose to be is anti-materialist idealistic nonsense, yet people still trust these peoples' opinions on Marx, is depressing.

That's probably partially true, but they use to have people that wouldn't call themselves trans, but use some other label instead. That predates capitalism.
Honestly, I just want them to stop getting mad when guys don't want to fuck them because they don't find transwomen attractive.
Some of them can be just as bitchy as incels, except they won't shoot up a school.

this board is a lost cause

Y'all do know the recent deluge of trans shit is 100% Porky trying to make trans a talking point, rather than anything that would actually be relevant to helping anyone? It's not even worthwhile to talk about these strawmen.

The queer theory shit should have been thrown out a long time ago (and that too has its origin in CIA like the whole pomo program).