Porky Laughs

Don’t Worry for the small price of ten million dollars you can buy a house in an underground bunker.

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Oh man, Europe is gonna turn Turbo-Fascist with literal Free Fire Zones and machine gunning everyone.

/r/socialism told me that global warming will make you wealthier if you're white




lol, wonder what they said

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Russia is already like the 2nd most immigrated to nation. 88% ethnic Russian country to 65% under less than thirty years

Chin up, comrade. When we live in a post-capitalist society and Porky's desperately tryna kickstart his counterrevolution to overthrow the new socialist order we can always point to the shitty state the world after global warming is in as the huge catastrophy/atrocity that'll eternally define it as an ideology/economic system to discredit it just like how people do with fascism and The Holocaust or how $$$they$$$ do with "muh 100-million".

Course then they're gonna say "not real capitalism", but we'll cross that bridge when we get there…

Pretty sure ethnic Russians are still like 75-80% of the population and even if they ain't people prolly wouldn't care too much given that Russia includes a fucktonne of non-ethnic Russians like Tatars, Ukrainians, Chechens, Uralic people's etcetera as it is.

Russian population has been declining since the collapse of the USSR.

russians are stupid anyway they deserve it for ruining communism tbh(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Moving away from the nuclear blasts and having a well built basement is much cheaper.

It was a coup d'etat. Majority of Russians didnt want Soviet Union to be dissolved in the referendum.

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Should I be worried? I mean if it came to it, wouldn't you just hijack a porky families bunker and let the wasteland take care of them.

Get employed there as a security grunt. When the time comes, you'll be the new patrician, and porky will become food.

Last I checked the average temp went up like 1degree or something trivial in the last 200 years.
I'm more worried about air-quality and land-pollution, that stuff is measurable and observable, the 'global warming' hypothesis is just a get-rich-quick scheme for governments to justify carbon tax and other schemes.


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I want to make love to her.

Not fuck, love…and then read that beautiful bitch some goddamn Cockshott.

Same energy.

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Don't get so jealous niggaaa~

Now did she literally say "in 12 years the world is going to end"

She said the world WILL end, and she's correct. It won't finish ending in 12 years, obviously, but that's when the end of the world starts because there won't be any going back.

We’ll just go to Mars

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Don't say "the world", 90% of the time morons will just say "EARTH HAS GONE THROUGH WORSE AND SURVIVED". But yes, humanity is definitely fucked.

You and mostly everyone ITT is fucking stupid.
Oceans are acidifying FAST, the heat rising is equivalent to an atomic bomb PER SECOND. Phytoplankton is dying at an extreme rate and shit is already starting to hit the fan. Insects are disappearing already. You don't have the knowledge/brainpower to actually understand what trophic chains collapsing means but I can guarantee you your opinion is retarded & worthless.

Every left tard whines about how this will effect the turd world. But if you look at maps its going to completely wreck america and southern europe too.

Canada will be the byzantine to americas rome

northern and western europe is gonna get fucked too due to Gulf Stream changing/disappearing causing massive climate shift over a short period of time

True, but imo humans ARE the world. If there isn't anything intelligent on Earth, it's just a dumb rock with some dumb shit growing on it.


Those species didn't extinct themselves so who's the real dumb shit?

The only question I care about is this:

What happens to life on Earth?

Do the floodgates on human experimentation get cracked wide fucking open and we go full transhumanism?

Or is it we all just die and Earth becomes Venus 2.0.

I just want to know the truth tbh


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It's literally impossible for Earth to become Venus 2.0 until the Sun starts heating up, the effects of a runaway greenhouse effect are greatly exaggerated. The most pessimistic estimates say that Earth will enter a greenhouse state (we are in a icehouse state), with no polar ice or glaciers, warm and (relatively) stagnant oceans, a scorched and dry equator, and about 20 meter higher sea levels. This is, not coincidentally, the same state the Earth was in before all this atmospheric carbon and methane was sequestered in the Earth's crust. That's not to say it wouldn't be disastrous - billions would probably die and countless species would go extinct - but it won't be the end of all life on Earth.
Frankly I'm sick of all the brainlets and know-nothings ranting about the coming apocalypse - it's just an excuse for nihilism. This isn't the first time something like this has happened and it won't be the last.

Explain Mars.

Venus is 800 degrees hot, Marx is -100. If you think that these things are similar your a brainlit.

life goes on, though humans are probably forced back to 1-2 billion pop max

not at all, we don't have the resources to do this
the future is going to be small isolated areas of high tech first world living, but most of the world's population will shift back a century or so in terms of how they live

In terms of ball of rockness yes which is what I believe Venus poster was referring to. Once the atmosphere goes it's game over. It's why you can't terraform Mars.


Dumb nigger thinks Mars is hot because it looks similar to an Earth desert.

What's with the racism white man?

Well Mars wasn't a Venus-like planet. It was once warm enough to have liquid water, then it lost its atmosphere and cooled down (current average temperatures are about -63 degrees Celsius). For Earth to become like Venus, it would have to be hot enough for the oceans to boil off and leak out into space. It is literally impossible for us to release enough greenhouse gasses for that to happen.

You're either professionally paid shills for exon mobile or daddy chomsky has been lying to me.

Chomsky said we are all fucked.

No duh. Which is why I brought it up. I'll make it simple for yall: Venus hottest from sun. Earth second hottest after it. Mars third. Yet both Mars and Venus are balls of rock with no water while Earth has water.

Another reason I brought it up.

But how did that happen? What might Earth look like if the equilibrium that allows it's atmosphere and liquid water to exist stopped working. Would it look like Mars and Venus but at a temperature relative to it's orbit?

Once again I'm not talking about the surface temperature. Why do you guys all argue like you're clones of the same retard?


Would you rather live on Mars or Venus?


There’s no shortage of the metal required to do this. And energy can be provided for by Nuclear and Renewables.

The martian atmosphere was lost due to the cooling of Mars’s core. Which won;t happen to Earth for Billion’s of years. Also the article just said that we’d have to recreate Mars’s atmosphere, which has been know for decades.

Global Warming will cause massive damage to the biosphere and cause massive suffering to people, but it isn’t the end of the world. People who say it is are justifying themselves doing nothing because “we’re gonna all die anyway.”

Venus’s atmosphere is 97% thicker than Earth’s.

I knew someone would nitpick this.

*Atmosphere we can breathe.

That's just one theory.

The basic question we've been debating as I see it is could the Earth dry up? Looking at our neighbor planets in either direction I don't see why this would seem completely out of the realm of possibility. If most of the plankton and bacteria and plants die off I think it's a strong possibility.

If I was a shill I would be saying that climate change isn't man-made. Just because the Earth won't literally turn into Venus doesn't mean that rampant climate change won't be disastrous for all of us, and I still think we should do everything in or power to prevent it. That said, I don't think we should whip ourselves into a frenzy and constantly imagine the worst possible outcome happening. All that does is lead us to nihilism and apathy. By all accounts, a runaway greenhouse effect of the kind that would destroy all life on Earth is highly unlikely. If it were likely, it would have happened back in the Eocene, when temperatures were much higher, and the most likely outcome right now is that we'll end up with a climate kinda like that. Also, Chomsky is a fag.

Mars has water, it's just frozen. Venus doesn't have water because it would have boiled off. Seriously, man, you're exactly the kind of person I was talking about in
The reason we talk about surface temperatures is that that is what this all boils down to (pun intended). What happened on Mars is nothing like here, the atmosphere was stripped away by solar winds due to its weak magnetic field (which happened, as my trot friend said, because the core cooled down). We're not gonna end up like Mars. For Earth to end like Venus, it would have to experience the same runaway greenhouse effect, which happened due to a water vapour feedback. Basically, when surface temperatures rise to the point that water vapour becomes the dominant greenhouse gas, temperatures start rising, which causes more and more water to evaporate, which leads to a chain reaction that will eventually cause the oceans to boil off and turn the Earth into a giant pressure cooker. While it is theoretically possible to emit enough greenhouse gasses for that effect to occur, in practice it would require more greenhouse gasses than we could actually emit just by doing what we've always done. The runaway effect that most people talk about (the ice caps melting lowering albedo and sequestered methane being released from melted permafrost) would probably land us in the same equilibrium point as in the Eocene (which did eventually cool down as carbon was sequestered again).

Just to elaborate on the water vapour feedback thing, because I got it a bit wrong: Water vapour is the dominant greenhouse gas on Earth, and it always has a positive feedback effect, which is countered by various negative feedbacks (most prominently Earth's radiation into space), which prevent it from spiralling into a positive feedback loop. As temperatures increase, however, the positive feedback gets stronger and the negative feedback gets weaker, eventually causing a runaway greenhouse effect.

The average temperature of Earth is 15 degrees Celsius. Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. So you would have to warm Earth up by 85 degrees Celsius. Their are no models that predict anything close to that.

You don't have to boil water to evaporate it.

tbh this is my take as well. Humanity will, at worst, drop to like 1,000 breeding pairs. There will be enough jellyfish and fresh water near the poles to support that many, at least.

And humanity has gone through that before. It sucked, but hey, we just gotta remember never to do it again ;🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧))