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With so much happening in Mexico, Nicaragua, Venezuela, Brazil and other countries, I think we should have a Latin America general. Any news and information on aforementioned and other Latin American countries is welcome.

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Don't you mean, a future URSAL general?

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Lenin Moreno
My frienship ended with ALBA. Now Lima's Group is my new friend.
(Frankly,I don't think he wants to support venezuela like Correa did)

I was at a talk with the former Foreign Minister of Ecuador and he shat on Lenin as an elitist traitor to everything they had try to do in the country.

Yes, under Lenin Moreno PAIS drooped Socialism of the 21st century and Bolivarianism

Horrible and traitorous waste of money.

How do we stop him?

I keep hearing from reactionary retards that Cuba plays a major role in drug trade. Does anyone have any unbiased news on this? I'm sure there's some but if I think of a country whose government has the means and more importantly THE WILL to crack down on it, it's Cuba.

Didn't Castro execute a general for "drug-trafficking"?

the Columbians use to use the sea and passed Cuba, but they used Dominican Rep. They are prob just retards that can't tell difference between Dom Rep with Cuba or they are making the argument that cuba did not interfer.

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fucked up ment Hati not Dem Rep

Is it true that FARC earn money trough kidnappings and drug trade?

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Brazilian here, what you wanna know?
With Bolsonaro, he's too much of a dumbass to, for now, be dangerous. So are his most closely advisors.
Because of that, he's backpedaling on almost everything he has announced since taking office.

that is hilarous but is he actually doing something against crime, or is he like Trump, all bark no bite?

Is he a Basque nationalist of some kind? I'm talking about what's on his shirt.

That's what I thought, about him. A person who barks loudly, but most likely wont do anything radical

So more Trump than Duterte?

For know, the only thing he has done is picking morons for important government positions, expect Sergio Moro, who's not a moron and who's in route to the "supreme court, and an decree to make it easier to buy guns
Anything else is just talking about doing something dumb and then giving up on doing it (such as lowering some taxes) or saying he's "studying" about doing it (such as moving the embassy in Tel Aviv to Jerusalem).
Mostly, this government is too contradictory to do anything meaningful except say dumb shit and freak everyone out

He wants to be geopolitically and internally like Trump
But Brazil isn't the biggest economy in the world and the center of global capitalism
My fear is that this will escalate with more political violence inside, because he's as dumb as Trump, but he has the army on his side and he hates "petistas" as if they were communists
In the geopolitical stage, he'll try to be like Trump, fail and might become Duterte here, with the exception that he'll hunt anyone to his left

Who was in the wrong here?

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Twitter, for your traffic

Obviously Mr Sack of Shit. He's almost always in the wrong.

What do you mean?
Canal do Otário is a center-right "muh freedom" libertarian
Bolsonaro is Bolsonaro
They are both wrong

Brazilian-American Union when?
Let’s be honest Bolsonaro would agree to this if he could

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He is right about the issues discussed on the image.

What a cuckold, openly american puppet. If he is really nationalist, at least could pretend to maintain independent policy.

Mabey he’s a Panhemospheric nationalist?

He's nationalist just fine, his nation being Burgerland.

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cuckold is what he is

Is this libertardian gonna wake up because his idol shut him down or is he gonna stay retarded?

I checked other maps like that and you can indeed see those really concentrated streams and a few outliers and the amount that goes through Cuba is negligible.
Yet today I saw a tweet by some retard saying that communism turned Cuba into a country ruled by drug cartels.

Menen plegde the argentinian peso with the dolar and didn't became the 51th state.Just generate a bigger crisis. So no.

Peruano/Peruvian aqui.
Well,the country is with all the Odebrecht shit. As we all knew, our democracy is rotten to the bones and the methastasis is afecting everyone. Our pro USA/market Pres. Vizcarra is going has slow down the acceptance of venezolanos here.(Because there was no real job creation in this year :DDDDD) And the job market is now overpopulated (in an already overpopulated market). The future will say what happens to our new president and if the parlamentary left unites again for 2021 election.

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Because of the fact the drug trade and the "war" on said drug trade has pretty much devesatated most South-American economy's and Societies and the past of Left-Guerilla groups dealing drugs to raise funds for their campaigns in the area the use of the term "Narco-Regime" is often used by the right to smear left-wing Goverments that come to power

The guilt is on the accusers here, no?

Someone I met that did work with the FARC said they made a lot of money taxing the drug traffickers that worked in their territory. According to him that was the limit of their involvement, but I don't know for sure.

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Ecuador: Wave of Anti-Venezuelan Violence, Xenophobia Unleashed
"Venezuelan citizens living in Ecuador have become victims of aggression and persecution starting in the early hours of Sunday morning. Some have been injured and their property stolen.
The attacks were unleashed after President Lenin Moreno announced measures against Venezuelans, including 'the immediate formation of task forces to control the situation of Venezuelan migrants on the streets, in workplaces and on the border.' Moreno issued the statement after the murder of the 22-year-old Ecuadorian girl, Diana Carolina Rodríguez Reyes, whose partner, a Venezuelan man, stabbed her in the street in Ibarra, after holding her hostage for more than 90 minutes."
Literally Nazi-tier, how did Ecuador go from Correa to this bastard?

How could this possibly go wrong?

He wants a seat at the table by isolating Venezuelans.

Everyone in Mexico is a socdem, and the communists are obscure or irrelevant, what do

by having socdems you're better that 80% of the western world, you have something to build on. Organize and radicalize, locally of course. Encourage members of your local socdem groups to read theory.

who cares about fucking spics, they ruined communism, now maoism thats the real deal

Even if it's so, who cares if they did? At worst, they ruined it for themselves. "Muh Venesuela" doesn't work as an argument even on the radical centrists.

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CIA operation in Brasil

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Brazillian user here.
Is there any Venezuelan user in leftypol?
I wanna know how things are out there, since now the government of my country has decided to get deeply involved in the politics of yours.

Does this offend you?

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who would have guessed

Once I saw a chavista user. Idk if he is still here

what about cuba tho

Venezuelan here. The opposition and US have something in store for tomorrow, if enough people go to manifest they will probably try to give the final blow to Maduro. The armed forces are pretty tight but you can never know who's who. The social media right now is their main battleground, rumour spreading, fake news, images from past years, audios, people saying there's a rebellion here or there, fear spreading, "guarimbas"… tomorrow could be an interesting day or not.

Oh fuck me they're gonna use this as an excuse to invade arent they?

Would any of you consider volunteering for Venezuela if it were invaded or the situation devolved into a civil war? Being chilean, I have considered it, I already speak spanish and also what is currently happening to them is a lot like what happened to us.

Tbh user if you have no firearms or military training there's no point. The reason the Spanishh civil war had so many volunteers was because most of them fought in WWI.
Regardless in am going balls-deep into the anti-war movement if this comes to pass: like fuck am I going to let Britain get dragged into another Iraq.

The non-chavista anons come here ocasionally. I don't think there are many actual regulars.

I get your point but wouldn't they run volunteers through at least the most basic training? I don't know much about the volunteers for the republicans but they must've had them to some basic training right?
I mean even Mike Pence gave a speech with parts in spanish to us Venezuelan telling us to overthrow our government, what the fuck is that? Are they that desperate? Has something like that happened before?

I hate this bastard, he's basically announcing a coup

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First as tragedy second as farce

Incredible. They will try a false flag operation tomorrow, they probably will try to position some snipers to shoot some opposition protesters and try to manipulated it so it looks like the government is killing its own people and re-edit the 2002 coup scenario.

I hope Marco Rubio is suffocated with a burrito.

I hope is last thought "…but I'm not even Mexican!"

so i'm out of the loop wtf is going on in Venezuela

freedom is coming

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Paca means cop, right?, just searched it on a latin american site for words exclusive for certain places, i'm mexican

Maybe it is in Venezuela, but here in Chile it's paco. Incidentally paco means pasta base in Argentina.

Didn't Peruvians invent modern Maoism? :thinking:

You mean MLM Gonzalo Thought? Is there even a difference between that and regular MLM/Chinese maoism? It's the same thing as far as I'm aware.

MLMs believe some different things from the original followers of Mao (like they think every country can have a successful Protracted People's War, which Mao never claimed).

Whats the situation for the revolutionary comrades? What is the level of class consciousness in the masses?

Let me see if I understand something from Venezuela. There is actually people that root for Maduro? I mean even a globalist puppet government is better than what he is doing with 'muh communism's right?

The Coup will fail.The army supports Maduro. Any anti-PSUV officers were purged in the aftermath of 2002. If a coup occurs it will fail, which would end up strengthening Maduro. Like how the failedTurkish Coup in 2016 strengthened Erdogan.

Why can't brazilians have this badass army?

Because with the 64 coup before they even started to go after communists leaders and any sort of nationalist civilian they purged any sort of non US bootlicker from the army. Due to this, our army consists of religious fanatics more worried in sucking murrikan dick than actually caring about national sovereignty or anything related to that.

The pro-Chavez people at Puente Llaguno in 2002 used firearms. There was no need to manipulate anything. If you think that the footage was manipulated, you should explain how.

US called for a coup. There has to be a military action now because the US officially said the opposition in the real government. All comes down to the next few days, there is no way forward but a real shooting war.

This, the "coup" failed back in April*. The US will launch military action soon: you should all be ready to help your country resist in joining-in.


They're talking about female cops.

nah there won't be US boots on the ground yet. The CIA will arm the opposition and trigger a civil war tho. When Venezuela is in deep shit and collapsing then uncle Sam and Bolsonaro will intervene militarily.

The Matamoros auto strike and internet censorship

I doubt it, for any civil war to start there has to be large military defection: and that isn't happening. "Arming the opposition" doesn't automatically yield a civil conflict, in-fact it more-often-than-not leads to a bush war.

wut u think the situation in argentina is rigth now. it's elections year

I already want to do horrible things libs. It pales in comparison to what I want to do to fuckwits that claim libs are on our side.

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Whatever you think about elections per se, they're important on an international level since fraudulent elections provide a bad excuse for imperialist countries to mask their imperialist goals. This is the reason why I'm currently interested in researching the Venezuelan electoral process. The only thing I could find this far is a short press release from the European Union which of course I wouldn't trust without other reports from other organisations. However, this is the point where I am currently stuck, I couldn't find these kinds of reports so I wanted to ask whether someone has such a report at hand. The more elaborate the better.

christ, any article about cuba and venezuela is the most nauseating shit
like I legit hope the people who write this shit get sentenced to hard labor for it some day

Can I get a quick rundown on this lad?

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Does he play the ukelele

look at carter foundation on the elections

I am currently doing a bit of catching up regarding the whole Venezuelan thing. I very often hear the claim about Maduro having a very low approval rating but literally no article I have read shows the approval rating of the opposition parties. Does anyone have any opinion polls in this regard?

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it will get worse. 6 months ago argentina took the biggest loan in the history of the IMF. the next government will face a severe crisis.

Neoliberals really are snakes. They purposefully tie the fate of their country to supranational institutions which cucks even the weakest socdems from making any improvements whatsoever. Watch a leftist government come after Macri completely powerless and we get a re-run of Venezuela.

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