Are there any other images that so vividly depict the fall of the US?

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What is this shit, anyway?

A bunch of nerdy wannabe lanyard faggots earning their pay.


What was the event and the context behind the pic?

Trump's inauguration, apparently some smashie smashed a bin and everyone really gave a massive shit about it.

If I recall correctly, it was posted some time ago on Zig Forums. There was fight between Antifa and trump supporters. Idiots in the picture wanted to capture the flame in the trashcan and portray antifa as evil hooligans.

wannabe what?

Nah I don't think so, it was some antifa protest with a whole flock of hacks desperate to capture an exciting image of left wing thuggery IIRC

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No I think it was just a smashie spergout, I don't remember there being street fights at the time.

Go back to reddit.

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Best thing about it is that he literally cockshoots the White House

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i thought Zig Forums didn't give a fuck about "bourgeois respectability". what's next shilling for NATO?

all the more proof you're nothing more crypto rad libs adopting red aesthetics for the edge factor. god I fucking hate you all so much

I thought Zig Forums was against fun



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Just shows that you faggots have no culture or tradition of your own

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What a retarded post. Only imageboards can breed this level of autism.

Go to a shrink

Tooo beee faaaaiiirrrrr I do think the circlejerk over the burgers has been pretty silly, but it's not like it really matters since criticising Trump over legit shit doesn't lead to any consequences anyway, may as well just nitpick everything.


it's not criticizing Trump it's criticizing the consumerist culture personalities America breeds.

We're not criticizing Trump, we're making fun of the USA being nothing more than a retarded burgerland. It's schadenfreude aimed at the last dying farts of a superpower who has begun their final decline. Trump perfectly represents the USA and its values, and him posing with McD and Wendys only makes it that much more obvious.

The only thing missing is the cowboy hat and a revolver. Maybe add a Bald Eagle somewhere.

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Inaguration day “riots” in Wash, D.C. This is about as violent as it got.