Dear leftyshits:

I was permabanned from your board a while back, but now I am unbanned. Not sure why. This thread is requesting that permaban back. That is all.

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I do ask that you grant this request in a timely manner, as I am busy. Unlike all of you leftyshits that are jobless and shitposting here all day

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What's the matter, scared you might learn something?

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Did you guys know that Hitler actually survived?

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I will now dump my Hitler folder. I do hope you get something out of it, even if it's a shitty mspaint edit full of walls of text

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hitler was a manlet lmao

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Imagine saving the pictures of some manlet dictator with any ugly mustache from 75 years ago

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Thx for the rare Hitlers

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That is the end of my Hitler folder. I will now await my renewed permaban. and also await if you tards put any of this to use. I doubt it tbh

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Thank Hex over on /b/!

Why do you have 110 pictures of Hitler?

Why did you count all of them?
I skipped some tbh

There are five pics per post, not hard to count. Answer question plz

Nah. Just enjoy the most genuine PPH boost you've had in a few years

you're the ones that are notorious for bot use though

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I think this guy wants to fuck hitler tbh

all me tbh

Actually, it was me

Shit I didn't know this board was as bad as Zig Forums

fierce bean

Mods rarely delete threads unless they break the rules. Besides, a lot of effort must have gone into posting those 110 pictures of Adolf Hitler - it would be a shame to delete it.

I'm wondering the same thing.

Lmao, you support a totalitarian socialist regime that chimped out at a superior race (JEWS), that was against free market and freely using private property, that had a socialist economy bound for collapse and that allied with Soviets to invade sovereign countries.
Newflash: you are a leftist yourself, you dumbfuck.

lmao normalfag lol good kek m'sir. You've certainly got a good understanding of WW2 as well as the English language.