Dengoids will defend this!

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what do they mean by this



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How many Grillons did they kill making that?

Was it another Holodomor?

Chinese little Italy?

based PRC

This is the corniest/tackiest shit I've seen today (yesterday: White House dinner). Like legit pleb-tier architecture.


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trips of truth

Disgusting, that should all be public living space.


I am seriously, pro western Russians constantly whine how awesome is western europe, and China is all ''wazzup wiggas'

It's a bit unusual but doesn't seem particularly harmful to me. Tourism isn't really environmentally friendly, having such replicas might actually be better. There's also the problem of many towns which become dependent on tourism and lose its culture.
Since they're replicating European cities (which are pretty dense) you can put good public transit in there too.

Sounds awesome, based XI: vanguard of socialism.

China isn't a massive shithole like the US that has a problem with the homeless despite having more than enough homes though (so far as I'm aware)

*cooks pork dumplings in gutter oil*

*dies to the opioid epidemic at 23*

*installs suicide nets to keep worker deaths down*

How does building in a different aesthetic style nullify a states socialist achievements?

china is a developing country.

homelessness, malnutrition, poverty and inequality are serious problems in china, worse than united states.

Okay, so China has 0.01% more homelessness than the USA then despite being massively poorer. Lol.

But sure, I know China has plenty of problems, I just see them as being on the trend upwards while the US has all the money in the world yet are on the trend downwards.

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you can't win with Zig Forums, they support all revolutions except the ones that succeed.

It’s almost like both the US and China are capitalist societies that shit all over the working class.

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What are China’s socialist achievements?

The development of a dictatorship of the Proletariate and the establishing of a Socialist economic model coupled with a drastic improvement of quality of life in all metrics


I honestly can’t tell if the people defending China are being ironic or not.

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The dictatorship of the proletariat which sees billionaires holding political power and uses the most intrusive surveillance against its own citizens.

I'd throw you off a building, if it didn't have a suicide net.

The members of the Legislature the Politburo and the general party Rank and file who are Petite-Capitalists and National-Capitalists are greatly outranked by Workers
Such as?
What draconian measures does the PRC use that any other Capitalist state does not use?

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Every nation uses surveillance, but that doesn't fucking justify it.
China has taken surveillance aspects like facial regonition, predictive policing and many more intrusive developments to their logical extreme.
It's even worse than America in several ways.

The only proof that must be observed is the membership of the CCP and its orbiter parties in the national front
Unless you believe that literally hundreds of millions of Chinese citizens are all Capitalists then my point is self proving

You can argue against surveillance from you're own moral standpoint by that does not make a state not socialistic


ten social credit was deposited into your account

Surveillance is used by governments to target its own citizens and disproportionately targets the proletariat.
The ones most vulnerable to surveillance and most impacted are the poor, lumpens and left-wing activists, politicians and revolutionaries.

We laugh now, but in 20 years they'll be WAY above the then post-crisis EU living standards. First they imitate, then they do it better.

I honestly wouldn't give a fuck about living in "faux" yuro-stlye houses instead of "authentic" hundreds years old houses if it meant I'd get decent living.

Unironically this. EU is headed towards a scenario resembling WW1. We'll bomb everything to the ground again soon.

Every capitalist country vastly improves its living standards during development. The real test is when growth slows down to the 2-3% range, because at this point the only way to keep improving living standards is through imperialism.

didn't they create their own Paris like a decade ago?
also are they using the same cheap falling apart materials they use on those "ghost towns"? apparently they're decaying from lack of maintenance and poor quality, or does anyone have better, accurate info on that?

based, china is already preparing to integrate europe when they liberate it from the GLA

I'm pretty eurosceptic but something about Ode to Joy always gets me going.

There's no other historical example that could match the growth and its speed China is producing (not to mention the scale) for the simple reason that it's not just your "regular capitalist" country. China is already involved in imperialism if you go by the Marxist definition of the term.

Chinese growth rates are already slowing down. The no longer have the double digit growth rates they once had. Also the economic involvement of SOEs is what Europe and America had pre-1980. Before they had their own economic slowdowns. Their is nothing that makes China special.

Yes there are, there are plenty dating back to Britain during the initial period of the industrial revolution.