Jasic Incident

I couldn't find anyone talking about this. Apparently workers, Marxist and Maoist are protesting in Shenzhen. Some of the activists protesting have been detained and some have disappeared.



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ah yes “communist” china at it again

Ultras / Mao worshippers were formally used in 1989 among some leftist circles as an excuse to support the Tiananmen Counter-revolution because of their (Absolutely insignificant) presence at the counter-revolutionary demonstrations
It's quite likely if allowed to matastasize this would occur again

Besides the PRC has never "Secret Speeched" Mao and still holds him as a national hero

inb4 this thread gets spammed to death by that one guy claiming any criticism of capitalist china is "cia-sponsored" and that deng and jinping are the good guys playing 4d chess until 2050

capitalists are hijacking the CCP.

China is a perfect example of bourgeoisie getting control of a Communist country.

but how do we stop them comrades?

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it JUST happened to occur during Bush's visit.

He can't keep getting away with it!


Literally every 30 minutes another anti-china thread. Astroturf in full overdrive I see - because as we all know, the western "left" are always the first to call for war.

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Yeah tbf, anti-communist protesters tend to sing the internationale…

Congratulations mr.CIA, you can use memes too!

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In letterbox format I presume.

dengists are liberals

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Better than being an imperialist puppet and CIA stooge.

China will ascend and deprive ALL WESTERN MIDDLE CLASS BRATS of their privileges. He will send you running to the gutter. The western "left" and all its traitorous ilk will scurry or burn.

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These are literal wreckers trying to push a line contrary to the legitimate Chinese DOTP.

Well that didn't take long.

The proletariat is a CIA front.

Yeah sure let me just wave some revolutionary slogans and Mao posters around while agitating for an end to socialism, trust me I'm not being funded by anyone, I'm a genuine grassroots protester honest

Those are police under a socialist state. Think about the subsumed class processes in China. Everyone should support the Chinese police and military against CIA assets and wreckers of all kinds

Name one way in which China is socialist.

Big red flag.

t. Jack Ma

I'd think that the CIA would rather use the hypercapitalists and muh democrasi muh freeze peach tards than Marxists and Maoists to do their bidding.

ehhhh what the fugg :DDDDDD


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The wreckers are actually all Chinese spies working for the CPC and they are used by china to show the world how Marxist are insane and capitalism is the true way out.

If anything the CIA would want to protect the Chinese government since Western porkies make boatloads of money off the backs of Chinese workers, and the CCP helps them do it. There’s a reason why Trump’s trade war has pissed off so many neolibs.

socialism Aint free. The path to china's glorious future gotta be littered with the blood of counterrevolutionaries. So called COMMUNISTS aka "C.I.A funded wreckers" are traitors. they are western pupets and probably mongol as well :DD. Nothing happened in 15 April – 4 June 1989 ok. praise mao.

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based, the arrests will make capitalism less appealing to future chinese workers, allowing for a smooth transition into a planned economy stretching from london to melbourne

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Same thing

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Like I said I did not claim they were not necessarily Marxist I'm simply pointing out that movements like these in China have historically been used as a tool of counter-revolution

Something similar to this could be seen in Socialist Poland where the presence of "True Socialists" among the ranks of the Solidarity movement gave western leftists all the excuse they needed to support them

How about an arguement?

Talking about it is fine. But people conveniently forget that any communist state had to not only suppress the right wing insurgency, but the left wing as well - and with a much greater degree of violence than China does.

There are certain "red flags" that you shouldn't cross as a Left-Wing opposition. One of the most common reasons for persecution is criticism of Tienanmen Square accident, or, endorsement of some "Unpersoned" statesmen like the Gang of Four or the Chinese Gorbachev Hu Yaobang.

However, if your goal is not roleplay but practical action, it's quite easy to avoid that.

What makes China a socialist state?

China is a capitalist state with a Marxist-Leninist (Communist) political system and party.

PPR was unironically socialist in name only

For the love of God use the China general plz

"General" threads are gay, and China is too important of a topic to be contained in one. Let's do Burgerland general instead.

How so?