Why inequality is different in Japan

Six months after Thomas Piketty’s book Capital in the Twenty-First Century generated so much buzz in the United States and Europe, it has become a bestseller in Japan. But vast differences between Japan and its developed counterparts in the West, mean that, like so many other Western exports, Piketty’s argument has taken on unique characteristics.

Piketty’s main assertion is that the leading driver of increased inequality in the developed world is the accumulation of wealth by those who are already wealthy, driven by a rate of return on capital that consistently exceeds the rate of GDP growth. Japan, however, has lower levels of inequality than almost every other developed country. Indeed, though it has long been an industrial powerhouse, Japan is frequently called the world’s most successful communist country. Japan has a high income-tax rate for the rich (45%), and the inheritance tax rate recently was raised to 55%. This makes it difficult to accumulate capital over generations – a trend that Piketty cites as a significant driver of inequality.

As a result, Japan’s richest families typically lose their wealth within three generations. This is driving a growing number of wealthy Japanese to move to Singapore or Australia, where inheritance taxes are lower. The familiarity of Japan, it seems, is no longer sufficient to compel the wealthy to endure the high taxes imposed upon them.

In this context, it is not surprising that Japan’s “super-rich” remain a lot less wealthy than their counterparts in other countries. In the US, for example, the average income of the top one percent of households was $1,264,065 in 2012, according to the investment firm Sadoff Investment Research. In Japan, the top 1% of households earned about $240,000, on average (at 2012 exchange rates).

Herein lies the unique twist that Piketty’s theory takes on in Japan: the disparity is not so much between the super-rich and everyone else, but between large corporations, which can retain earnings and accumulate capital, and the individuals who are being squeezed in the process.


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Japan is literally Fascist.

SocDem-ism doesn't work and as long as a country fails to progress beyond capitalism these disparities will continue to exist in their ever changing form.

haha wasnt expecting that

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This photo is from Taiwan, though. Not that there isn't a resurgent imperialist sentiment in Japan, as well.

Japan only recently became actually Keynesian again. I'd like to see what actually happens over the course of the next few decades, this will be Keynes' final trial.

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Wow, shocking. But, seriously, Japan dominated the top ten rich list in the 80s–the only thing that went wrong for the Japanese elite was bubble popping in the 90s. And, I think it's worth pointing out, Japan still hasn't recovered to its pre-market highs, in terms of sheer financial carnage, Japan's crash was worse than the Great Depression in the US.

I have my doubts about the actual equality levels in Japan, the government is well-known for fudging numbers on even basic things like murder-rates.

One time I had a guy tell me that a lot of murders and Police killings in Japan are deemed Suicide / Natural causes and that a large amount of Suicide's in Japan are also labelled natural causes

That was me. I said that just to troll with people.

It was unavoidable, at this time japan stooped receiving american gibs, plus China rose as industrial behemoth of far east.

Pretty sure that's cause they're 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧incentivizing🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧 older people to keep working.

Stupid idiots.Sun Yan-sen was socdem who cooperated with Comitern, and Chiang Kai-shek and Chiang Ching-kuo both studied in USSR, in fact USSR greatly helped China in war against Japan, both funding Kuomintang in unification war(s) and during second union of Kuomintang and CPC again Japan in early years of WW2.

So? Let the westaboos have their fun. After all, the things people do in European countries concerning Japanese and asian culture and history are much more cringe

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It seems to have some basis in fact tho when I looked into it

Watch some of this ☭TANKIE☭, syndie, trot loving brother

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Security guards are a big business in Japan, which is funny in a country with such low crime rates.
Anyway most of those security guards stationed outside supermarkets and parking lots are 70+ years old, completely unarmed. With shit pensions and low birth rate people are forced to work until they drop. The LDP is killing Japan.

Someone described Japan's economic system as "socialist capitalism". Some assume that if a society isn't ultra individualist it's automatically socialist. What the fuck?

Have ever had a sensible thought?

I think whoever says this, has fucking not

Japan is far from socialist, even their public transit is privatized.

Exactly my point, there's nothing socialist about Japan. But idiots assume that collectivism = socialism. Japan has a VERTICAL collectivist society, with a strong emphasis on hierarchy.

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It's the 'ol capitalism = individualism and sosolism = collectivism dichotomy. Therefore traditional asian values (socialist) balanced with capitalist individualism results in the ideal balance of just enough capitalism, and the right amount of sosolism. Like yim and yam.

Britain's top rate is also 45%. It's not that high.
Now, 95% + Surtax on unearned income, that's where it's at.



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Miyazaki would probably agree with you

Japan is one of the nicer social democracies but people prefer Nordic countries as their model because they're white. Doubt it's necessary to say that both are shit.

Why should that matter?

Eh you can’t say that Japan’s insane working culture, authoritarian “collectivism”, lower standards of living and nasty history aren’t turn-offs

Plus you actually have a chance of being able to immigrate and become a citizen to some of the Nordic countries. Japan? Not so much.

What is even to be done?

If Japanese people don't wake up, they are done for. In Okinawa they are still fighting for their right to live without american rapists nearby, racist marches are met with counter-marches, the anti emperor movement is getting bolder and more people start resenting retarded school rules and oppressive work culture.
I think Japanese people are fantastic but if they don't understand how capitalism is killing them, there's no hope.

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It's really going to come down to refounding the JCP into an anti-revisionist vanguard party

Even though the JCP is a succdem party they are the most credible opposition to the LDP.
Which says a lot.

It's typical liberal language rape where high taxes = communism and Hillary Clinton is literally Karl Marx.

Japanese Communists were fucking based in the 80's.

They literally made fake firefighter trucks to get past police.



I mean like the Japanese Government literally used power companies to get eighty tons of weapons grade plutonium.


wtf are going to do with it

Get revenge.

They're going to make Nanking look like a fucking joke.

They're afraid of the DPRK.

This part gave me cancer.
Their whole educational system is based on confucianism and by western standards, is basically ancient. What they actually learn in school is how to pass exams and how to fit in society and then at work. Rote memorization forms the basis of their education, students spend a lot of time and a lot of energies to memorize things just to have a good grade, not to actually learn something.
I mean memorization is important when you have to learn kanji and all their readings, but they apply this system to other subjects too. They study English by simply translating phrases back and forth and they NEVER speak it in class since they don't have oral exams in school. The results is that students may pass English exams with flying colors, yet they don't know how to speak English.

I don't know how they learn math or other scientific subjects, but from what I know Literature is basically reading passages from some famous authors and learning the teacher explanations and that's it. Also their teachers could be replaced by computers and nothing would change. It's rude for students to ask questions, teacher often just teach whatever the school wants them to teach with little to no autonomy. And don't get me started on how schools, expecially private schools which are prominent in Japan, often have bullshit rules with no pedagogic value.
Japanese students are serious and often enthusiastic learners, so it pains me to see how they struggle because they employ unproductive study techniques.

I'm an aspiring teacher of Italian language for Japanese, what I wrote here comes from both experience and from what I learned from books. Calling their educational system "socialist" is fucking bullshit and makes no sense.

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Pretty much this, yeah. I'm one of those autistic online English teachers and those students that I have from Japan are great at grammar and spelling, but their pronunciation, speaking and understanding skills are terrible mostly.

There's a reason why autists like it. Autists like it when everything is the same and there is no problems. It's why so many convert to Islam because of the daily routines.

Is this some new form of meme?

words mean things

This might piss off a lot of people but every male convert of islam I've met(at least 5) has some form of autism. That's way too small just to be a coincidence. I think all the spergy muslim habits really meshes with them. Y'know, praying five times a day and dietary restrictions and rules and mandates and shit like that.

what were the females like?

Same thing. Watch White sun of the desert.

Piketty is a liberal capitalist. The point of his book is to sideline marxism and make the case that capitalism can only be fixed by taking part in liberal democracy.

some soc dem facts:
Lmao eat a watermelon or something. You aren’t living his life. He doesn’t care about you. He would probably hate your attitude and knock you out cold after you screech about ‘muh BBC’. Fix your own life first, then talk. Go on about it like this:
If you’re too much of a bitch unironically neck yourself.
Tada, first step done.

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I guess that a tiny welfare state, ~700¥ minimum wage, fully privatised infrastructure and insane deficit spending is socialism now because muh collectivist ethics, thanks.

Reminder that Japan has a smaller public sector than the US, a "hidden" child and elderly poverty epidemic because of family-based redistributive systems collapsing together with those fabled 'ethics'and the population.

Also Abe is actively encouraging immigration from South Asia, just with even worse working conditions than in Europe, many 7-11 were staffed by Indians/ Philippinos last time I was there, shockingly many if you still pine for that hi tech ethnostate.

Still they're the best bulwark to Xi, so I guess for European socdems with an imperialist twist, Shinzo is /ourguy/

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Working conditions for foreign workers in Japan are awful. Many of the workers who come from SEA to work in factories are paid less than minimum wage, have to pay high commissions to the Japanese contractors in their countries and are easily dismissed thanks to various schemes and legal loopholes. Many run away because of awful it is and the government is trying to minimise it.
The reason the JCP (succdem) is opposed to immigration is because they know damn well how they are gonne be treated.
Funny enough, right wingers think Japan is cool because women are submissive and there are strict immigration laws. Wonder what do they think about Abe importing thousands of foreign workers.

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Uphold late Capitalist incelism ABE thought

They are straight up wicked.

what about romantic relationships with the same sex tho?

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I would imagine they are okay with it, because it can't produce "mongrels".

Japan is called a communist country because Japan copied Stalin's five year plans in the 30s. That is the secret to their growth. Their capitalism is unlike any other in the world, at least, until the mid 80s. Read Chalmers Johnson's book on Japan. They restricted capital accumulation and gave corporate management to middle management instead of shareholders.


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Alternatively, read Richard Werner's book on Japanese central bankers and how they plotted the giant bubble of the late 80s, and how Japanese economy crashed never to recover.


Sounds interesting, thanks.

> sup.org/books/title/?id=2791

The book is called "MITI and the Japanese miracle: the growth of industrial policy, 1925-1975" and is present on libgen.