have a vps, experimenting with creating some sort of leftist community that isn't chan-based. I dunno, forum, mastodon, radio?, zine?, etc. open to suggestions. It's a forum right now and it looks kind of ugly by 2019 standards, but looks great by 2005 standards. I don't think it matters, boats still have sails and paddles. Again, open to any and all suggestions. If someone thinks they can do better they can have a crack at it.

Currently decided on a forum, anonymous posting allowed on some parts. Want moderators to be 'elected' from the userbase, i.e. people who use the site decide who gets to 'run' it. I'm happy just playing with the technical side of things and being a regular user. Would be nice to have help. I'd like to be part of a community where everyone has a say and plays a part. There's so many online leftist things that are either missing or lacking. For example, everyone complains about shitty leftist youtube videos. Unlikely that one person will embody the ability to be a good speaker, do good research, write well, be a good editor/animator, or have the time to do all those things well. If we crowd-source scripts for videos, someone presents them, someone edits a video and puts it all together, the quality of the work would be much better. Why not create a place where people are able to collaborate on projects if they wish? There has been a lot of complains around these boards, not only at how the boards are run, but also on the website on which they're hosted.

Maybe some sort of longevity of written work would encourage higher quality posts. The book club was a great idea, but would people be more encouraged if they could write a short essay/critique of the work, or part of a work and have that text cleaned up and put online somewhere? I'm just asking.

I feel that being limited to an imageboard, without archiving and good threads that just disappear isn't ideal for our type of discussion. It's fine for consumer interests, where new fads and fashions allow for recycling of threads and discussion of the same topics. For our purposes to be able to search through discussions that already happened is fantastic. How many times do we need to answer the same questions, repeating the same talking points ad nauseam?

I see the value of anonymous imageboards. I enjoy posting on several, in fact. I've just stopped expecting any kind of 'serious' discussion, advice or sense of community. You may laugh at that last bit, but right-wingers globally have their own communities, websites, discord, they even do meet-ups. In my own city someone advertised a "Traditionalist Meet Up", basically for "classic libertarians" who want to go back to a simpler time in the past. What the left has is sectarian pockets of people who think they alone follow the true Marxism/Communism (bit of a People's Front of Judaea vs Judean People's Front vs The Popular Front situation).

What I want to be part of is an "all-inclusive" leftist community. Not a movement, not a Left Unity political party. Just a place for leftists to come together and associate with one another in an environment where their words won't get them in trouble. Where they won't be denounced as 'tankies' or 'anarkiddies', because that doesn't create a welcoming atmosphere. I haven't found a place like that yet, so here's my attempt at creating it. Last place I knew like that was revleft, but that's dead now. And as time passed revleft also became more sectarian. I reckon it had something to do with the site moderators picking favourites and being sectarian themselves.

Regarding how being tolerant of one another will be enforced the truth is I don't know. No one gets banned. No IP bans, just username bans. You can just create a new username. Maybe that works, maybe it doesn't. Maybe the site gets overrun and I just nuke it and start over. Email isn't required to register or validate either, if the registration asks just type in anything that looks like an email.

I am aware how unimaginative the name/address is. Open to change that as well.

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Other urls found in this thread:


I like the idea of making a leftist site, but I don know if it's legit or not, so…

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I like the address, the name not so much. You should make it sound more definitive. This is not just another leftist website, but rather The website for the left to use.

Regarding the book club idea, you should make a subforum dedicated to the discussion of texts. I'm sure there will be some demand for that.

Looks legit.

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start with a rules sticky.

this website makes no sense OP

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I thought I had disabled the captcha. It is disabled now.

Good idea.

I know. Coming up with a good name isn't easy.


user.. I

Don't make too many subforums, it makes a site look dead.
It's missing the most important emoticon.

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The left is defeated online. It is surrounded on all fronts by corporations, power mad administrators, petty tyrants and social climbers. The internet is the longest arm of advertising in the history of the human race; the profit motive has created this bastardised Web2.0 world we now all live in, and there's no way to go back to the golden era. We are all trapped in the spectacle now.

How about red threads?

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forums are for boomers, gen x and tech support services

come up with something new, not old

I appreciate your effort OP, but I don't believe that this will work. Leftists are always sectarian and sooner or later one ideology will become dominant and purge the rest. This behaviour applies to all ideologies from marxism to anarchism. The leftypol-split is one of many examples.

you will be forced to do IP bans when someone starts spamming shit, especially if it's child porn

not really
we can all critically support each other, and admit we we're all right about things. even trots support juche, which is basically socialism in one country on roids.
just dont be autistic.

Commies memes on instagram? We must radicalize normies.

you really need a captcha for registration and login, your site is vulnerable to botnet attacks

I tried to make as few as possible. Do you have a better way?

Red Threat? :P

Why reinvent the wheel? What's a better way of communicating for people with keyboards? Maybe a leftist snapchat group or instagram page?

That's not always true. One just has to separate their ideological beliefs from what they're trying to achieve. While I have my preferences when it comes to leftist ideologies it wouldn't help my goal of creating a space for all leftists if I decided to act on them, or ban people who don't share my views.

Cross that bridge when we get to it.

For now keep it at "wild west" mode and then add restrictions as problems arise. I'd rather not add inconveniences and extra steps to registration/posting if I don't have to. There are other ways of combating bots, such as disabling image uploads for anonymous users, disabling links, moderating new user registrations, etc.

There's an IRC server now: leftist.site port 6667, use 6697 for SSL.

Are you using all free software, or is there any spyware embedded in your site?

I tried something similar a while back, you always face the timeless problem of balancing 'quality' with slowness, and you'll probably have to sockpuppet hard at the very beginning just to make it seem alive enough to bootstrap a community.
It's hard enough without all the shills, wreckers, infiltrators and trolls out there, TBH it's probably a doomed effort but I wish you luck comrade.
Most revolutions are doomed to fail, but that's why we keep struggling for the next one and the one after.

Can offer meagre tech support if that's helpful.

As far as I'm aware, all free software. Running Debian stable without the non-free repo enabled. And I don't know how free you consider PHP to be. FUDforum is free and open source: fudforum.org/

There is no spyware or tracking scripts, see pic. Even the google et al. crawler bots are disabled/removed.

It doesn't cost much to run so I'm happy to let it exist and grow organically.

On a long enough time scale everything is a doomed effort. Have to enjoy the doing. :)

There's an IRC server up now. Feel free to stop by, hang out, idle, etc.

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It's legit, I checked. Looks like a standard forum to me.

Looks interesting. I registered

Crosspost on Zig Forums and /marx/ to get more attention

Can you remove the 10 character limit? I tried to write "cool" but it didn't work

Telegram group would be nice tbh

Done. It is 1 character now.

If I were to go with a mobile group I'd use XMPP+OMEMO. Telegram requires a phone number, iirc.

Some stuff on OMEMO:




We can use creep.im or set something up. I think it depends on how many people would want to use it.


If you wanna join leftist.site, you really hate to hate fascists

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Its good to have multiple bunkers to go to in case the site dies.

When krautchan died the bernds wandered the desert for 40 days and 40 nights, till someone invented kc2

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what a fucking ignorant piece of shit thing to say. forums and image boards are the best because they have no connections to giant silicon vally corporations and you can control your own destiny instead of being censored one day because the powers that be decided that porn is bad for the advertisers

Bumping for interest. I signed up, I hope this becomes a big thing, I'd like to have meet ups (if there even are other MLs around me, I would be surprised) but at the very least its good to have a better organized forum

Yeah XMPP is very safe and all but it's not practical and it doesn't have the functionalities of Telegram. You need a phone number to register (register with a burner number if u want), but that won't be visible to other members of the group.

I created one for everyone who's interested: t.me/joinchat/EOVEyRSB09i0W8zsN0NEcg

I'll give admin positions to the first ones to join, then later on it will be decided by voting.

It is practical. Download the app, create an account, join a group. done. what functionality does Telegram offer that xmpp doesn't have?
why should I spend money when alternatives exist?

XMPP is boring af. I would only use it for truly anonymous communication on the tor network. Modern communication apps such as Telegram are better, much more fun and aesthetic pleasing. Both have their purposes and we can indeed use them. If we want later on communicate with other members of the group in a more secure way to plan something important irl then absolutely we should use XMPP. But for your everyday talk, shitposting Telegram is the way to go. That's my take.

i joined the telegram and it seems comfy. the more people who join the better it will be though, so i encourage people to join in on the fun (i also joined the forum)

Telegram servers are proprietary. In addition to Telegram being developed by a private company in the UK, owned by two Russians. Signal is a much better option of you're set on a mobile chat group. Both the client and server are FOSS and it's funded by various grants and donations (and the same US govt. entity that made Tor).

XMPP is a protocol, with many clients available for it. Find one that's "aesthetic pleasing".
Without OTR encryption, XMPP isn't really secure, but at least it's not tied to your government-issued unique ID like telegram.

Seriously, there's so much wrong with your infosec that I suspect FBI.

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Can we stop LARPing that we have something important to hide from the US government and actually do something instead?

this. everything we have to say they know already. unless you're dropping names and locations there's no reason to hide anything.

You are implying that you don't want to have executive power over this site. If you are being honest, you are being irrational, and if you are lying, quit. The website will need an overall hand to curate it to keep it leftist. We are a minority, and we can't be careless and forget that. Unless, of course, you have some other method to keep the site left.
You should define what you think is okay and not okay as far as being a leftist is concerned. Think of the site kind of like a leftist party maybe?
For an example, Lenin makes it extremely clear that he believes atheism to be an important part of a Communist's beliefs. However, he didn't believe it was so important a belief as to overshadow the economic ones. He believed it would naturally come with socialist development, anyways.
None of this would be important, but you mention you want to have elections. It could be a great idea, but I can only imagine it working (without sabotage and whatnot that will ruin it) if you have a clear set of rules as to what qualifies to be elected. Then, you can divine hand out anything that isn't leftist.
Overall, I really like this idea. It doesn't have to be perfect, and worse ideas have definitely fared well so, I'm optimistic.

It's such a dense XML clusterfuck that whatever pretty client you find will probably break in some way. Tox is much better for fed proof chat.

Yes I know the importance of OTR. And I also know that using these secure apps/protocols in Windows/Mac/Android is pointless, and who here uses tails to go online on a daily basis?

Again, the telegram group is just a place to discuss, shitpost etc in real time, not a place to reveal certain informations, that would be in a XMPP client AND in a OS such as Tails. So stop with that stupid fearmongering.

Signal is an interesting idea tho

this telegram message group is NOT affiliated with leftist.site and is NOT endorsed by the owner of the new forum!

Info here:

Never claimed it was.

I agree. In the beginning, at least. Right now I'm the only moderator on the forum. Of course I will keep the site leftist, it's in the domain name. I didn't mean "let the community decide, even if that means turning it into stormfront 2.0". What I meant to say is that I am happy to make decisions collectively, regarding parts of the site, how it's organised, who the moderators are, etc. I can never relinquish "executive control" because I rent the VPS it is on.

That's a good point. I will use the revleft rules as a starting point, modify it a bit and I will add into some of my thoughts. Then we can talk about it.

Not elections, exactly, because it would be easy to cheat polls, etc. More that people are able to complain about mod actions, as well as nominate users for mod positions. I don't think a voting mechanism is necessary to reach decisions. Obviously, I don't know all the details, we'll just figure it out as we go along.

But yes, there is a commitment to it being a place for leftists, by leftists. I don't have any intentions to allow capitalists and fascists to run rampant and spread their propaganda in the name of "free speech" and trying to appear a certain way.

Yes, I do have an idea of how moderation should go, I was hesitant to really write it down so it wouldn't seem like I am trying to exercise "absolute power" over the site. As a long time user of all sorts of forums, IRC servers, chat rooms, etc. I know how frustrating it can be for a user when the admins/mods are unyielding when it comes to rules and their enforcement (see: every subreddit ever). I can write up some general guidelines for moderation, though. Again, with the stipulation that it's up for discussion and subject to change.

Thank you for your support and comments.

Lmao no one claimed it was, stop feeling so important

Ehh well im joining for discussion i have nothing to hide and the risk is small for me. The discussion has heen good so far so ill stick around there. If you feel differently i respect that but small discussion groups are a net good as far as im concerned.

Creator of the Telegram group here.

The telegram group is merely to communicate in real time, in a way that Zig Forums does not let, it is not to replace Zig Forums but to complement. Leftist.site could be another backup in case something happens to this forum idk.

For all of you worried about OPSEC there is no point in using so called secure apps, such as the ones already mentioned if you're using windows/mac/android to go online. You are not secured from the feds. And we all go in the internet through these operating systems, so like I said, no point.

Infos with potential to doxx will be immediately deleted. Every member as admin status (at least atm I've decided) and can do it. The purpose of the telegram group is not for irl action but for online action (if there's willingness). For serious irl activism obviously I will advise communicate via an XMPP client with the OTR plugin in a OS such as Tails or Qubes.

Now we can't let the fear of COINTEL stop us from organize. And this is just a chat room, for AT MOST online activism.

To those who like Telegram join, to those who don't, don't. Just don't make a fuss about it.

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But we already have an IRC. That has aesthetic clients too.

By using Telegram you're directly feeding Porky, however small a difference it makes.

There's literally no reason to choose it over IRC or XMPP, or if you're desperate to have all your comments tied to a phone number at least use Signal.

They still cannot compare with Telegram, it's not just about aesthetics.
are you fucking serious
There is. And if you care about privacy, read again my post. About Signal, I had no experience with groups there, so I created one, and it simply isn't suited for it, you cannot create an invite link for example, you have to add people by phone numbers. Signal is not meant for this kind of thing. Cool app tho if you're using Lineage OS for example, with no Google services in a tablet with no GSM.

Still don't see a single positive reason why you would choose a capitalist controlled platform which collaborates with repressive states[1] over objectively better alternatives, unless you're actually trying to tie identities to phone numbers

To be fair, XMPP is actually more attractive to capitalists, since open standards let you sell software that has an established market. It just didn't take off because it's design by committee trash.
No one actually likes using mediocre proprietary services, we just do it anyway because they cater to a low common denominator so idiots can participate.

I mean that's a fair point, people on those countries cannot (or shouldn't) use Telegram. So I get you, maybe it isn't the best option.

I, like a lot of people just enjoy Telegram, it has those modern looks and functionalities, like the easiness to have it and use it on mobile and desktop, and of the app itself unlike IRC, stickers, embed images and so on. It's great for group chats, they can be really fun, and I was wishing one for Zig Forums for a long time, even if it would be just for shitposting, so I decided to create it when I found this thread.
But since it seems there isn't really a demand for it, at this moment there are less than 10 members, I will delete it if it doesn't grow. And like you said there's IRC, although much more boring (and it doesn't look very active to say the least), it can be accessed everywhere in the world (I think) and with no need for phone number.


This is incorrect and FUD. It really stinks of FBI/useful idiot.
You are not PERFECTLY secure when using a proprietary OS, but you're a hell of a lot more secure when using Windows+Signal/XMPP than Windows+Propriety_chat_program_of_the_month.

More like you are less insecure. You are not secure/anonymous in the internet using Microsoft/Apple/Google products, period.

We have only a few people so far, hardly a raving success for fbi

Proprietary platforms tend to make use of these open standards unless the companies involved are large and influential enough to try vendor lock-in.

Bump for exposure

Finally. So fucking done with the low-effort environment encouraged by twitter and *chan communities.
Dude don't let the elitists keep you down. Sites nowadays are overly convoluted in my opinion and this is just good enough.

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Man I never thought about this, you saved me 20eur user

Gib profile pictures

Why would you want that? It's mostly unnecessary

Only as long as they are no bigger than 16×16.

We got 5 total so far bumping for exposure

Site isn't working. What happened?

sorry but it doesn't seem to be working

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It is now. Guess there are a few kinks to iron out.