Leftists fight each other currently because taking the fight to their capitalist state is too risky and probably not...

leftists fight each other currently because taking the fight to their capitalist state is too risky and probably not something most leftists would risk

which is fine, because the material conditions are not nearly bad enough for a revolution

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China posting is just 2019's Nazbol posting but easier to avoid bans.

Change my mind.

I can honestly see the pointing third worldism. The only thing more stupid than thinking reformism can bring socialism is thinking a revolution can work in the first world, even more so here in burgerland. I think the priority of the left should be anti imperialism and socde policies to dampen the pain back for the first world. Maybe in a few decades some western nations will be in a state possible for revolution but its not looking good.

You’re part of the problem

you mean distribute the plunders of the third world and kill revolutionary potential in the first?

go back to >>>/liberalpol/

just prepare, seriously, those left-wing southerners and antifa have their heart in the right place, the only issue being liberals rejecting firearms acquisition etc. when it should be an absolute priority in the era of the likes of atomwaffen etc.

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What is antifa going to do? all they do is give leftists a bad image

Has Atomwaffen ever even killed anyone outside their group? They're just an oddity.

They killed some gay Jewish kid and bragged about it on Discord. It was on the national news early last year

Maybe in the u.s

they could do worse, and I suspect it's only because the feds don't want to let their right wing dog kill everyone in the room that they dont do worse

At least they organise protests etc. and are not afraid to show a level of force

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there is no direction, no goal and no organization to them.

Anything they do will remain isolated incidents.

Also the image they portray isn't one of oppressed workers lashing out against capitalism. If you ever see them IRL they look like larpy teenagers

Who gives a shit about bad image? We can sit at home wanking and some drunk right winger can fall over and claim we assaulted them.

people who care about popular support

you're projecting

yeah but they've at least damped down some parts of the right, i'd say their alright

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You're clearly out of the loop enough to be pointless engaging with.

Acquisition as in gun-confiscation or buying guns for protection?

buying guns duh

crustpunk drug addict antifa who will do violence against anybody their Jewish professors tell them are the only leftists that actually matter in this day and age. if it weren't for them there would be way more people openly agreeing with our views in meatspace. the rest of you althusser reading dweebs are irrelevant grad school nerds who nobody cares about. not even the FBI bothers to infiltrate shit like the cpusa any more. just being real. you literally don't matter.

I literally can't tell if you're a genuine Zig Forums fuckhead, or if this is just a flag put on by a Zig Forums user in the mood for some good old fashioned bait. Either way, I find you amusing.

But the CPUSA is literally still infiltrated by the FBI. They endorsed Hillary Clinton FFS.


Here's what I think; Reactionaries get so triggered over the simplest things, such as that Gillette commercial, and that really pisses off the progressives when they do. The reactionaries seem so ridiculous every time the liberals do the simplest things. It's like poking a bear with a stick, except that bear is winning in America.

Liberals do insane shit, and the reactionaries get louder and louder, which seems to be prompting more people to read up on… *different* ways to go about things that isn't social democracy. In my case, I've seen a lot of friends turn from succdems to full on fucking communists in a matter of a few months. I'm proud of them.

i cant, because its absolutely true