Marxist-Leninist/Third Worldist party in Ghana in the media

The Ghana Communist Party - An ML/Third Worldist group in West Africa recently formed, and have been published in the country's mainstream media.

They are ideologically solid ML's, and have been organizing throughout the country. While the international Communism is generally on the decline, the Communism movement is surging throughout Africa - particularly in the French speaking areas of the west, and the south (occupied Azania). For those keeping up with the revolutionary movement there, it looks increasingly likely the next wave of world revolution will stem from Africa.

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would you move there?

Not to derail the thread so quickly, but aren't the naxals and NPA doing good?

Not OP but I have lived there and studied Nkrumahism pretty extensively. Never heard anything about this org that OP is talking about, or any socialist or communist orgs in Ghana in general. Going to need a lot more evidence than that article you linked that says nothing at all other than utopian cries to action. Googling "Ghana Communist Party" brings up no results, and actual fake news is rampant in West Africa in general, hoaxes circulate constantly. I would be glad to hear it was real (even if it is that doesnt mean they have any potential even for growth) but I knew a woman who thought Nigeria had sent agents and slaughtered Ghanaian civilians at the mall near her house and it was pure clickbait nonsense.

Im not too familiar but the Naxalites have been steadily losing ground for a decade, the NPA are doing better but not making any real gains afaik.

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Some context is necessary to answer your question

The term "Naxalite" does not refer to a specific group, but dozens of Maoist & "maoist" parties currently engaged in armed struggle. Most of these parties spend at least as much time fighting each other as they do the state. The largest of these groups is the CPI (Maoist), who are the group people are usually referring to when they use the term "Naxals". The CPI (Maoist) was formed when two formerly hostile Maoist parties formed - essentially by one group killing off most of the other groups leadership in their armed struggle with each other.

The CPI (Maoist) has suffered extremely heavy losses since the onset of the state repression plan "Operation Greenhunt". Most of the CPI (Maoist)'s leadership, and mid level cadre have been killed. Some people claim that the CPI Maoist (or "naxalites") control 40% of India, but this comes from a misunderstanding of statistics put out in 2011. One famous map from 2011 shows that CPI (maoist) was active in 40% of rural regions in the country, in an area called the "red belt". By 2013, Operation Greenhunt had reduced them to less than half of that reach, and by 2016, it was halved again. There have been some minor resurgences in formerly active regions, but in general the CPI (Maoist) is currently losing, hard. Whats more, they are confined to Adivasi (tribal) areas of the country, and have been unable to expand outside of them, or into the urban proletariat.

Other Naxal groups I am unsure of. I know a couple of Naxal groups have been exterminated by the CPI (Maoist), or state forces. The majority of them exist on a very small scale though, and are again restricted to tribal regions of the country.

CPP is not in a good way. In the1980's, the NPA consisted of around 24'000-26'000 armed Guerilla fighters. With the break up of the Marcos regime, they slowly deteriorated. In 2004, they had around 6000 fighters, and by 2007 they had been reduced to less than 4000. By 2016, they had around 1000 fighters left, and the NPA was composed not of rural peasants/workers as was the case in the 1980's, but pety-bourgeois students who they'd brought in from student groups in Manila for desperately needed manpower. We know a lot of this because classified intelligence documents from the US embassy in manila have leaked via wikileaks, and directly contradicted the claims of the CPP-NDF-NPA

In general, the CPP has been trying to transition towards a social-democratic/reformist party for a while now. Since the 2000's, they have been shifting their base from rural regions toward the urban middle class, and have been generally "bourgifying" their image. During the last election, the CPP shilled hard for Rodrigo Duterte. Joma Sison is on record claiming that Duterte was "our first left wing president" and "The philippines hugo chavez".

When Duterte was actually elected, CPP front groups on the ground began claiming that the country was in "the early phases of socialist construction" as an attempt to appease the duterte regime. They were pushing extremely hard for capitulation, and surrender to the Duterte admin in return for concessions - mostly land reform, a minor industrialization push and workers rights reform.

The peace negotiations were ruined for two reasons (cont..)

1: Because the Duterte regime was not willing to offer enough concessions to appease the hardliners in the CPP/NDF/NPA

2: Said hardliners in the NPA, under comrade Madros/"Ka Oris", rebelled against the Sisonite/exile faction of the CPP who were leading peace negotiations, and made a big offensive push against the government. This led to the government cancelling the peace talks, as the Sisonites were unable to control the Hardliners. This rebellion took place in part because the hardline faction - mostly prevalent in the NPA, felt screwed over by the peace process. A lot of mid level officers who had served in the NPA their whole lives, and who had no skills to offer outside armed struggle would have been condemned to poverty, and the Sisonites had no plan for them other than "lol get a job".

Since the cancellation of the peace talks, the Sisonite & Tiamzonite factions of the CPP-NDF have been forced (democratic centralism) to put on a hardline face again. The NPA has likely experienced some growth due to the Duterte admin's bloody repression of indigenous groups in the southern island of Mindanao - where the NPA is strongest. The degree to which they have recovered is unknowable though. The NPA is still dependent on pety bourgeois (student) recruits from the cities, which is not a healthy situation. The CPP-NPA like every armed force in the world, exaggerates its strength - as can be expected, although close investigation shows they are are extremely weak. A reasonable estimate of their armed force is somewhere between 600-1500.

On top of the declining numbers in their people's army, support for the CPP in the regional areas has weakened - in part due to their refocus on the urban middle class. There are also extreme, troubling ideological problems at the heart of the party. Eg, there are large pro-deng, and pro-trotsky factions, and on top of that political education is very low, and the party lacks ideologically developed cadre even at the top levels.

It is a very new party. This article is essentially their announcement that they are a "thing". The article I linked is from a MSM newspaper in Ghana - Accra evening news. This particular newspaper was founded by Dr Nkrumah himself, so I'd say it should be reputable enough.

students are not petit-bourgeois. Interesting post though. It seems that the left-wings turn toward reformism was global and is just now slowly starting to reverse

Seems to me like the Indian left’s energy would be best spent on a syndicalist strategy, since the country has shown it’s willing to mobilize some amazing strikes. It really looks like the CPI (Marxist) and an IWW-style general strike approach is the future of socialism in India.

Agreed. I would love to see some combination of industrial syndicates and agricultural communes coming about through coordination of strikes and guerilla action. It seems like CPI(Marxist) has a lot more potential than the Naxalites in general tho.

Maoism in general is in decline. As much as Mautists of every variety including MTW don’t want to hear it it’s still true that the decline of the peasantry in the third world means that much of Maoist strategy becomes obsolete. The decline of the peasantry also means the death of the peasantry as a driving or major political force in the developing world. The world is now majority urban.

While it’s true that the 90%+ urbanized first world skews things a bit it’s still the case that the fall in rural share of population, subsistence agriculture, employment in agriculture etc. has been dramatic even in the third world.

ANC is wasting a lot of political capital on trying to change farm ownership from white to black hands when it turns out that the overwhelming majority of the black proletariat—which is the majority, doesn’t care about land-reform. They care about their wages and not the color of the skin of the person who owned the farm that provided their morning breakfast.

Land reform politics is only heating up because the South African bourgeoisie have nothing much left to offer but I suspect it will be dead soon regardless. The juice won’t be worth the squeeze.

The question is what to replace Maoism and even significant parts of Leninism that focus on the peasantry as the major ally of the proletariat and see bourgeois democratic revolution (however that’s defined) as a potential opening for socialist revolution.

It’s significant that bourgeois national-liberation movements came and went but there was no significant revolutionary opening for communists in most countries.

CPI (Marxist) is a really muddled group. In the same way the CPI (Maoist) and other Naxal groups are severely weakened by their dependence on a portion of the rapidly shrinking rural population, as a poster above pointed out (and this IS a major issue TW Maoist parties have been totally unable to adapt to, which is killing them) CPI (Marxist) is hindered by its irrational focus on the urban middle class. The party has massive resources, but it is totally enamoured with winning over the petty bourgeoisie. This is bad enough that the leadership of the CPI Marxist are refusing to make an issue of communalism (casteism). Critics have correctly pointed out if they were to just say “fuck the Brahmin” and focus on the lower castes - who make up the overwhelming majority of the proletariat, they would get a lot of support from workers.

The upper ranks of the party are largely useless social democrats, although real, solid communists exist throughout the party - mostly at the mid levels. There are loads of solid theorists and economists behind them too, like the patnaik’s, who are urging the leadership to stop fucking around.

In short, the party has some potential, but is a confusing mess wrecked with revisionism and Peru bourgeois attitudes. It’ll take most of the top leadership being purged for it to have real potential. Very frustrating.

Outside of CPI Marxist, there are groups with better political lines, although none are nearly as strong. The original CPI ML is still around (yes the one founded by majumdar) and seem politically solid. Most “com parties” in India though are essentially run as businesses. Small family cults which spread to a few villages and then break apart when their great leader dies. The splitter groups claim to be the legit successor of the old great leader, will put his portrait up on the wall next to the new great leader, and invent some fictional ideological difference to differentiate from the opposition. In most of them, ideological positions have more to do with inherited baggage + need to differnciate than principles differences. This is why within a small time frame a group can jump from Maoists to mls to trotskyists to hoxhaists and then back again.

Because they all claim to be the legit successor of the past legacy of mini personality cults, if you look at the walls of their offices/meeting places, they are often lined with DOZENS of portraits of great leaders - starting from Marx to Mao, and then a dozen + Indian leaders. They are often too many to fit on a single wall and can totally line every wall of the room.

Practically every group in India traces itself back to the original CPI.. Lots of great leaders.

I think leftism needs to go back to it’s original focus on the industrial proletariat.

As somebody descended from a Nepalese immigrant, i'm fully erect (pic related indian IWW member, who tried to assassinate the damn viceroy)

Why? I love both sensible Trots, and maoists, but this is Larouche level. Why turn down other orgs, who'll free 3rd world proles, and cut off Bezo's slave made Gucci belts?

here's the pic

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Don't the IWW still restrict political party members from joining?

They don't want revisionists in the union, as syndicalism is probably the only socialism in the U.S that can become a mass movement, due to it not seeming as scary as Leninism to burgers, and being easy to organize/introduce.

The third world is now urban majority. MTW groups that do most of their organizing around peasants won’t survive this century.

So they resolved the whole "kick everyone in a political party out" problem?

A century is a long time user.

Limits people from getting in initially, but it definitely increases efficiency in this case.

Bold of him to assume that capitalism will last that long

Nepal is actually existing Brocialism gang tbh

The NCP has been working to phase this idealist fuckery out, though, like how leftists in Kerala pioneered sanitation.

If they weren't Dengfags, i'd be a little interested in visiting

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I don't think they are Dennis, more like Karelan demsocs.