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Cache of guns & knives seized as German police target suspected KKK-offshoot
German law enforcement has conducted a nation-wide operation against a far-right group, seizing weapons and Nazi-themed memorabilia from its members. Around 40 people are under investigation, police confirmed.

Bogotá blast: Deadly car bomb rocks Colombia capital
A car bomb explosion has killed at least nine people in the Colombian capital, Bogotá, the country's defence ministry says.The blast happened outside a school for police cadets in the south of the city.Fifty-four people were reportedly injured in the blast which happened at 09:30 local time (14:30 GMT).

Journalist who exposed football corruption shot dead in Ghana
A Ghanaian journalist who helped expose corruption in African football has been shot dead in Accra.Ahmed Husein was part of a team led by award-winning journalist Anas Aremeyaw Anas, whose investigation led to the resignation of the head of the Ghana Football Association.

Lyon explosion: Huge blast at university campus in France leaves three injured
Three people have been injured in a massive explosion at a university building in Lyon, France.Footage of the blast shows a fireball erupting into the sky above the building where a large fire could already be seen on the roof

Australia: Hutchison Ports workers begin work bans in Sydney and Brisbane
Workers at Hutchison Ports’ container terminals in Sydney and Brisbane are set to begin limited industrial action today, opposing demands by the global stevedoring company for sweeping wage cuts and a further erosion of working conditions in a new enterprise agreement (EA).

Britain's Labour leader tells May: rule out no-deal before we talk
British opposition Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn confirmed on Thursday he would only hold talks with Prime Minister Theresa May about Brexit if she ruled out a no-deal exit.“She seems to be prepared to send the country hurtling towards a cliff edge,” Corbyn said in a speech in the southern English coastal town of Hastings.

Latest migrant caravan marches on as Trump again demands border wall
Hundreds of Central American migrants have continued their march towards the United States, crossing from Honduras into Guatemala, as Donald Trump again demanded the construction of a border wall he claims would keep such groups out.

Intellectuals, Artists, Back Zapatistas Against AMLO's Projects
A large group of intellectuals, scholars and activists from around the world signed a letter standing with the National Liberation Zapatista Army (EZLN) and against the current “disinformation, lies and smear campaign” directed at them because of their opposition to megaprojects near their autonomous territory.

Many coffee species threatened with extinction, scientists warn
Climate change and deforestation are putting more than half the world’s wild coffee species at risk of extinction, including the popular commercial coffees Arabica and Robusta, scientists warned on Wednesday.

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How New York City Ended Up With 2 Competing Women’s Marches
For weeks, bitter accusations have been flying on Facebook pages, in emails and on phone calls between two groups organizing women’s marches in New York City. They each say they are fighting for women’s rights, but they are also fighting each other.The schism grew out of accusations of anti-Semitism against members of the national Women’s March leadership in Washington, prompting Jewish organizations, civil rights groups and other local Women’s March organizations to break from them.

Ironworker killed at Amazon construction site in California
Ironworker Brien Daunt was killed Saturday at the construction site of a new Amazon fulfillment center near Bakersfield, California. According to local news reports, the 45-year-old father leaves behind one daughter.The information available regarding the circumstances of Daunt’s death is limited. It was reported that he fell from a structure just before 3:00 in the afternoon. He was a member of Ironworkers Local 433.

Poll:Trump Approval Down, Slips With Base
While the longest government shutdown in U.S. history continues, President Trump's approval rating is down, and there are cracks showing with his base.A new NPR/PBS NewsHour/Marist poll finds Trump's approval rating down and his disapproval rating up from a month ago. He currently stands at 39 percent approve, 53 percent disapprove — a 7-point net change from December when his rating was 42 percent approve, 49 percent disapprove.

Recession warnings pile up as shutdown wraps up fourth week
The partial government shutdown was supposed to be a brief non-event for the economy. Now it’s starting to look like a serious crisis that could nudge the U.S. toward recession and threaten President Donald Trump's economic message during his reelection campaign.


That Green Growth at the Heart of the Green New Deal? It’s Malignant
A burgeoning save-the-climate effort called the Green New Deal, explains Vox’s David Roberts, “has thrust climate change into the national conversation, put House Democrats on notice, and created an intense and escalating bandwagon effect. … everyone involved in green politics is talking about the GND. … But WTF is it?”Roberts goes on to give a good summary, but no one can fully answer that question until someone puts a complete plan down on paper. We do know that the vision as it’s being described by its fans (and it seems to have nothing but fans in the climate movement) explicitly draws its inspiration from the New Deal that the Roosevelt Administration launched eighty-four years ago in an effort to end the Great Depression.A Tale of Two Deals:The Green New Deal would emulate its predecessor’s use of public investment and hiring, improvement of wages, and socioeconomic safety nets to accelerate economic growth and reduce unemployment. That part of the vision should be pretty straightforward. But in asking whether success in reaching those economic goals could also help head off ecological catastrophe, we first need to take into account how the original New Deal worked, both as a civilian project and as it morphed into the war effort of the 1940s.The massive public investment in the civilian economy that began in 1933 carried on through that decade. And the war production and recruitment boom of the early 1940s should be seen as an extension of the New Deal, in part because that turned out to be the spending that finally ended the Depression.

Mexican strikers show working class answer to capitalist reaction at US-Mexico border
At the US-Mexico border, the two chief social classes under capitalism—the capitalist class and the working class—are demonstrating the two alternatives for the future of mankind.The capitalist class has mobilized thousands of heavily armed US soldiers, who are stringing barbed wire across the desert and shooting tear gas at refugees asking for asylum. Immigrants who chanted “we are international workers” as they marched thousands of miles from Honduras as part of last year’s migrant caravan are now huddled in disease-ridden tent cities just yards short of the US border.The working class, on the other hand, is beginning to advance its opposition to this repulsive reality. In the Mexican border city of Matamoros, 70,000 workers have gone on strike, shutting production at dozens of “maquiladora” sweatshops within miles of the US border.Workers everywhere should study the blueprint the Matamoran workers have used to take their first steps.When workers learned they were cheated of their promised bonus, the first action they took was to call a mass meeting and repudiate the union, which workers hate for its collaboration with the companies.

Yes, Tulsi Gabbard Opposed the Iran Deal
The Hawaii congresswoman has repeatedly shifted her rhetoric on Iran. But when she calls herself a “hawk,” believe her.

Repeating the Mistakes of 1914?
Yves here. This fine post is a little light on the economic backdrop to 1914 and World War I. Save some short affairs like the War of 1870, Europe enjoyed nearly 100 years of peace, only to have it usher in the unprecedented conflagration of the Great War. One reason for the long period of quiescence was that the mastermind of the 1815 Treaty of Vienna, Talleyrand, had given top priority in negotiations over how various territories were to be ruled, of securing a lasting peace. Another factor was that the rise of the liberal order, powered by the Industrial Revolution that Karl Polanyi described in The Great Transformation, was producing enough in the way of improvements in apparent domestic prosperity so as to reduce the attractiveness of war. Moreover, to the extent that the British and major European states had territorial ambitions, colonial land grabs offered more upside with less risk of manpower and treasure.This year saw the 100th anniversary of the end of the First World War, in which some 16 million Europeans died, two great European countries were destroyed, and others crippled. This year may also be seen by future historians as the last year of the period between the cold wars, when after 29 years of relative quiet, the world’s major powers once again moved into positions of deep and structural mutual hostility.

They'll blame the Yellow Vests, guaranteed. If they're aren't implicated in some way I will be completely amazed.

No, it's Islamic terrorists. Everybody stay indoors.

I bet it was a disgruntled right winger who was triggered that the allowed the one Jewish guy in Bogota to enroll.

the absolute state of idpol

ofc it is, you can't trust a capitalist on environement

really hope they dont' get destroyed

would a nodeal be so bad for them ?

Lmao? There were loads of 19rh century conflucts, even on European continent. Crimean war. Wars for Italian unification. War for Greek independence. Albanian revolts. Carlist wars.

Germanys gonna turn Fash the moment the USA has problems isn't it

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And that’s good thing, Germany is always turning Nazbol, remember N-a t i o n a l >>>SOCIALISM

You mean 🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧national """socialism"""🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧
National socialists were sent to the trashbin of history 70 years ago and must stay there

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If you live in a climate that can produce coffee, start growing some. You'll be rich when the species is almost extinct.

Capitalism already ruined tomatos, now they are going after the Joe! I get that people dont care about melting icecaps drowning us and toxic fumes suffocating us, but can we at least get mad and ready to fight for our groceries??

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Can you explain how capitalism ruined tomatoes? From what I can tell tomatoes were bred to be the red they are today because they were aesthetically pleasing however that also got rid of the trait that made them taste better. Under communism wouldn't the exact same thing happen?

Not if agricultural industry was localized as it is with co-ops and farmer's markets.

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This, you cant outsource the decisionmaking of any sort of production to some overseas CEO or even the workers party headquarters at the capital city and expect it to work out ideally. Workplace democracy and the fact that local food would be equal price or even cheaper than foreign one, would do wonders to this type of things.

Capitalists won user, they got me addicted to caffeine and morning ritual and now they're going to drive coffee into extinction. I won't have the energy to help with the revolution, just go on without me, I'll just lay in the corner and fiddle with my left over dialectics while waiting for death.

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Just fucking read this cucks. It's time to start monopolizing the post-near-extinction coffee market.

What the fuck happened to solidarity on the left? One dumb comment by one person suddenly fractures a movement in half. The entire debacle occurred when one women's march leader said her Jewish heritage inspires her to do activism or whatever, then another women's march leader says Jews need to confront the racism in their own history too, then suddenly the entire movement fucking implodes because it is impossible for either of them to simply overlook their extremely minute and unimportant differences.

Too bad a majority of those who live in those regions are gusanos who won't exploit this.

The US is going to drag the entire planet into another great recession over a wall.

If you think the wall is the cause, you're wrong.

I wouldn't call Zionists leftist.