If racism is why minorities fail, why do Asias do better than whites?

I believe in socialist ideals but I don't subscribe to the systemic racism narrative of the far-left. Well, what the thread title says. If racism is the reason other minorities fail then why don't Asians?

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Shaun talked about it in few videos. Basically blacks have appeared in usa as slaves and have been segregated and not allowed to get education, good jobs etc. Asians meanwhile were allowed to migrate to usa only in 1965, and since migration to us requirements are demanding, only the richest and most educated Asians arrived, who in turn provided education for their kids.

But whites are also more successful at school than other groups and yet white kids are largely just spoiled brats……

According to the leftist paradigm, though, this is supposed to make kids perform worse, not better.
There is no evidence for:
On the other hand, there is evidence that foreign Asians actually do better on exams on average.

Asians are just proof that you can overcome racism by abusing your kids until they get straight As

Big if true.

It's almost impossible to immigrate to the US without being incredibly skilled.

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If some alt-righter said that the moon went around the Earth then Shaun would argue the opposite just to own the conservatards.

Asians have been in the US since the 1800s and Hawaii probably had an East Asian majority/plurality before even WWII. Asian Californians were poorer than average prior to the WWII granted many were recent immigrants from poor countries but ironically social attitudes towards Asians relaxed for reasons that neither identitarian liberals, nor conservatives have yet explained and Asians became a successful minority prior to the 1965 immigration act.

The same is true of Jews broadly speaking but while successful they actually weren’t that rich as group prior to the post-war era

Blacks fail because they're genetically predisposed to having low Autism Levels and poor impulse control, simple as that.
Now watch as cognitive dissonance-ridden incels try to refute.

Where the fuck have you been the last 10 years?

In the real America, not the one Tucker Carlson feeds you

Why don't Chinese in China have a living standard as high as Chinese in America, are they different races? Why are Nigerians in the US so rich?

the same reason jews do better than whites. whites worship them.

The only thing that Chinese people give two fucks about is CHINA. You're all CHICOMs and even your own people are disgusted with your barbaric behavior.

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CHICOM who hates everyone who isn't Chinese…even though China is a fucking garbage dump.

the answer is




Watch the Vox video on the racial wealth gap. It's on Netflix, and only 14 minutes long. TL;DW it mainly has to do with home ownership.

I also think the fact that African Americans weren't in a great place economically speaking when the worst of the AIDS and crack epidemic hit in (devastated poorer communities) where they lived probably took away a lot of people who could have gone on to have a decent life.

Other things like having shitty schools (just look at a place like DC, which has a large black population, it's heartbreaking to see so many young kids having their future tossed away by wimpy bureaucrats) also probably affects things.

I'm Chinese and have been posting regularly on this board for at least 2+ years with some breaks in between thanks to temp bans due to s.ocial conservatism. You're wrong and should stop hating Chinese people. We're just like everyone else.

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Hatred is the conclusion that people normally come to after "Love." I do not hate you. When I used to live in a [certain place in Americas] I had plenty of experience dealing with you CHICOM scum. You believe that Caucasians cannot understand your pathetic Mandarin, but you would be wrong to assume such a thing. I believe you should ally with India because they are like your reflection–ugly and evil. You barbarians have gone above and beyond and polluted even more than Japan. Supposedly, they feel remorse for their bad luck…or perhaps it was just you all along. Your appeal to Christianity is cute and I hope your [keep yourself in such a fool religion] mileage doesn't vary too often, scum.

Immigrating to America from Asia is something that only decently well of people can typically afford, meaning Asian immigrants or families have more money on average. It's pretty simple.

Far left? It's a Liberal narrative. Multiculturalism isn't Marxist in the slightest.

lol ok schizo

I don't even like the Chinese regime but I will defend the people living there who have no say over their government, since they deserve better than your retarded, reactionary generalizations and hatemongering.

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I heard a bunch of spoiled CHICOM Mandarin-speaking brats talk mad shit about subversive activities in [The Americas]. Oddly enough I don't think I ever heard any Cantonese. You only go to other countries to infiltrate and destroy, no? Go pretend Huawei isn't one of the largest spy networks in the world some more you cunt. Perhaps you can also fuck off back to reddit afterwords.

the absolute state of sinophobes

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*Five Eyes


Asians are the superior race, duh. The future is Chinese.

iirc, blacks maintain a 15point Autism Level gap with whites even when controlling for income

*East Asians

I wanna say you're talking to a troll. Prolly homegrown here on Zig Forums. Never seen someone with his post style, nor this specific type of freakout on the china threads.

You do know there is a sea between the U.S. and Asia, so only the most skilled are allowed in, no one can swim that far.

And for over staying visa, tickets are around $1,000 and they need a place to live which is harder to find because of lack of Asian communities as compared to the size and abundance Latin American communities.

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if you don't have a chinese communist wife, what are you doing with your life?


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Ethiopian blacks in the US are on par with Asians in general success, for the same reasons

They do fail. Asians are on average poorer than whites.


so you're telling me burger Zig Forumsyps crying about whyte genocide despite their yellow fever don't actually have anything to complain about? thanks for the info

Most asians did not live through a racist genocidal white "civilization"

lol read the article that is used to quote those numbers and it proves my point

so I doubt it counted undocumented migrant, and look at the population

and there are more of Latin American communities compared to Asian

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Well to start East Asians do not have their homelands occupied by an invasive and racist white and two-faced Abrahamic cult. Who still openly oppress and ostracize the native populations and continue the flow of """legal""" immigration so more Christrash, Jewish rats and Mudslimes are placed into positions of power. Eastern Asians were not subject to a large scale genocide by filthy diseased racist white barbarians with gunpowder like the Native American population, who had their civilizations and culture destroyed.

As others have mentioned East Asians you see here in the states come from wealthy families who only get in because they pour money into the U.S.. Really shows how a lot of people (mostly whites)are shortsighted when it comes to their newly acquired yellow fever.

You're comparing apples to oranges. The majority of hispanics are US-born whereas the majority of Asians were born in another country. The hispanic presence has always been larger in the US, therefore immigration policies worked in their favor but now its trailing off and favoring of Asians. Not only will Asians be the largest immigrant group absolutely soon but if trends continue they will even overtake hispanics as a proportion of the population. If anything Asians are advantaged rather than disadvantaged by the current immigration system.

That still means there are 55% of Asians that did not have a college degree that came here as immigrants–which is a bit awkward for your narrative. And, correct me if I'm wrong, I've heard that many East Asian countries actually have free higher education or substantial financial assistance for the average student.

The best way to get a ticket to the US is really just to know someone who lives there. The 1965 immigration system was meant to favor citizens desires on the matter of immigration that's why marrying someone from the US is typically the fastest way to make things happen. It's not really a merit-based system like leftist critics of the US immigration system portray it as, in fact, skilled-based immigration is something Trump-aligned Republicans claim to want. The irony of skilled-based immigration is you typically only attract people from poor countries that have less opportunities to earn big bucks–so, Ngumba with a college degree from some diploma mill in South Africa would be more likely to come than Sven or Toshi. The biggest cauldron of skilled labor looking for opportunities they cant find at home is in Africa–skilled labor doesn't migrate in general unless opportunities abroad are 1. amazing or 2. terrible at home. Japanese immigrants were the least skilled of recent US immigrants for this reason.

Isn't even that large of a segment of the foreign born population and probably 3% of the total population (or less).

I quote the population to show that there are more Latin American communities within the U.S. where illegal immigrants could hide from deportation. Sorry wasn't so clear there, but I focus on illegal immigrants because I believe most of us could agree it is much less likely for these individuals to get out of American poverty, therefore the more a certain race has the more that race's perception of "success" is going to be pulled down.

45% are skilled, now that isn't the majority but compare to Mexicans for example which are 29%, and schools in Asian countries, mostly East Asian and India because that is where the "successful Asians" are coming from, are much more respected than schools in Latin America, so high paying jobs prefer them over Latino diplomas.

For Africa I am unsure and don't see how that relates to the OP's question because African blacks are a small percentage of black population and wouldn't make that much of an impact when they become "successful," so I'm just sticking to Latin migrants.


Right so what, they weren't brought to america as slaves, and therefore didn't experience the demographic and cultural destruction that this entails. I.e the destruction of communities and families, i.e the thing that ends up producing people who do well at education, rich black people weren't then imported in large numbers later on like with asians either.

racism isnt the reason minorities fail. lack of financial security and bad socioeconomic status is the main reason. racism is just icing on the shitcake giving you an additional malus when confronted with racist fucks in position of power

I like to shit on dengists as much as anyone but the hardcore anti-china people are actual schizos butthurt that china has become a superpower while india and indonesia (which also had significant potential) aren't going anywhere.

Asians at least in the case of the US have a higher than average economic status. This gives them access to better education. Also many just go to the US to study so they likely already were performing well to begin with while the under performers stay home. As for Asian countries well based on some research I did it seems their diet high in fish and other seafood may be playing a role.

Yes it is, every left-wing website, magazine, news organizations etc. supports mass non-white immigration into white countries.

Asians do well in America cause they're children of wealthier immigrants. An Asian rice farmer isn't going to do better than an uneducated white.

Zig Forums thinks it's all nature
Zig Forums thinks it's all nurture.

Could the reason why certain races perform they way they do is a mixture of both?

Because east Asians have higher Autism Level than whites they have strong hard work ethic, and they practice in group preference like Jews to promote their own (accept in their retarded voting habits lol)

Asians are also cagey and conniving, success oriented not stick up the ass rule followers like whites. If a Korean sees a Korean in trouble he would help him out. Jews same answer. A white would find a way to fuck over another white to please his Jewish masters and get ahead by out group preference.(there I just defined the entire movement known as leftism/antifa)