Capitalism wasn't invented

Capitalism was never a system thought up by someone to divide people. It is not a system, it is the natural way that people choose to use money. Therefore, all problems that capitalism poses is created by people, not the system.

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right. capitalism has existed for hundreds of thousands of years. as long as civilization. LOL

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Then why did my country invade 1/4tr of the world to spread it?

Imagine unironically thinking that capitalism is timeless and not less than 500 years old

Fukkin lawl mate. Where do you get the idea that we, or any communists believe that capitalism was invented by some shadowy group of intelectuals? Who on god's green earth defines capitalism by the way people choose to spend there money? How old are you and what board did you come from?

Marx doesn't contradict any of the things you say and in many ways made his mark as a political economist by stating that capitalism is an organically emergent social system and by analyzing the mechanisms by which that process occurred. However, what we understand as capitalism (mass commodity production in a wage system where the allocation of the surplus is the result of private individual decisions) has only existed for a few hundred years, and often side-by-side with other modes of production. Historical materialism is the proposition (and observation) that things have not 'always been the same', that human society can operate in fundamentally different ways at different points in time and that 'human nature' (whatever it is comprised of) has had little influence on the development of society compared to the impact of real material conditions.

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And then you completely missed the point and went full retard.
Hint: Communists aren't idealists. We don't think economic systems just come into existence because they're thought up by someone, rather they emerge from and are based off the material conditions of society which they then go on to shape themselves. Capitalism is also not "how people choose to use money", otherwise every system that has ever existed since the beginning of history is capitalist, which is a premise literally no one except the most delusional American libertarians believe.

alright then what was everyone using before capitalism?

i never said i thought that, i was using it to back up my statement that the problems of capitalism are caused by the people

…but state capitalism

Have you forgot about that?

well yeah as i see it as long as money has existed people have been payed different amounts of money depending on how much they want it.

i never said that they were, i was only showing how i came to the conclusion of how all the problems of capitalism are caused by the people

well if the people are the problem, the problems will still be there even if the system is different.

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Seems like semantics to me. Every social system is the result of personal decisions.

fucking wot m8?

Protip: If someone gives you a definition of capital-ism that doesn't mention capital, it's propaganda.

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OP, would you mind reading this sentence:
Now, let's put in some word in place of X, and read it again: STDs. Another round, different word: earthquakes. And another round: death by lightning.

Money and trade have existed in every civilization, including the USSR. You clearly have no idea what you're talking about.

You literally said
maybe I said group instead of someone, but that's irrelevant. Nobody believes that capitalism is an economic system that's been designed.

Feudalism was never a system thought up by someone to divide people. It is not a system, it is the natural way that people choose to use gold. Therefore, all problems that feudalism poses is created by people, not the system based around lords exploiting serfs.


yeah as far as i know when money circulates in an unequal fashion its capitalism

well yes but STDs, earthquakes and death by lightning aren't formed by a group of willing people.

Yeah, maybe if it did, it would be less shit.

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if i sell something and i keep the money is that not capitalism?

No. That's a market exchange.

no it's a sale, or a trade if you will. it has existed for the whole of human history and is not what differentiates capitalism from the rest of history.
That would be the profit motiff, capital accumulation, financism, widespread wage relations among other things.
seriously just hit capitalism on wikipedia, if you are not willing that much fuck off.



And slave societies before feudalism.


Capitalism is a system founded on the institutions of private property, generalized commodity production and capital accumulation and reproduction. Even if, in some hypothetical utopia, property and capital were absolutely evenly shared and commodity production benefited all equally, it would still be capitalism.

thank you for the wisdom

This thread makes me wish we had underage ban.

No problem my man.

Now go and spread neoliberal lies no more.

Therefore we can conclude that you should never take medicine again and drink snake venom instead.


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except society is the snake and the venom is capitalism so the snake doesnt need communism