0301 Free Food Day

After the US runs out of "food stamps" in March, it's going to be free food day at all major grocery outlets, including :

- Walmart
- Whole Foods
- Target
- Albertsons
- Kroger
- Safeway
- Costco

Does anyone have an OC for this suitable for printing & wheatpasting?

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Unfortunately the shutdown probably won't last that long.


Grover Norquist’s infamous declaration that “I don’t want to abolish government. I simply want to reduce it to the size where I can drag it into the bathroom and drown it in the bathtub” is coming to fruition as long as they keep the government closed



it's the minarchist ideal

All the Christians are still fine because they have their food banks and charity via the church. Wouldn't be surprised if there weren't Christians secretly pushing for the end of food stamps because it means the prole & lumpen heathens go hungry and suffer.

Haha. What the fuck? No.

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Wake up


Only the SNAP program is Federal.
All States and Territories also have their local programs, including but not limited to Food Banks.
In fact, American has the largest surplus of food in the world.
If you loot, then you're just stupid.
Just google "food pantry near me".
Most States don't even require income verification or ID.

Pantries/Banks are already crowded as shit dude. It's not going to be a famine level happening but a happening none the less.

After this shit I'm going to start pushing for a community garden expansion.

I wouldn't past them
U.S. Christians are fucking evil motherfuckers

That's what happens when you have Protestantism

fuck off

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fuck off

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Marx did not call religion inherently reactionary. That was Lenin.

The problem is America, not protestantism.

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The largest christian denomination in the US has been catholicism for a while brainlet

Cromwell advanced the dialectic, based.

No, the problem is capitalism.

Maybe it's because I used to attend a canadian church, and they're just less shit, but I know without a doubt that the pastor and the congregation would flip their shit over something like ending foodstamps (not that we have that particular system). Hell, they have a program in the winter to allow as many homeless people to sleep in the church itself at night as possible. The city tried to tear said program down and replace it with their own, but they couldn't manage it themselves and it's thus returned into the hands of the church. This program has now been adopted by other local churches of various denominations.
I'm not even Christian anymore, and I know that there are many porky churches, but you're really generalizing from a place of ignorance.

not an anything

This. Protestants are the ones that venture out to foreign lands and enslave the brown natives for "Gods destiny." Yet, they are scared stiff of science and philosophy. Protestant churches tend to be very exclusive to the point where they leer at new pastors. If you're a poor/disabled kid, single mom, half-breed, ethnic, etc., you're an eyesore meant to be tolerated.

Protestants are the ones who espouse "fuck you I've got my own."
Most of our reactionary movements or fascist fancies are picked up by Protestants. The religious right is mainly Protestants.