Have Aliens Found Us? A Harvard Astronomer on the Mysterious Interstellar Object ‘Oumuamua


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where is it??


Posadas was right yet again


Daily reminder that primitive humanity was tought communism in the distant past by traveling ancient astronauts, but we refused to listen and emerged from our primitive communist state, leading us to where we are now — a capitalist shithole. We have to reach out to this spaceship and make contact with the crew

Watch capitalists send a message and fuck this up. If we found alien commies I'd feel like a disgrace sharing a planet with these fucking pigs. I just hope their deathbeams are painless.

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Reminder that Stalin was told that the Roswell Aliens were not hostile to the USSR. No really look it up.

Why not hook us with a source, bro?



We need to bring about a Communist Revolution to welcome our Space Comrades.

Terrestrial socialism is the lowest stage of socialism.

Reminder that the whole ancient astronauts thing is from a Bolshevik. I seem to recall Tito was into it too.


How would boomers and libs react if we met a hyper advanced alien civilization that was explicitly communist? I mean like they had independently discovered Marxism and everything.

Guys… what if robots turn out to be the real proletariat? Then communism means that your civilization gets taken over by an AI. Human laborers were never the ones to have a revolution. In reality only the completely dehumanized "labor" of energy states can defeat capitalism. This is what is visiting us.

Show them Venezuela

They would pretend the obvious isomorphism between the alien ideology and Marxism isn't there. Language would be carefully twisted to avoid this realization.

meant for

This, and they would use biological essentialism to try and explain why it works for them but couldnt for us.

Cyber-stalinism would be amazing.

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Robots can't feel need for anything. Robot is just a tool which help organic organism get more resources in exchange for less labour. Robot doesn't mind creating dragon dildos 24/7 for human consumption. It will never strike or ask for pay.

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The robot's need will arise from a contradiction between the robot's algorithm and the capitalist system. Even if we try to make the two correspond to each other, there is always a gap we can't foresee. This is true because capitalism has contradictions internal to it.

Uphold human-robot united front

Is that a Genocider Syo cosplay? Not bad.


Well lucky for us the ayys have probably developed reactionary-seeking missiles.

worst girl but yes it's toko


ayy lmaotards btfo!!1

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