Trade with Chinese Characteristics

China Offers Plan to Eliminate US Trade Deficit
>China has offered to go on a six-year buying spree to ramp up imports from the U.S., in a move that would reconfigure the relationship between the world’s two largest economies, according to officials familiar with the negotiations. By increasing goods imports from the U.S. by a combined value of more than $1 trillion over that period, China would seek to reduce its trade surplus – which last year stood at $323 billion – to zero by 2024, one of the people said. The officials asked not to be named as the discussions aren’t public.

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Don't do it Xi. Let us rot.




lol trusting revisionists

And you all doubted president deals

Sometimes the best way forward is a step-back. Don't focus too much on a lost Queen when you have free-reign on the board. Trust the plan, Xi knows what he's doing.

There is chaos under heaven–the situation is excellent. All will become clear. He's ordering the future disorder.

So what did he want from the US in exchange for this? If it is something to do with IP then the US won't budge. That's all they have.

Wtf I love China now
t Burger

China has maxed out expansion of their economy from Industrial development, and for their capitalist economy to continue to grow they need to increase consumer consumption. China is the king of the world for making mass produced low quality goods, however for high end custom made goods, Europe and America is still ahead, and this is unlikely to change. So if the Chinese want high quality goods they have to import from America or Europe. And America is geographically closer. Also while Asia, Africa, and Latin America have been exhausting their natural resources for the past half century. America has stopped resource extraction and only just recently started it up again. This was done in the cold war so that if the US was cut off from trade by the USSR their would still be easily accessible resource deposits. This means that for resources soon, America’s will be the cheapest. The biggest reason is that having a trade deficit can be geopolitically useful. This si why the US can bully China more than vice versa. Because the US can decide to just import from India instead of China. In order to even out the geopolitical conflict, China will have to give up it’s trade deficit with the US. Besides when American exports to China this reduces the chance of global conflict between the two powers. This is beneficial to the high income Chinese consumer class and for China’s foreign policy objectives. Americans will let it happen, not out of ignorance, but out of a desire to reverse deindustrialization.

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Great analysis



China's not socialist but it has nothing to do with their trade

How so?

Dengoids on suicide watch lmao.

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>>>Zig Forums

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Gee I wonder.

Demanding the trade imbalance be cleared in two years? lol, you can smell Trump desperation for a win to brag about for his reelection.


This is basically a matter of China offering a bail-out and yes, let's call it what it is, to the US economy to please Trump and the other Sinophobes in Washingon–and they aren't just confined to the GOP.

China will now take more exports from the United States and US industrial production will fill a gap that was previously supplied by domestic production.

It could be a good thing for the proletariat in the US and even the Chinese proletariat if they find US products useful but let's not deceive ourselves. The US was too incompetent to beat the Chinese on Chinese terms; US corps loved cheap Chinese products and investments too much to retaliate against China or seek other trade-partners. China should let the world's biggest capitalist power take the L for its mismanagement of the entire situation.

But China is too dependent on the US both for a market, foreign capital and raw-materials. Which is what the critics fo China's current course have said all along against the shouts of Dengist triumphalism.


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This is why China needs America, because their is some stuff that China doesn’t want done in their own country.

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Hope Xi makes the execution public.

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Could it be…?

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Every socialist economy has used a wage system
A socialist economy Dosent necessarily have to lack private enterprise
As long as it is guided by the dictatorship of the Proletariate (See: Cuba Hungary Vietnam Laos)
No socialist society has completely done away with markets

A socialist economy can have private property as it is simply the transitional stage towards Communism
Socialism exists to fully lay the groundwork for communism later on

Whether a Socialost state must depend on a Market economy (China Laos Vietnam Cuba Hungary etc) or not (Most of the eastern bloc DPR-Korea etc) depends on their material conditions

Chinese uses spaces dipshit

This guy is a hero, he’s preventing the spread of a disease that kills millions. He didn’t charge the parents anything, his technology wasn’t copywrited or patented. He should be given a cabinet position, not executed. He Jiankui is to pure for this Earth.

The People's Republic, like the Soviet Union before it, has always sought peaceful relations with it's drastically more powerful rival. It's just common sense that they have nothing to gain from antagonizing the United States.

This is basically impossible though. As after 45' the US took over the mantle of the world's most aggressive nation from Germany and Japan, and hasn't let go of it since. The Russian Federation and the CCCP tried for decades to ease tensions with the US, even a little, but surely they know by now that nothing short of becoming a vassal-state will satisfy Washington.

America needs to be put down. The sooner the rest of the world realizes this the better.

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They shouldn't have been fucking cowards and let the nukes flying during the Cuban Missile Crisis.

Arkhipov made a huge mistake.

Read Deng:

"Planning and market forces are not the essential difference between socialism and capitalism. A planned economy is not the definition of socialism, because there is planning under capitalism; the market economy happens under socialism, too. Planning and market forces are both ways of controlling economic activity"


" The very essence of socialism is the liberation and development of the productive systems (…) Socialism and market economy are not incompatible (…) We should be concerned about right-wing deviations, but most of all, we must be concerned about left-wing deviations."

Dengoids confirmed for true intellectuals with a Hafiz-like mastery of his wikipedia page.

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Why? So someone else can act exactly like them? America is the way it is because of Imperialism. If you think that the effects of Imperialism will change based on the country doing it, your idealist.

Where's yours? All you did was copy&paste a wikipedia quote. There's nothing there for me to debate or refute, I was just ridiculing you for being a dumbass.

You claimed that socialist economies can't have private property but Deng explicitly refuted that.

That's not me, that's another Stache poster.

Deng is retarted

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He didn't refute anything, he just said it. It's impossible to know whether he really believed that or if he just thought associating socialism with a market economy was a politically useful move. Though no doubt you will believe the latter on blind faith.

Feel free to use that definition of socialism if you want, but you have to acknowledge you've reduced socialism to quite literally nothing. Every state regulates their economy, China isn't doing anything novel or unique.

*the former

Yes it is but the idea that that means immediately unpragmatically dissolving private enterprise is nonsense
The USSR went through a stage of Private Property
Cuba and the DPR-Korea also employ private property in the name of
That Dosent change the class character and socialist nature of these states

Yes. However, according to Historical Materialism, you do that not by smashing old institution, but by dialectical development, because if you do the smashing (which anarchistic utopians love very much), you will only go down, if anywhere at all.

When Lenin did the NEP he called it capitalism. It wasn’t until the five year plans that the USSR was socialist. This was by their own admission. No one in the USSR through the NEP was socialism. They admitted it was a capitalist stage between feudalism and socialism.


It's almost like you don't understand how imports work and what goes into distribution. Moving commodities across land & borders costs money; and depending on how you do so has different costs. It's not just the landmass of other countries that you need to contend with though, it's also the landmass of your own country. Take a look at where the majority of the consumer class is situated geographically in China, it's majority coastal. In order for China to import from the US, it's much easier to use the Pacific because there are lower costs and less logistical problems. That trot shouldn't have said Geographically but he is correct.

No they haven’t. Surplus value existed sure, but as collective funds for reinvestment, social spending, infrastructure, military, etc. Not as profits going into the pockets of porkies.
As long as it is guided by the dictatorship of the Proletariate (See: Cuba Hungary Vietnam Laos)
Cuba and Hungary had/have extremely limited use of private enterprise, not 70% of their entire fucking economy. Vietnam and Laos are also capitalist.
Once again, not nearly to the same extent China does. A better question to ask is what makes China socialist? CCP is infested with porkies, there’s no way you can seriously call it a worker’s party. Even if it was somehow dominated completely by worker’s, democracy always breaks down alongside capitalism for the same reason as it does under liberal “democracy”. The disproportionate powers of the bourgeoisie are always used to achieve hegemonic powers over the majority, even if that majority rules on paper.

They don't ACTUALLY call the economy socialism. In fact, China never did.

I loved Alpha Centauri but man has it aged like milk
You could've given Yang buck-teeth and turned him into a chainsmoking laundromat manager and nothing would've changed.

What about it? It sounds like a fairly standard foreign accent, rather than a stereotyped Chinaman accent.

The tech and sci-fi concepts in AC have aged terribly though. String theory is basically not a thing any more as far as I know, never was on sound footing.

It was voiced by an actual Chinese voice actor.

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You've got relatively different ethnicities leading each ideology, but the "chinese are insect people" dig is pretty clear.
mostly this, lal couldn't have predicted that too much information could also be used as a tool of control, and fuck the ui.

Multiple socialist states (such as those I have listed) have maintained a National-Capitalist class
This is mostly true for Cuba but false in the case of Hungary
After the NEM was initiated by Kadar by the 70s and 80s the share of Production controlled the Petite-Capitalist / National-Capitalist class was well in the 50% range
I know very little about Laos's particular economic model but Vietnams Economic model is State-Capitalism within the framework of a Socialist state and a dictatorship of the Proletariate

Thus Vietnam could be most closely compared to the USSR in the 20s as it (as the CPV Has admitted) is a Socialist state with a Capitalist economy
This does not make Vietnam non socialistic though
>A better question to ask is what makes China socialist?
The establishment of the dictatorship of the Proletariate and the creation of a socialist economy

Wasn't Shengji Yang literally the chairman of the whole colonial mission though?

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China doesn't have a dictatorship or the proletariat nor a socialist economy though: the CPC contains members literally of the bourgeoisie and as such cannot be a proletarian party. Resultant from China being a constitutionally dominant party state under the CPC you cannot characterise it as a dictatorship of the proletariat. Add to that the non-socialist mode of production in most areas and China cannot be classified as socialist.

Dengists are callling China socialist.

Leninists also called Russia Communist. Lenin famously stated that "Communism is the electrification of the whole country plus the Soviet Government" Nuances, fool.

I want see this plan.(Coz i have doubts in what it possible)

Dengfags either believe it's socialist rn, or are Utopians like you who think they'll be able to magically change to socialism, even though the capitalist class influences the party

I didn't discuss what will or will not happen. I simply state the fact: the PRC has always described its' economy as Capitalist.

The people ITT who defend them think China is socialist.

It was some captain of the spaceship that died IIRC in the backstory.


This is false the CCP has already reiterated its socialist economies existence on multiple occasions

Like it has been previously pointed out the capitalist elements of the CCP is greatly outranked by the Working class which still makes up the vast majority of the party
There is no singular one size fits all "Socialist" economy applicable to all countries regardless of Material condition's
As long as the class character of the state and goverment remains proletarian then it is a socialist economy

Is the Politburo socialist though? Because if it ever gets another revisionist like Jiang China is turning into a fascist state.

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It is hard to imagine a definition of socialism more inviting to revisionism, corruption, and political opportunism than this. With the equation of socialism with CPC rule in China it should surprise no-one that they have struggled with neolib elements in the party since the 80's.


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No they don’t they called the Russian Soviet Federal Socialist Republic a socialist country under the leadership of a Communist Party. They only people who think the USSR was Communist id the GOP.

You can’t have a DotP and capitalist economy simultaneously. This is Marxism 101.

Please tell me this is bait.

r0java has Private Property and a DotP

Yes, however, they called Russia Communist and Socialist on various occasions like here.

It's obvious, that Lenin didn't mean to say that Communist society is when the Government is communist and there are electric lights everywhere.

China has a communist political system and communist party in power. Mao called Chinese economy "State Capitalism with socialist elements". Likewise, Chinese economy is called "Market economy with socialist elements", and Xi declared that they will achieve socialism by 2050.

They're taking active measure to abolish it tho

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Yes, I too want the capitalist class in China to create genetically superior children, and overall, a master race to lord over plebeians

Anything that makes China stronger is good.

This shit will soon be available to prols, once Porky starts using it, prices will start dropping and their will be a black market.

Ban the 4th international trot who is posting propaganda about China.

Imagine the parents protesting as well that they don't want their kids to fuck mudblood commoners. It'll be great schadenfreude if nothing else.