Memeball thread

Memeball thread
Don't post an image with a shit ton of words
And actually be funny

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Dead meme tbh lad.

It won’t be from this meme

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This is the ebinest memeball ever. No point continuing this thread beyond my post

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leftist memes are a bit wordy but that's because leftists aren't complete brainlets who boil things down to HURR BLACK JEW MAN STINKY AND BAD, WHITE MAN STRONG

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Verbosity isn't the main problem. Leftist memes are shit because rationalism is boring and emotionally unsatisfying.

That means memes are for brainlets!


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Politics putside the cultural hegemony usually require greater explanation. People are familiar with liberal ideology, no so much with communism.

Very often this call to brevity is a call to engage the right on their rhetorical terms.

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How undialectical

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It's not real socialism, Maduro is just corrupt.
I will say this however- the fact that he is incapable of enforcing law and order in 90% of Venezuela, facing economic sanctions from around the world, and being threatened by several neighbors, the capital goes on as if nothing's wrong; He is truly a chad.

this is why we suck at meming

no lad we just over-do memes

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How is that?

If anything, Allende serves as the best evidence that attempting to transition to a socialist economy peacefully and through the normal liberal democratic channels is a fool’s errand.

I am sorry for grammar I am not very into English but I think I got most of right

Fuck off, Zig Forums, you aren’t fooling anyone.

Maduro isn’t perfect, but he’s the biggest advocate for the maintenance of the social democratic institutions of Venezuela against the opposition and their imperialist backs who want nothing more than a military junta and/or foreign occupation followed by a neoliberal looting of the country.

I've been looking forward to some ancap memes bby

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One of them has really shit quality, I couldn't find one with a better res

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tbh if I could travel between alternate timelines I think either an anprim or ancap society would be the most entertaining just for shits and giggles.

Wait, really?

It's not even that. Rationalism can be great when done right.
The problem is that communists are (or at least want to be) philosophers, and communism is a philosophy not created out of parts of preexisting interaction. The capitalist says that the highest good is for the man to be his own master. The fascist says that the highest good is for men to be masters of other men. Most people know a lot about trying to be self-sufficient, and being dramatically more or less powerful than others, so these ideas do not require explanation. What the communist says is the highest good is to be a member of a collective where all is shared and all people work towards the common good, but only for the purpose of maintaining the collective and not to expand into other commonly-held collectives.
People do not have experience with a world where you work to survive and then stop because that's all you need to do, because that is not the world we live in. The only experience they have with a shared pool of resources that all must share and divide amongst themselves is in preschool, where it is usually just a playground for pettiness and immaturity.