The absolute state of Zig Forums. They fall for it every single time...

The absolute state of Zig Forums. They fall for it every single time. larping as a black person on pol is fucking hilarious

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hahaha yeah. I regularly larp and reverse-larp at that place. The bait doesn't even have to be good is what makes it kinda sad. Just say you're a PoC and you've got 500 replies in, guiaranteed. Sad people. Sad people. They're mostly amateurs these days. Zig Forums has been dead for years now tbh.

Zig Forums is all that's left of old Zig Forums

Zig Forums was never hard to bait. even in 2014 I could just post the misattributed quote of Hitler saying he was a socialist and the thread would bumplock. they're boring af.

That's not saying much, it was only good when it was the Dale Gribble board. Now it's just normies from social media and FreeRepublic that cannot mentally comprehend that not everyone is a neoconservative.

fuck off you nigger baboon PoC apes

who'd have guessed?

Lmao what a bunch of snowflakes!

Only sith deal in absolutes

I was only pretending to be black said the mulato


This isn’t a thread about the Obama presidency but he actually was pretending

I bet 1/1000 of their users would say this shit IRL. They're dumb suburban teens and mutts

Actually theyre in their 20s and 30s.

Depends on the Zig Forums, depends on the era (pre-2015 Zig Forums was probably like that while contemporary Zig Forums is almost certainly majority underage.)

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This is what happens when they get confronted IRL

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Why did he take his shirt off tho?

He took it off so people wouldn't know that he was there with the white nationalists.

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Fucking lol.

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Oh I forgot, there's so few people here it will rake at least an hour before someone sees this


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I saw it I just chose not to respond to your incel ass

Famous last words. It's just a prank bro

Holy shit can women ever not involve their vaginas in an argument

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weak. incels have absolutely no character.

You don't even have enough test to respond to me properly

I don't think you deserve the gratification of a (You)

Your tears for the last 2 years have been gratification (even with knowing that Trump was just a pressure release valve)

if that were true you wouldn't be here fishing for (You)s

Every time.

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lol at that third image

Imagine being this salty.

As a fellow Nigger, I agree leftypol is the last of the "real" pol…doop da doo poo..poop..dee..doo poop


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So i waited 2 whole years to come here?
You don't sound very bright.

Imagine being this dumb

Yeah, to the insanity that is Trump and far-right bullshit.

Lol keep crying

Lol not an argument

Those nazis are insane aren't they


antifa show off their fanaticism by yelling at people
fash shows off their fanaticism by hitting people with cars


Oh yeah, Trump is probably the worst thing to happen to white far-right politics in the past 50 years. The OKC bombing probably did less damage to it than his disastrous presidency. Even though he doesn't use the same rhetoric as white nationalists he's definitely tarring them by guilt by association.

It may turn out that the irony is Trump's association didn't sink white supremacist groups but rather their association with Trump will sink them. I have a hard time seeing how anyone will be able to push the Overton window to the right without recalling Trump's disastrous presidency.

There will be no practical solution through normal politics that far-rightists can appeal to as Trump continues to melt down imo

Funny thing I own a D21. Awesome trucks

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If you don't support inclusion your antifa buddies will beat dat ass.

Imagine being this disconnected from material reality. Like seriously this is what happens when you envelope yourself solely in right wing memes and refuse to listen to anything else. Also
Really? That shit happened months ago. Also reminder that patriot prayer is literally a group of paid rioters from the burbs. Their actions are not indicative of any sort of groundswell of support.

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holy fucking mental gymnastics. learn to read.



holy fucking stupidity. I'm here now harvesting salt.



You are either too young to remember chanology or were an active participant if you believe this shit.

See this is what I mean about "being disconnected from reality." Patriot Prayer is a confirmed astroturf organization. antifa isn't even an organization and George Soros doesn't fund communist groups because he hates communism and always has done so.

America is a dying empire and its elites are getting increasingly nervous. That anxiety has filtered down to you people and you aren't taking it well. You are the death rattle of a weak and decadent society built on sin and corruption. Nothing you do can change what is happening.

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Yes everyone of your opponents is just a skinny teen edgelord.
Please go ahead and keep believing that.
Antifa has no leaders?????
BAHAHAHA the only way it would be funnier is if you said it in the same sentence.
But he loves useful idiots that serve his purposes
No its just that we are smart enough to see its anuddah shoah, unlike you morons who happily march alongside niggers until they turn on you.

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w h i t e g e n o c i d e filters into anuddah shoah
How cute. Once again you faggots prove you can't meme, only copy us.

What exactly did you prove here?

Why, you'll just damage control or deny?

That his "trolling" is the same tier as the retards spamming bbc on cuckchan /gif/

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Stay spooked nerds

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Its so nice not being flooded with bots like over on Zig Forums for the last year.
Maybe we should move to this board.

Truly a weapon to rival metal gear


That dude didn't die
We need a bigger lock in a sock.

antifa are cowards that are too afraid to kill people. this is consistent across all countries as well, from North America to South America to Europe. All they do is yell at and assault people, and then their "victims" go cry about it on TV until they become president of Brazil or something.

who hurt you sweaty?

But they use locks in socks.
That's basically 9/11 all over again.

But he really tried tho

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knifeman was part of CHRISTCOM gang. we will repatriate him for future operations alongside our antifa supersoldiers.

Epic bantz for the third image. I bet they forced him to share the cake with everyone.

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Lol, this guy is actually serious.

How can a 13 year old identify as a capitalist

the absolute state of our world…

Probably watches a lot of Ben Shapiro videos and is insufferable which is why his family got him that cake.

How can it be hwite genocide if none of you faggots are white to begin with?
You mongoloids have no culture, have no tradition and the "nuclear family" shit you circle jerk about IS the d-egeneracy you claim to "fight" against.
You faggots say that you are "against' Globalism while sucking up to the fucking US, nice patriotism you have there you retards, on how many levels of cognitive dissonance are you even?

Soros actively funded NGOs to bring down the Soviet Union.

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The only thing you manages to do was elect a pro-isreal president who is a milquetoast boomer who garnered the support of a whole nation of boomers who believe things such as the nazi's being socialist lefties because it's in the name. That's the level of intellect that's "ruling"your nation right now. And it's only getting worse. Your nazi mastubation fantasy is further removed than ever before.

Greek Antifascists literally execute Nazis in the street, Antifa isn't remotely consistent across countries, do you have brain cancer? It's a fucking organizational practice not an organization. Why do mutts think that everywhere in the world needs to emulate America? Not sure if it's the famed American Chauvanism or just sub-70IQ subhuman Mutt intellect in action.

They don't think it needs to as much as they think it literally already does. American exceptionalism is so deeply rooted in burger culture that most of them aren't even consciously aware of it.

America exported its culture to the whole world. You are all Americanized. None of you are free of hegemony.


but that's an absolute statement.

You have to come up with elaborate scientific racist theories explaining that blacks are naturally superior to whites.

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Knowing the absolute state of modern politics, it wouldn't surprise me if buzzfeed or other "woke as fuck" brands pick up the theory, and another reactionary movement is pushed for far-right nationalism.

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I find it's much easier to do with esotericism and Muslims, given how much of their ideology fundamentalists share with Zig Forums.

i wonder what a Zig Forumstards reaction is to realizing that. its hilarious how much in common far right muslim retards have with these retards.

we need this picture with the false-confident wojack smile mask on top

setting aside that they are culture less faggots who if not American themselves, wish their home countries to become America.

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Being wholesome takes maturity and thought. Being an edgy boy doesn't.

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Was talking about memes.

Libtards in the truest sense of the word.