Good Left Wing YouTube Channels

Not sure if this is the right place to ask, but I figure its better then anywhere on 4chan.

Currently I've been watching a lot of content by The Distributist and 1791l. I'm looking for something which will pull me back to the left. Ideally they should cite their sources and try to avoid moral outrage. I understand why people are angry right now, but I'm a fan of presenters who at least try to appear objective. People like TYT kind of piss me off for that reason. I enjoy Contrapoints, but I put her more in the entertainment camp then serious political discussion.

Pic unrelated, but amusing.

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Angie Speaks covers fun topics and is a qt
azurescapegoat is an upandcomer orthodox marxist who knows a lot about cuba

Hakim, Tovarish Endymion, Finnish Bolshevik, Cuck Philosophy (ignore the name), Paul Cockshott, Jimmy Dore, etc. all make up and enjoyable package.


Marxist Media if I ever uploaded

Caleb Maupin whenever he isn't just reuploading his appearances on RT and whenever he isn't being a Dengist

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I like democraticsocialist01’s stuff.

He’s further left than his name would imply.

Zero Books is also a good channel if you are interested in materialist philosophy stuff

But his name implies he's a socialist, a democratic socialist.
Stop confusing it with social democracy you stupid fucks, this is like the 5th time I've seen this confusion in this board.


That image makes me sad, as someone from NY. The city I loved and idolized as a kid, that my grandparents and dad grew up in is all but a hollow shell of itself. Corporatism and souless consumers flocked to the city and killed its heart. And it's so fucking expensive here now.

Jim pls go


This is entertaining.


best Russian blogger

The first or second one?

Cause I don't think Jim has ever called himself a nazbol. He might flirt with them but that's cause he's openly opportunist. You give him an excuse to bash mods and he'll take it every single time. He's openly stated he'd side with cia if it got rid of mods

So he could be this generations Fidel Castro

It's why he regularly jumps back and fourth defending trans and TERFs

Every channel turns shit the moment they get over 100k views thanks to algorithms TM and suddenly go from ‘fuck capitalism’ to ‘well actually[…]buy my merch/support my patreon’


dude *hits icepick* what if *sniff* what if we do A but it is B?

Being popular and making money isn't necessarily bad, but it becomes bad when they are so successful that they get totally lazy and don't want to do work to make videos anymore - IE when Idubbz just did unboxing videos for 2 years and H3 and Critikal just did podcasts.

Real communists would get banned from patreon pretty fast.

Sargon of Akkad.

Only if they got huge enough though.

Fuck off

Probably the first one, J Barg is pretty explicitly nazbol


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but what if 'anti-fascism' and anti-fascism were not the same.

Here are some smaller socialist/communist channels that deserve more attention:

These are the kinds of people that leftypol should be supporting… If Bat'ko can get almost 20000 subscribers after starting from this board then these guys should too.

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Why have no ecelebs made a video on TRPF yet? Are they just that illiterate that they keep on picking low-hanging fruit?