Why do most us "leftists" support prostitution...

why do most us "leftists" support prostitution? any leftist org i've tried to join puts emphasis on protecting "sex workers," while actual sex workers on the street are abused and killed.

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i sat here for several minutes contemplating this post but still can't understand OP's complain

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Gee I wonder why they would wanna protect sex workers if they are getting killed.

That's the point
To make sure they are not abused and / or killed

All that happens when Socialists discriminate against sex workers (or even simply ignore their existence like the USSR) is that the Abuses by pimps and rates of prostitutes being killed rises

As long as Scarity exists sex work will exist
Telling a sex worker to stop working when their life depends on it is like telling a factory worker to stop working to feed himself because it's bad for the enviroment

Do you mean supporting prostitution as in supporting people who are prostitutes or the industry of prostitution? I fail to see why you wouldn't support women who are most likely just down on their luck or god forbid trafficked as an org

Hot take: Since beds are used as means of production by whores beds would be owned by The People.

tbh I don't understand what's so difficult about it.
as I, a newfag brainlet understand it
The economic conditions that create the commodification of sex is something that we as communists seek to change.
If people in future commie land want to go around having sex with people, sure. Why not. Swingers will swing.

I think what Op means is the defending of the workers in the sex industry like says instead of saying "Yo there shouldn't be a sex industry."

The fact that he put sex workers in quotations the first time implies they don't support protecting actual sex workers. What he thinks they actually want to protect, I have no idea though.

is anyone aware of any rough data on how dangerous sex work is?
i'd be interested to how it compares to mining, cab driving, etc


I think in that case he was talking about Thots on twitter as opposed to street walkers.

Like Sex Cam and etc.

OP discovers the difference between libfems and radfems.

We call them RadLibs

Lying on your back and getting fucked isn't work, it's desperation. The material conditions that exist victimize people and not only rob men of the chance at romance by smothering it with further paywalls, but also convince women to be proud of reducing themselves to a commodity.

I see, this makes more sense.

Implying sex workers are incapable of romantic love and holding down a job.
Implying there are no male prostitutes.

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Implying you can purchase romantic love. Implying the concept of love itself hasn't been commodified beyond recognition

Implying they are employed to women.

Many lines of work under capitalism are taken out of desperation
Little separates prostitution from other physically exploitative and Socially unnecessary lines of work
The prostitutes?
That is ultimately the individual paying for a prostitutes services choice
I don't think anyone rational is claiming prostitution is some ideal line of work or even something positive

Most pro-SexWorker Socialists simply recognise that it is a necessity for some people to undertake that line of work

People were being practically slaughtered in factories too, you know. I wonder how that changed.

Depends on the material conditions of the society. I don't think it should be a respected position of work either way.


Not really, it also reduces the relationships that form by raising the bar. If you can get paid to send pictures why would you ever bother with a traditional relationship? This is more of a moral point on my end though, I'm not saying force people to do anything.

It may be necessary sometimes, but it is usually done because it is easy to fulfill what is necessary. It's laziness, not desperation, that often leads people to prostitution.

Whether prostitution is a service or the commodification of people is a matter of opinion. It is true that most sex workers (the real kind) are driven by desperation, but so are other dangerous, unpleasant forms of unskilled labor, and there is an argument to be made that it is driven by biological urges rather than cultural norms.
The idea that sex work is inherently misogynistic is pure idealism; it is hypocrisy from liberal feminists that simultaneously declare women to be equal, and to be fragile beings that cannot stand up for themselves.

In the first world I mean, as to not contradict myself.

So it's bad for workers to try to reduce their amount of exploitation? A novel take for a supposed leftist but hey you do you.

Exploiting other people and the society is not reducing your own exploitation, it is merely becoming the thing you swore to destroy. Don't even try.

Bit of a self own there op. Might wanna delete.

o im laffin

The "leftists" you are talking about are just liberals with a red fetish.

Was prostitution legal in the USSR? North Korea? No.

Prostitution only elevates some women from proletariat to petite bourgeois. It is not a leftist issue

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why is the solution terror? surely the prostitutes can learn how to sew, cook, weld, assemble cogs in a tank factory, plow fields, drive buses… I don't think people should be punished, and certainly not murdered, for the jobs they have to do in capitalism (as long as those jobs aren't counter-revolutionary, anti-leftist, murderous, destructive to society, etc.)

Lenin clearly states how the prostitutes were harmful to society

Threadly reminder:

- Being a middle class cunt and sticking your fist up your clunge on camera DOESN'T make you a representative of sex workers.

- Most people who defend sex workers are themselves johns, not even the sex workers but grubby johns who feel guilty.

- Supporting prostitution is tacitly supporting sex trafficking and slavery WHETHER YOU LIKE IT OR NOT. Wherever there's a market, there are those who will seek to thrive, despite the means.

- Sex ISN'T labor. Sex being bastardized into being a commodity is an ancient ugly that we as HUMANS who seek a HUMAN society through socialism/communism should do away with. Why should we debase ourselves with this primitive, hideous tradition of prostitution?

what does that even mean.

You know what a john is?

You've already made a thread about this.

sounds like slang from 30 years ago

These guys made sure mainstream leftism will only ever be bourgeois trash about cummies until this whole thing collapses. Any rationalization about rights is ad hoc justification for more cummies.

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Idealism and petite-bourgeois conceptions of liberation. I'd like to preface by saying I don't believe in punishing prostitutes in capitalism, and I don't believe in punitive justice at all. Also, some misguided comrades seem to confuse opposition to bourgeois exploitation with bourgeois moral hypocrisy: I don't believe in "degeneracy" or any reactionary bullshit like that.

However, prostitution and the pornographic industry cannot be allowed to exist under socialism. They further economic and sexual exploitation of people, especially women and LGBT+ people. Some people say sex workers are workers: true, but way more of them are slaves. Furthermore, it does not matter if they are workers, the issue is that industry is fundamentally reactionary.

Trannies, gays, prostitutes and other products of bourg fun are an anti-social element and don't have a place in a communist society. Real honest communism is traditionalist whether you like it or not (see USSR).

fuck off liberals