Linda Sarsour

Am I the only one who thinks there's something fishy about her?

Years ago I used to work with all the anti-war and pro-Palestine solidarity groups; I knew who ALL the major activists were. I had no clue who Sarsour was until the first Women's March and neither did any of my comrades (keep in mind, I used to pal around with seriously principled activists and journalists, like people who have been to Chiapas and Palestine multiple times, who were in Greece during the 2008 riots, who covered the Arab Spring on the ground, that kind of thing).

All of a sudden, Sarsour comes out of nowhere and is propped up as the "new face" of anti-Trump resistance in the US. She's presented as a big name activist despite the fact that she was unknown to the REAL radical left activists up until that point. Her politics are nothing more than Bernie-tier succdem with some Islamo-idpol thrown in. Not to mention she's come out in support of overthrowing Assad via US imperialism.

I suspect there may be some kind of big money behind her, like she's the lefty activist version of an industry plant (an astroturf similar to what the Tea Party was back in 2009-2010). Again, this is all speculation on my part but I want to know if anyone else sees the same.

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The entire Women's March was an AstroTurf complete with corporate sponsors.

Yeah, didn't Sprite have a table at the one in DC?

I know Ben and Jerry's sponsored it, despite doing business in West Bank settlements.

for what purpose

Meh. This topic needs to be discussed.

She's a regime change shill, just search her Twitter profile for Assad, Syria, or Libya.

Stances on Syria, Gaddafi, and Yemen are good indicators of if someone's a suspicious figure yeah (but not foolproof, people can just end up being dumb and accept media narrative without thinking much about it even if they're leftist, or otherwise can support some anti-imperialist causes while opposing them in other areas which either demonstrates they're incompetent, misinformed, or malicious)

Very interesting. Didn't know about her views on Libya.

True but my suspicions also lie in the fact she came out of nowhere as a "big name activist" despite the fact no one in the far-left activist community knew of her before. I don't want to clout chase, but like I said in my OP I know plenty of real hardcore leftists who have been active for decades who had no clue who Sarsour was until 2017. They didn't know she had done anything prior to the WM, yet as soon as she came on the scene the mainstream media wasted no time turning her into a leftist "icon".

100% astroturf.

i like her because she chaps the asses of the kikes and ZOG Occupied Government

Just read through her Wiki page. Yep, just like I suspected: she was coached by other prominent bourgeois Arab-American activists into politics and got her start through them. She also lives in a heavily gentrified part of Brooklyn (Bay Ridge) which is something like 1/5th retirees.

Fuck off.

Bumping because this is an interesting subject.


The article is a bit abrasive but it hits on some major issues.

If Sarsour is so "grassroots" and "authentic" why is she going to big dinner parties hosted by racist mayor de Blasio? Why is she being chauffeured around NYC?

yes, Sarsour is a shill and a zionist

I don't think she's a Zio but she isn't principled.

Muslim Brotherhood is literally the GOP of the Arab World.


I wouldn't say she has corporate backing. Dems have broken up relations with the Women's March partly because of her and since recently, every MSM outlet accused her of anti-Semitism because of her Israel stance.

If she ever had corporate backing, she must have lost it somehow. Remember that both factions of American capital - Reps and Dems - both staunchly agree on Zionism. But yeah, her stances are opportunist to say the least. But all this buzz about the libshit's favourite pet - the Women's March - being anti-Semitic almost makes me want to change my stance on it because it's so ridiculous.

Wow, almost as if the MSM accusations are full shit once again. Literally another Russiagate tier craze.

lol I came to see if this had been posted yet; if it hadn't I was going to.

Yeah, Ikhras can be a bit abrasive in a lot of their articles, but I think their hearts are ultimately in the right place. They also have a tendency toward Arab-American idpol, but that familiarity gives them a heightened awareness when people use it as a distraction for their questionable actions—like in Sarsour's case.

But it really is the best article about the questionable aspects of Sarsour's activism. All other "critical" analysis just seem to be backwater from the YT septic community or tired old Ben Shapiro talking points calling her "antisemitic" for insufficient reverence toward Israel. (And she's not even anti-Zionist.) On top of this, it's just a good exposé into how activist "plants" function.

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Fucking POTTERY m8.

Aren’t they Islamic Republicans aligned with Iran?

Muslim Brotherhood doesn't have any international centralization or even coordination.

Like when they took power in Egypt the first thing they did was privatize the shit out of everything and they fought Assad during the Syrian Civil War. Being a member was illegal until 2011.

But Syria has always had Hamas, which is a Palestinian group of it.

She may have had corporate backing in the beginning which is why she was shilled so hard on liberal (NOT leftist, liberal) media outlets.

How do you post something like that and not expect blow back?
It's almost like she wanted to stir the pot

Only liberals like her, because she's nothing but a gigantic liberal.

Sarsour must have a pretty low Autism Level. You can tell by how she shills for Bernie rather than, you know, real socialism.

She is anti-Zionist, she's just a liberal anti-Zionist.

aka a lying zionist

She's like the Democrat Cops of America version of "anit-Zionist".


She's a careerist. Nothing more, nothing less.

palestinian here, dont trust palestinians who want to overthrow assad. they have ulterior motives

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also "sarsour" means cockroach in arabic

Why do you think so many Palestinian Americans are anti-Assad, even if they're leftist on everything else?

Some kind of weird Arab Gusano syndrome. Doesn't even make sense when most of the major Palestinian resistance forces are friendly with Syria now. If anything, such people must be ignorant of and opposed to those resistance forces as well.

It's because they're Muslim. The official Hamas position was to support the rebels.

Hamas supports al-Nusra.


Jesus fucking christ, how has nobody used these against her yet (screenshot them right now)

The Women's March is itself a giant libfest. Trump is the only reason why they're marching to begin with, not against capitalism, not against racism, not against the wars, but against Trump, meaning if Shillary had won they would have stayed at home.

The Brotherhood were objectively the lesser evil in the Egyptian clusterfuck, Al-Sisi is straight up selling state assets and natural resources to Israel (sometimes via American intermediaries)

Her liberalism aside, as a long-time activist I can say Sarsour doesn't bother me that much, because most "professional activists" on the left are fake. I'd go so far as to say 90% of professional lefty activists highly exaggerate or straight-up lie about all the shit they do, because if they were really engaging in all the shit they claim to be engaged in the Feds would be straight-up knocking on their doors.

I knew a young American woman who claimed to have lived in Chiapas and Oaxaca from the time she was 18 to the time she was 20. She also claimed to have been trapped in Lebanon during the 2006 war, was in Greece during the Dec. 2008 riots, claimed she was in the black bloc during the 1999 Battle in Seattle (she said she was 16 at the time), and plenty of other shit which made me highly skeptical. She also said she was thrown into prison for two weeks in one eastern European country (I think it was Lithuania but I could be wrong) for engaging in militant activities with local anarchist comrades. Her entire life story struck me as a tall tale.


Out of all the shit that is the Women's March, Sarsour is literally one of the more okay-ish ones.