Anybody else noticed that in the past year or so...

Anybody else noticed that in the past year or so, the internet outside of the most normie circles doesn't seem as blatantly reactionary as it did before?

I remember a few years ago telling myself not to read the comments on Youtube videos that I watched because the top comments would inevitably be some shit about immigrants or anuddah shoah, even if it was completely unrelated to the video itself. 4chan was impossible to browse. Twitter was a cesspool. Most Discord channels I entered used alt-right lingo. Same for most forums. I'd watch MMA streams and my eyes would roll into my skull because somehow there was someone talking about Cultural Marxism in the stream chat.

Now it's still bad, but it feels like they're discouraged and not as active, because right-wing stuff doesn't go as unchallenged as it did before. And most importantly, I see a Commie presence everywhere as well. In the places I'd least expect I'll see someone talking about Marx with some amount of support.

Am I seeing things or is this an actual trend? And more importantly, should I get a life and stop caring about shit like that?

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Google algorithm messing with your brain.

tbh the alt-right reached its cultural peak in 2017 and its been all down hill for them after that. they became a laughing stock after Charlottesville and other autism so they've lost any or all credit they could of gained. we have slowly been gaining cultural significance but don't count on outpacing the alt right anytime soon.

Might be them losing steam since the boomers have all retreated to facebook, but they are still ultimately there. Even if they end up getting disillusioned with Trump, the next huckster that comes along will activate them all again.

Eh I still see the "TODAY THIS VIDEO WOULDNT BE MADE CUZ OF SOCJUSS" shit pretty often on youtube

Gen Z are basically social liberals, and they alongside Millennials are gonna be outnumbering the Boomers and GenXers that make up a lot of /fashypol/ on burger-dominated internet spaces. So much for the Generation Zyklon narrative by the way

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It’s because Trump being president didn’t improve anyone’s lives. Same happened to the left with Obama.

My impression of nutsacs is that they're spread thin on the ground but they recognize each other easily and group up on the internet, which is a kind of imitation of strength. Most normies are checked out and don't understand the lingo (even blatantly obvious stuff). So in a game server all you need is a couple of guys named /SS/Schutztruppen to group up and wreck the server. The other 50 people in the server are all playing by themselves.

We understand it because we're immersed in this shit but your average normie doesn't get the references. But once they tried to move off the internet into meatspace it blew up in their face.

Yeah. And we need material analysis to explain why this is.

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It seems to me that the alt-lite won the internal reactionary culture war. I think the "JORDAN PETERSON DESTROYS" are popping up more.

It's really simple reason.

During the Bush and Obama years Americans were given AnCrap to show that their delusion that the USA was Capitalist which broke the conditioning. Now it is Left wing being given to Americans to show that Capitalism itself is the problem.

Always found that kind of fascinating, the alt right are fucking puny in comparison to the alt lite sphere of things now, which will largely be assimilated into the standard old conservative right

this is just a measure of the browning of America

Even if you take white males into account, it's still 50/50. White women are also inline with the browns when it comes to politics.

we can't outpace the right because our concepts are a lot more difficult to grasp, but the right is quite succesful in constantly de-legitamizing itself, historically.

It's just as bad, believe me

lol more white women voted for donny than for hilly

That's more of a boomer thing though.

It's not like whites are genetically conservative. As America becomes less white, whites are more likely to have non-white acquaintances, friends, lovers, family members, ect. They're "browning" too.

The internet is literally designed to foster and reinforce reactionary thought, why would you expect anything else from a literal DARPA project gone out of hand?

This has happened before in America history. The response from the super structure is generally just to expand the definition of "white." We will probably end up like Brazil where brown people call themselves "white" because they don't have african features.

You're probably right. Things are about to get extra autistic in Burgerland.

The internet isn't designed for anything. It's a hot mess of opportunist corporations trying to capitalize on things other people invented.

Kill me. We need less government and less corporatism. Raising the power of one institution to weaken others doesn't help

Nah, if anything we need is 100% government, can't be any corporatism if there's no corporations

hbomberguy has raised $250,000+ plus for trans people and people are posting Marx in the comments. AOC was on the stream.

Alt-right jerkwads raise money for themselves. The left raises money to help other people and that's way, way cooler.

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Talking about streams, who is this hasan abi guy who's exploding in popularity on twitch?

Being the waste of oxygen I am, I was busy wasting my life watching one of my favorite vidya streams when I noticed some memers spamming a hammer & sickle emote of his channel and they didn't get challenged by autistic trumptards surprisingly. Then I notice that hassan guy has also marx emotes and consisten 3k+ viewers lol.

confirmation bias + algorithms
there's still plenty of that if you go out and look
don't worry about it

>if anything we need 100% liberal government to quash dissent Krony Kapitalism
big ol braine

Cenk Yougurt's nephew, he was making insufferable TYT videos on yt and fb. demsoc anti-tankie, but also argues that profit is exploitation and necessity of popular front from ml to liberals.

“In the trusts, freedom of competition changes into its very opposite — into monopoly; and the production without any definite plan of capitalistic society capitulates to the production upon a definite plan of the invading socialistic society. Certainly, this is so far still to the benefit and advantage of the capitalists. But, in this case, the exploitation is so palpable, that it must break down. No nation will put up with production conducted by trusts, with so barefaced an exploitation of the community by a small band of dividend-mongers.
In any case, with trusts or without, the official representative of capitalist society — the state — will ultimately have to undertake the direction of production. [4] This necessity for conversion into State property is felt first in the great institutions for intercourse and communication — the post office, the telegraphs, the railways.
If the crises demonstrate the incapacity of the bourgeoisie for managing any longer modern productive forces, the transformation of the great establishments for production and distribution into joint-stock companies, trusts, and State property, show how unnecessary the bourgeoisie are for that purpose. All the social functions of the capitalist has no further social function than that of pocketing dividends, tearing off coupons, and gambling on the Stock Exchange, where the different capitalists despoil one another of their capital. At first, the capitalistic mode of production forces out the workers. Now, it forces out the capitalists, and reduces them, just as it reduced the workers, to the ranks of the surplus-population, although not immediately into those of the industrial reserve army.
But, the transformation — either into joint-stock companies and trusts, or into State-ownership — does not do away with the capitalistic nature of the productive forces. In the joint-stock companies and trusts, this is obvious. And the modern State, again, is only the organization that bourgeois society takes on in order to support the external conditions of the capitalist mode of production against the encroachments as well of the workers as of individual capitalists. The modern state, no matter what its form, is essentially a capitalist machine — the state of the capitalists, the ideal personification of the total national capital. The more it proceeds to the taking over of productive forces, the more does it actually become the national capitalist, the more citizens does it exploit. The workers remain wage-workers — proletarians. The capitalist relation is not done away with. It is, rather, brought to a head. But, brought to a head, it topples over. State-ownership of the productive forces is not the solution of the conflict, but concealed within it are the technical conditions that form the elements of that solution.
This solution can only consist in the practical recognition of the social nature of the modern forces of production, and therefore in the harmonizing with the socialized character of the means of production. And this can only come about by society openly and directly taking possession of the productive forces which have outgrown all control, except that of society as a whole. The social character of the means of production and of the products today reacts against the producers, periodically disrupts all production and exchange, acts only like a law of Nature working blindly, forcibly, destructively. But,with the taking over by society of the productive forces, the social character of the means of production and of the products will be utilized by the producers with a perfect understanding of its nature, and instead of being a source of disturbance and periodical collapse, will become the most powerful lever of production itself.”

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For you too

i'm not opposed to marxist state ownership, i think lending even more legal authority to the united states federal government as it currently stands is probably a bad idea outside of something like nationalized healthcare

Yeah, its weird but at least the internet is usable

Hasan is not a demsoc, he's a socialist.

He is a demsoc, sorry cupcake

Why is that guy wearing a fashit stahlshit.
I fucking HATE krauts and that picture is cringe.

The alt-right became the new skeptic fedora atheists and people are getting fed up with their autism. It seems like anywhere I see some Zig Forums shit pop up, even 4chan, there will always be someone ridiculing it with "we live in a society" or critiquing it from the left. Which is a marked improvement from like 2 years ago when they were completely unopposed in chan circles. The alt-right has kinda grown too big for their own good and they can no longer effectively vet normie boomers and kekistan cringelords. Since the whole "movement" emerged from chan cringe culture and the idea of "the complainer is always wrong", appearing as ridiculous and whiny is very dangerous to them. Maybe in an year or two they'll stop being as relevant and their cultural niche will become occupied by moderate left CTH ironybros instead.

Good job wasting 250k on transfaggots.
It’s not like people are getting their hands blown off in the middle of Paris.

They learned to use less obvious language, because they keep getting deplatformed and censored.

Demsocs are a type of socialist. It's social democrats that are the liberals

Your idea of a socdem is essentially a demsoc who sold out the "soc" part for a liberal version of the "dem". There's effectively no difference, demsocs can sell out the same way socdems can, and the difference in terminology is pedantic.

The fucking site's paradigm itself keeps recommending me some alt-right vloggers, even though I never watch that shit even ironically.
Havent been there in a while, its the home of the gamergate so Im not even pretending to be shocked if theres alt-right shit. What irks me is that the alt-right promotion has spread over to other, much smaller imageboards, and the horde of magahats seem to now outnumber the oldfags in many places that I used to enjoy.
I only use that shit to tell Donald Trump to suck the shit straight out of my ass with new account every week or so. Its pretty common knowledge that the site is full of magabots that are programmed to like the president's tweets and make randomized magacomments though.
I dont know what this is
The only place to remain pure of the maga menace is SomethingAwful because they have a pay….wall…
I only watch F1 grand prix and the formula fans are pretty based, they stick to talking about the ongoing race instead of derailing to politics

What I want to add is the news comment sections. Even the most mainstream news sites - in finland at least - have blatant racism and accusations of the news organization in question being a cultural marxist conspiracy.. Freedom of speech and freedom of opinion is such a big deal that the news sites dont want to regulate their comment sections much, and their comment rating systems are easily exploitable so they provide a convenient soap box for assholes.

So to summarize, in my experience its still as bad as its been since like Obama's second term.

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That's where the pure boomers tend to hang out I think.

LMAO hoping onto the commie pol for once you people are so delusional its laughable. Like why do you faggots not migrate to Venezuela for your shitty commie paradise? Maybe your brain functions better on eating grass instead of soy products.

communism doesnt work with cencorship everywhere deranged 30yo boomer

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Not an argument.

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boomer tier post

hot pic

Trump was quite frankly the end of the alternative right.
Too many put all their eggs in one basket and when he turned out to be another generic neo-con many had to back out hard making them look rather retarded.

It's why you barely see anyone actually call themselves alt-right anymore because the term brings with it a lot of cringey elements.
That's why the right is spliting into loads of little groups like ultra-catholics or eco-fascists.

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What was posted?

Thats how you sound like
take your lukewarm gatekeeper e-celebs and shoo shoo

State control of the economy in a capitalist system would still run in the interest of capitalists, whether or not lolbertarians or anclaps agree. Capitalism doesn't work without constant government regulations to keep the big corporations from failure. The """free""" market is an illusion and if you dissolved the state altogether like the anclaps want and let the bourgeoisie do their thing, the whole system would collapse.


Social Nationalism is different from Not Socialism, you dumb cunt.

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Explain how.

Wait until the younger ones actually get out into the real world and the memes can't save them and/or were bullshit. This is ultimately the problem with reactionary arguments: they're either not based in anything resembling reality or are twisted to the point of insanity.

Some of them will go on to inherent dad's car dealership though.

Here's some books on Social Nationalism:
Otto Asser - Germany Tomorrow:
Muammar Qaddafi - The Green Book:
Daniel De Leon and the Foundations of American Socialism:
Abdullah Ocalan - Democratic Confederalism:
Murray Bookchin - The Politics of Social Ecology: Libertarian Municipalism:
Kim Il-Sung's Various Writings:
Ber Borochov - Class Struggle and the Jewish Nation:
Joseph Stalin - the Foundations of Leninism:
George Douglas Howard Cole - Guild Socialism Re-stated:
Kim Il-Sung - Revolution and Socialist Construction in Korea: The Selected Works of Kim Il-Sung:
Gamal Abdel Nasser - The Philosophy of the Revolution, Book One:
I'll leave it up to you to decide whether "Mein Kampf" is included in this book list.

A significant proportion of Zig Forumstards are the children of petit bourg (or actual bourg) like the Covington Catholic kids. They will be shielded from the real cost of capitalism until the end.

no thanks

Read the rest of them then.

What's with the hate for bookboi, and Ocalan?
Rojava has the, U.S, but Syria relies on Hezzbollah, private millitaries, and Russia, who'd all still be willing to turn on them (nothings perfect).**

Forgot to take down shitpost flag

Epic shitpost my friend


When the corporatists feel threatened there will be a right-wing constitutional convention to make America literally fascist. Gen z wont do shit. Also "tHE YoUNG PeOplE WilL sAve Us" has been the cry of the American left since the fucking 60s. It's gotten us only marginal gains, but ultimately we will all die as a result of global warming

I hate to be a coward and just give up, but what else are you supposed to do?

America will have lost much of its global relevance by that point. We don't know what will happen to American domestic politics when it is no longer geared exclusively towards the maintenance and expansion of hegemony.

Until every nuclear armed western european country cuts ties with the US (lol implying) the US will continue to dominate the Earth by sheer virtue of 4,000 nuclear weapons and massive tech advantage over the only countries that could realistically wage a conventional war against America: Russia and China.

The piss tape is real

Goons are worse than Trumpists anyday regardless

I really wonder if this is a real increase or a static snapshot of age demographics w/in the population.

Like how many people will have leftist tendencies into adulthood and how many of them will become reactionary when they have a mortgage collector and CPS on the phone because they lost their job going to a protest.

What percentage of them will die early when they lose healthcare, housing and nutrition, succumb to depression alienation and addiction? Will enough survive to change the voting habits of the elder catagorie?

Youth in the west will probably become more left leaning as they age so long as western governments avoid redistributive policies and continue gutting the welfare state. At least that is my theory.

It's a slight step up up from Milo Yiannopoulos spam from two years ago, but holy shit, I never wanted to smash someone's hideous combination of the soyface and buckteeth so much. His face is incredibly punchable.

Adorno weeps at the way Americans butchered their own public sphere. Corporate shit permeates every aspect of their lives and they gobble this shit up like good boy points.The internet is so shit I sometimes unironically think about going back to GameFAQs.

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The alt right is mainly Gen X and Millennials not Gen Z. Its just a stereotype and overrepresented minority. Most zoomers are liberal or leftist.

I'm not inclined to believe this narrative now that it's clear the US can just make declarations that says so-and-so is the new president of vnz and can force everyone to pass laws making buying chinese electronics illegal.

This is just because there is mostly right-wing content on YT. That's why the algo recommends so much right-wing stuff. There used to be more left wing commentators and they were pretty good at getting recommendations too but it died for some reason? I think it was like corporate sponsored which was a problem.

It's a positive feedback loop that is fed by astroturf like Ben Shapiro and PragerU.

This musta been what happened to the left after Stalin came to power. It's a pity we couldn't form, like, a temporary partnership or something.

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Thats only because the alt-lite needs a replacement for their fallen idols Milo and Molyneux. Jordan Peterson was right there for them all along.

The left had factionalism before Stalin was born

This literally already happens more or less, I'm from the UK, but all of my internet burger friends are essentially "white" despite not being white, except from my black friends. Naturally this is heavily weighted by class, with Petit-Bourg/Bourg Indians, South & East Asians being treated as essentially white because they're assimilated into the cultural hegemony of "whiteness" in America. These striation marks across class lines are infinitely more impactful when it comes to Race, to the point where I think it's more determinant than Race itself, despite how high the US is on Idpol. Where it really gets interesting though, is where you see Americans with Central/South American Ancestry not only treated as White, but also referring to themselves and identifying as "White". It's some weird shit from an outsider perspective.

I think what worries me is that the alt-right have all scattered to particular channels of content, and if you watch their videos, they will have a 99-98 percent like/dislike ratio which just means that they are actualizing and marketing echo chambers rather than actively recruiting members like they have. They aren't being publicly or personally challenged anymore.

(If you are British, you will see that under every BBC or Channel 4 video there is the ocean of reactionaries OP talks about, too)

The forces of reaction have been put on reserve.

they are stockpiling until the next US election

As expected.

Reactionaries have crawled back into their echo-chamber woodwork for the most part, but I definitely can register an uptick in online leftist discourse, marx references and lefty youtube seems to be doing very good these days.

Get ready for the 2020 elections when all the astroturfers get trotted out again and every site is flooded with reactionary, nazi tier shit. Don't get lulled into a sense of security.

Yeah, consider it temporary breathing space. Use it wisely.

Trump won his election so presumbaly the shills he paid to meme were stopped or at least cut back some what, also him not turning out to be a messiah probably put a lot of people off.

I'm pretty sure that 4/pol/'s /ptg/ is some kind of shill operation. When Zig Forums became /mlpol/ they kept on reposting the /ptg/ thread and screeching about the change. Their goal seemed to be to keep it near the top rather than just shit posting.

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Wrong. Only Social Democrats(who a crypto-fascists) are gaing any sort of clot. I am old enough to remember when actual socialists tend to be top within the politics section, with channels such as Ënaa, and brendanmcooney who discussed marxist literature, but also seemed to be a reflection of communist street presence(Jason and Caleb are from this period). Now, post-sargon, we get shit like Peter Coffin, who is just a dude witth a bunch of twitter followers, who chased on the "'DUMP BLUMPF"' craze post 2016.

It was at its worst before Trump was even candidate.

It has to do with how the algorithm rewards watch time. Political YouTube has high engagement and long watch times so it gets recommended a lot. Left wing YouTube is mostly congregated in a few channels while right wing YouTube is spread out much further which means more videos for the algorithm to recommend.
Left wing YouTube already dominates the hot area and in a few years and it soon you will see a new group making fun of the current crop of breadtube spamming the entire site because tons of users just follow trends so there will be a thousands of video of “comrade Zoe SLAMS conservatives with philosophy and social policy” from people who only care about YouTube advertising dollars.

Man–The American Right is more influential in europe than I thought.

You're all retarded

I know damn well you're not talking about leftypol

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the absolute state of dengoids.

Nah bro… you don't understand… the victory of the left is measured in funding for trannies and liberal Youtubers, and also media time people who are somehow even less radical than Bernie Sanders.

Coffin is much worse than that lol, he's a lolcow narcissist who got a taste of fame on some bullshit talent contest and has been chasing it ever since. Most of his followers & subs are bought and he's been embroiled in multiple debacles over the years, including one where he pretended he had an asian wife by dressing up a real doll and plastering it all over social media, whilst constantly saying racist shit about asian people whilst impersonating them. The dude is a trip, check his kiwifarms thread.

Coffin's first call to fame was embarrassing himself for attention on TV. He's a mentally ill narcissist. It's hard to believe that anyone posting on here could support that gigantic, immense faggot.

Seems that magnitude of tribal boundary identifies political leanings. Alt right has a very small boundary of self or family. Alt left encompasses the whole nation or even the whole world.

Thus alt right’s focus on personal freedom and alt lefts focus on collective rights.

This is sadly true in my experience, back in the early 2000 it wasn't uncommon to find open marxists in politics sections btfo'ing centrists, ever since the early 10s the main "dissenting" voice of the internet has shifted into anticommunism, probably on purpose.