Show if you actually are a Communist

Show if you actually are a Communist.

Did Pol Pot do anything wrong doing this?

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yeah he was pretty epic

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Yes. Yes. He did absolutely everything wrong.

Sihanouk was based and anti-imperialist, that's why Lon Nol had to intervene and overthrow him to serve his American masters.
America destroyed the industry
Read the Black Papers. The Vietnamese are the Khmer's hereditary enemy and had expansionist designs in Indochina
Communism was achieved under the Angkar. Goods were distributed according to need and 95-97% of the country lived in collective farms

Achievements of Pol Pot-ism:
How the collective farms worked:
The results of the collectives were divided equally according to need to families. Part of the production went to the use of the district's guerilla army and part was exchanged through the central organization for goods such as clothing, motor oil and salt. Each collective farm strove for self-sufficiency. The week consisted of ten days, the tenth being reserved for political education. The rest of the days were for work. Consumption as well as production was collectivized, with collective meals being introduced in 1977. There were no wages for work under Kampuchean communism and people received identical clothing through the collective, being given a simple black garment. In some collective farms, men and women were segregated and meetings between men and women were restricted. Extramarital relations were punished severely.
The long-term goal was for a sufficiently developed level of industrialization. There were Chinese and North Korean advisers in the country, but besides that Kampuchea was completely isolated
Treatment of the "New People":
The ideological goal of the Communist Party was of course the creation of classless society (which was achieved in the Super Great Leap Forward), therefore the special features of the three million urban dwellers created by the urban capitalistic economy had to be destroyed. They performed the hardest physical labor, their families were broken up and their housing was of the lowest quality. The elite were now at the bottom of society. The goal was the destruction of the social structures maintained by these classes. By the end of the Pol Pot period these differences had vanished as full communism was achieved, showing the useless of Marxist concepts such as "stages" of communist society.
Under Kampuchean Communist society and the institution of rigid egalitarianism there was no need for formal institutions of education, for the young educated themselves spontaneously in a natural social setting based on the unity of living and working; and there was no place for university educated intellectuals, whose specialized training necessarily created a sharp separation between mental and manual labor incongruous with the new order. Books and libraries were not used, and the educational system was rendered superfluous.
The Kampucean National United Front of National Salvation (KNUFNS) was installed in power by the Vietnamese. It consisted of traitors and revisionist elements, being founded in 1978. Sufficiently effective action against the Vietnamese agents operating in Kampuchea during the Pol Pot years was one flaw of DK. Pol Pot, with prescient knowledge, foresaw such treacherous and underhanded moves by the Vietnamese long ago, as indicated in the Black Paper and past Vietnamese attempts to amalgamate the Kampuchean state into the Vietnamese-controlled Indochina Federation. Pol Pot did not want to sell out the Khmer race to their hereditary enemy, instead hearkening back to the glorious Angkor dynasty of the Kampuchean past.
Pol Pot implemented the world's first communist society, refuting Marxist notions of stages of development. From 1975 to 1979, the principle of "from each according to his ability, to each according to his need" was reality. Communism flourished under the aegis of the Angkar. The experience of Democratic Kampuchea should be an example to us all for the building of socialism as quickly as possible.

There once was a man from Phnom Penh
who lived to exploit labor 'n' men
The revolution came
his whole class was to blame
kneeling, trembling, death in Tuol Sleng!

Reading the above, one wonders whether Pol Pot was a student of these great revolutionaries of the 19th century or whether Bakunin and Nechayev themselves were merely proto-Pol Potists operating in Russian conditions. Though criticized by Marx as “crude barracks-communism” (an unmeaningful criticism, as is his criticism of Nechayev’s wonderful Catechism), the successes of barracks-communism have of course been shown by the triumps of the Angkar in Democratic Kampuchea from 1975 – 1979. Many of the steps proposed in the preceding article were in fact carried out by DK. With the instant transition to classless communism under the aegis of the Angkar (analogous to the committee referred to above), almost the entirety of the Kampuchean population was collectivized, ate communally, dressed identically in black garments, living austere and supremely communistic lives. The collective farms, as even admitted in bourgeois sources such as Kimmo Kiljunen, distributed according to NEED

I'm glad that there are some here and not the usual Fascists such as

99% percent of people who criticize Pol Pot have fell for the bourgeois / Vietnamese revisionist lies hook, line and sinker. They haven't read anything about the revolution, the eradication of all class distinctions and the distribution according to need (as described even in bourgeois sources) and instead resort to the script:

It's sad how the undeniably most-advanced communist revolution in history is rejected by Western pseudo-leftists (liberals)

He was undoubtedly a Communist and while he was a very good guerilla leader, as a prime minister he was short sighted and heavy handed, a result of the CPK's ultra-leftist line. The failure of Democratic Kampuchea is firm reminder that it is not feasible to establish socialism in a such short period following political change. I do grant that some of his ideas were quite forward-looking, such as the need to abolish cities.

That's wrong. We need to push more people into cities. Let nature take control over as much of the country it can. It's more sustainable that way.

"Hurr durr no sources"
Here you edgelord, worker, alienating, fascist

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That's not a source

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What would they get by framing a state you admitted committed genocide against a people group?

Actual "muh glorious white ancestors" fash tier
pic related identical slave race

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Have a Soviet source then

Sustainability is a problem of consumption. The balance with nature you seek can be achieved (while preserving and expanding human freedom) simply by reducing the population.

if you want to go that route, i'd advise killing yourself first

You know that Communism is a Collective Ideology right?

Vietnam did absolutely nothing wrong overthrowing him.

Sticking to your script, aren't ya? The Vietnamese were instrumental in destroying the most advanced communist society EVER and you cheer it on. Disgusting. Both Vietnam and Cambodia sunk into revisionist while Pol Pot and the Angkar actually achieved classlessness, abolished money and markets! NO OTHER SOCIALIST STATE HAS SURPASSED THEM

They also massacred people for no good reason, and killed individualism, on top of forced marriages with a side of "Muh glorious superior race", but OK faggot

Or we could just impose limits on the number of births like China successfully did. It's not like the population of industrialized nations are even increasing.

This is the most effort I've seen put into shitposting I've seen in a good long time.

Calling Khmer Cambodia a shithole would be an insult to unsanitary places.

despite what your impressions may be, communism is not simply a matter of killing trillions of people

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Individualism is bourgeois. The individual existence is meaningless without being defined against the collective. In the collective the individual is given meaning. Democratic Kampuchea allowed the collective development of all through enforced collective dining, a uniform style of clothing, etc.

The purges within the party were obviously necessary, look how they stabbed Pol Pot in the back and snuffed out the revolution. The ones in the East Zone had it coming. Urbanites were originally treated worse because they were unskilled but as the revolution progressed and the material conditions for this dissolved, it became classless and casteless in the true sense of the term

I advise you to read Kimmo Kiljunen's account of life under the Khmer Rouge. While undoubtedly a bourgeois work, he shows the merits of life under this system. The entire country was collectivized, distribution was accorded by need, money was abolished, classes were abolished, religion was abolished, the unnatural division between mental and physical labor became a relic of the past. This is the beauty of Year Zero.

Perhaps. There is always the question of how far do we have to go to secure the future for world communism? How much blood must saturate the soil to quench the first of our oppressed, labouring forefathers? The reason communism has not yet triumphed is because real socialism has not been ferocious, brutal and uncompromising enough. When the revolution comes the world shall be cleansed of impurities and man’s creative passion for destruction and violence shall level the old world and set the foundations for the new. All reactionaries must be deprived of enjoying the coming Eden. All art must be defaced – for Mao said that no existing art is without class character, communist art of true humanity shall be the art of the future of Mankind. Upholders of the old order must be cast down from their thrones – celebrities, professional politicians, intellectuals, the religious authorities, all who stand in our way.


If the PRK (Vietnamese puppet government) claimed three million people died, which was nearly HALF of the 1975 population of when Pol Pot came to power, how did post-DK estimates by both the Cambodian government and various international agencies show 7.2 million people in Cambodia after 1979, not to mention those who had fled abroad into Thailand (a half million or more). You can’t have it both ways. The puppet government claimed three million dead and 7 million still alive from the 7 million before 1975….
These are Vickery’s claims in the book from the Marxist Regimes series (1986). Even the World Bank’s population data from Cambodia refutes the “genocide” narrative and largely supports Vickery’s data. There was NO genocide, there may have been overreaches by the DK government in some places but remember the war and turbulence at the time. Also, it would be retarded to claim that all 750,000 people who died during the time Cambodia was DK were deaths directly caused by Pol Pot alone because he was just evil or crazy. As I’ve said, DK was at war with social-imperialist Vietnam, being bombed by America, you name it.

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unironically this

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Nechayev was an adherent to proto-Pol Potist thought. See

I can tell this is a troll because there's no way someone this deep in idealism wouldn't just be an open fascist instead of pretending to be a communist.

I was talking about the ethnic minorities you idiot.
Would the amount of collectives create more individualism, hence more liberty?
That all being said, the pic related might be a better ideology for you, maybe even a site caters to it go back to Pol, you retarded semi convert
reminder Pol Pot's faction went succdem

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I love being hit with the horse shoe theory

There is no idealism in involved in my prospective on Democratic Kampuchea and Pol Pot. A reading of various sources, nearly all of them critical in the supreme has lead me to my conclusions. There is no "pretending to be a communist" when I adhere to the one society in the 20th century which without a doubt achieved a state of classlessness, a society without money, religion, markets, the artificial division between living working, etc. It was communistic in the supreme, egalitarian in the extreme. The facts are all there. I wish for all of you to go beyond these bourgeois / Vietnamese lies and see the truth as I have learned it from my own research. Most of the papers in my picture are named after the title. Read them. Also read Kimmo Kiljunen's study of Kampuchea for more information. Pol Pot demonstrated that criticisms of "barracks communism" and "ultra-leftism" are meaningless and frankly reactionary, setting the transcendence of our current capitalistic mode of production in some distant, untenable future realm. It can be now. Pol Pot developed scientific socialism to a higher phase through the achievements of his revolution and soon I shall plan to constitute a party for the achievement of Year Zero in my own country.

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Str.asser is nothing like Pol Pot. Asser believed the state could reconcile classes, he didn't believe in classlessness, egalitarianism or anything of the sort. Str.asser was also religious. The only good thing Str.asser preached was his disdain for urban areas and his solutions relating to it.

i know this an imageboard and all, but you could jsut upload whatever the fuck youve been reading if you want us to look at it so badly

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Also that stuff like the Gold Standard and Petrodollar are retarded

Nice try.

Look titles up here:
Post article link here:
Another source:

How was starvation so widespread when nearly the entire population was participating in collective farming? I don't actually know much about Democratic Kampuchea, but the thing that seems the most absurd to me is how an entire nation working at virtually maximum capacity to produce food can still starve.

Everyone before the green revolution was a retard. They literally couldn't grow anything if conditions weren't perfect.

You claim to not be idealist, yet babble on about shit like ancestors and forefathers and obsess over abstractions.

Starvation was widespread before the April Revolution. People were fleeing from the rural areas into urban areas due to American imperialist bombings. The population of Phnom Penh more than doubled, this is why it was URGENT to remove everyone from the cities in the nick of time. Times were tough, repeating the starvation meme so maliciously makes me suspect that you are a liberal or blatant anti-communist.

It’s called pathos and ethos, user

I'm just honestly asking a question about a topic I don't know much about.

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Idealism and reactionary ideology, you mean.

-1 off your social credit score

This is what amounts to peak communism to Dengoids. But then again these are the same faggots that use Ameritard-tier arguments to defend China shitty healthcare.