This what happens when u protest against fascists

Pics from 1980s Korea

first time my parents tasted CS gas as well


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Were your parents directly involved in the demonstrations? It would be surprising news to many here in burgerland to hear that south korea, for most of its history, was a repressive dictatorship, and was less developed than NK up until recent years

Can you elaborate on the working conditions of Koreans in that time?

Not him, but look at the working conditions of South Korea in 2019. Super low minimum wage, long work hours, slave contracts, your entire social status dependent on your job, etc. - what gives one the reason to believe that during the 80s, where they were much much poorer, and had a dictatorship, working conditions were not even worse?

Peak boomber

Is this the South Korea fascism thread?

Bumping with some image of the Bodo League Massacre.

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Oh this is rich, I'm fucking loving it. The country that brought you the Black Book of Communism and the annual Freedom in The World report, the same country that has been at war 222 years out of the 239 years of its existence, the same country that is known for threatening socialist countries with nukes, the SAME country that has a habit of staging coups and revolutions on foreign soil across the world, THAT FUCKING COUNTRY not even batting an eye when people get massacred as long as the economy is free to be exploited by oversea corporations. Its great how a country can act so obviously against any global human rights agreements, moral codes and basic human decency, yet remain as the self-entitled authority on freedom and democracy!
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Im not mad or butthurt at all, this is great and I love living in this hell dimension!

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By fascist do you mean violent/immoral states? Because that sort of fascism exists on the entire spectrum of ideology.

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Now that's how you make progress and adjustments for a better future.

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Soviet Union was never permitted to exist by bourgeois nations, it was never not under seige. It also doesn't exist today and was dismantled and overthrown by external powers, Stalin was right to be "paranoid". Stick with Her, and drink your CNN xenophobic kool-aid.

If that’s not fascism I don’t know what is.

how about neither?

Did you just call the USSR neoliberal?

These are levels of retardery never before reached.

Nice b8

I mean, Stalin did undo every economical change that Lenin had done, before doing his own economic reform that was hardcore state capitalism. It was highly controversial among the communist party then, and its controversial among communist circles now. The arguably definitive text book about soviet communism titled "Fundamentals of Marxism-Leninism" that was written in the 70's in Soviet Russia, goes as far as saying that Stalin was a regrettable mistake.
Calling him neoliberal is not accurate but I get the point, and there definitely are things worth criticizing about Stalin's politics, both social and economical.

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Retarded take. The NEP under lenin was literally capitalism, intended to develop the country enough for collectivization, which stalin achieved.

Wew, I'm shocked.

could you screech any louder that you actually have no idea about most basic shit than with that retarded take you just posted?


Just remember these things when the revolution comes. Death to America.

so what type of society did Deng create?

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I asked most people in my group and they simply don’t care. They quote marx for the lulz but they dont fucking care, its so fucking tiresome. They will probably run away when shit actually hits the fan and you will HAVE to fight for the revolution, fucking liberal pussies inside our ranks. Even in most supposed discord servers, they are all lukewarm.

they do it for the lolz, they are all larpers.

you are the only ones Zig Forums. I love you.

I tried to be as neutral and pragmatic as possible, yet this is the response I get? Do you also refute the fact that Lenin warned from his deathbed that Stalin in charge would be bad news? Seems like you guys are balls deep in ideology, have fun with that.
Free market =/= capitalism. Lenin said many times that free markets under socialism is good. As long as the workers own their means of production, then free market is actually free, as in the workers are free to choose who they sell their products at what price etc. As a farmer I really wouldn't have a preference over whether my land is owned by a guy with a golden crown saying he is the god of me because of his heritage, or a top-hat wearing porky saying he is the god of me because he bought that right, or a guy in a military suit and mustache saying he's the god of me because of popular vote.Fuck that, if Im the one sowing, and reaping what I sow, then thats mine. That is the definition of socialism, me(and every other worker) getting to own my labor, and therefore the fruits of that labor. Abolishment of private property alltogether is for endstage communism, rushing for it by nationalizing every little MoP and centralizing their management to the head of the party at capital city doesnt work, and its also very unsoviet-like, if you even know what the word soviet stands for.

Its pretty ironic how the wikipedia page for 'whataboutism' states that its usually associated with soviet union's propaganda in the west, yet here we are for the second time in this very thread. Besides how can you even compare the protests of Tienanmen square to South Korea? Out of the millions of protestors just 35 got arrested, few of which died resisting. Thats the kind of percentage of casualties in a violent riot thats unheard of in capitalist regimes like USA, South Korea and today's France. You literally brought up an incident that shows good example for the rest of the world in handling riots.

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Stalin's plans industrialized the USSR and production skyrocketed at unprecedented speeds in a very short time. The living conditions of the working class improved dramatically in the 1930s and 1940s. I'm not saying you can't criticize Stalin, but saying he was a regrettable mistake and then going on about "Lenin said Stalin bad" and what you'd hypotetically think if you were a farmer is not a valid criticism.

i can only just repeat my previous question, liberal
you actually believe that retarded shit, don't you, you illiterate dimwit

stupid dogmatist trot

A "free" "market" is 90% an ideological construct that does not accurately describe the workings of a capitalist economy. There is no free market capitalism or free market socialism.