Is Natalie Wynn, aka contrapoints is liberal. I seem to remember her saying some liberal shit out of character once

Is Natalie Wynn, aka contrapoints is liberal. I seem to remember her saying some liberal shit out of character once.

Does anyone have evidence of her supporting liberalism/capitalism unironically or not in character in some discourse video?

Thanks in advance. It's for science.

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It's so I can own the libs online

interacting with her and her discord i can tell you this much, if Hillary made even the slightest effort to look like she cared about trans rights, Wynn would of dropped Bernie like a ton of bricks and flocked to her


Do you have any screenshots suggesting that?

she is not a materialist by any measure, but she occasionally employs materialist-esque analysis. I do recall her saying that she wasn't really pro-capitalism but was apprehensive of socialism in some interview, but I forgot where. Tho it was like a year or two ago now, so hard to say. Might've been Chapo.

People only call her liberal because muh idpol im pretty sure.
She's probably a demsoc/socdem, she's always made a point of not openly having a specific ideology outside of a vague "leftism".

This is outright false. I've unfortunatley used her discord, and while most of them are annoying anarkiddies, I wouldn't call them liberal really.
sage eceleb threads

I'll check her Chapo appearance after work thanks!

probably not outwardly. though there is this weird heir of fetishization to the weird, psuedo-victorian aesthetic she goes for in her videos. wouldn't surprise me much at all if she had some reactionary tendencies

She's described capitalism as depressing and dull, but she generally doesn't say anything else about the institution. She's more of a social issues kind of person, talking about fascism, civil rights, etc.

I would say she falls under the "generally Marxist" category of youtubers, like Hbomberguy and Philosophy Tube.

trans people are almost always reactionary in my experience because their particularity in completely solvable by capitalism. so are gays. because the only way trans people can be their gender is by performing it, they must necessarily fall into the reactionary categories of gender (as it is performed by the general public). i don't see how the trans agenda has anything to offer to the movement.

I'm pretty sure hbomb isnt a Marxist. although olly is definitely a radical/socialist of some sort.

he's jokingly mentioned revolution in the past, and has did bits where he read Capital. He's leftist enough to generally know these thing and have a book lying around, which is not half bad for some random internet fucker.

The trans people I know are some of the more serious leftists I know irl. They specifically hate the commodification of gender and the stereotypes that arise from it, and more generally call for the abolition of the conventional binary in favor of more general self-actualization. Personally I just dissociated from all of this gender stuff a long while ago, but their solution seems workable.

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Moralizing about capitalism is not Marxist

What do you mean completely solvable by capitalism? Because a lot of social issues are semi solvable under capitalism.
If you mean ONLY solvable under capitalism then your firmly incorrect, the DDR for example also helped trans people to transition and such, and im sure other communist nations past and present do this too, Cuba for example does free transitions for trans people.

facts over feels

So what was Contra's SomethingAwful username?

they must be a rare breed; over here the most important thing to them seems to be yelling at radfems.

yes, and? what you are saying is very true and precisely the reason most leftists aren't anticapitalists today.

honestly yeah this is kinda the impression i get, especially from contra. it's like she'll be happy and gladly forego any kind of actual socialism as long as she gets to forever play around in her 17th century psuedo-feminine playground. it's an individualistic desperation i see a lot in queer people

I was asking you what you meant by it, because it seems like a nothing statement, equivalent to "we are living in a society. Explain.

what is there to explain? excluding a group of people from producing maximal relative surplus value is harmful to capital. the whole point of capitalism is that it transforms all social relations (including gender relations) to fit its reproduction. that is the only reason we have "rights" (human, woman, black, you name it).

She's Anti-capitalist and Socialist or a radical socdem at the least for sure, but she doesn't pretend to know how to end capitalism and is sort of a redliberal in regards of actually reaching Socialism since smashie cat is shown to be too focused on smashing and revolution then muh votes but shes said if votes don't work or Trump unironically starts going Hiter she'll call smashie cat back and pretty sure she's for bash the fash a bit.

literally every one I have met minus one is that way

Sure, but I don't understand how that translates to "trans people are almost always more reactionary".
Shouldn't this also mean that non-whites, all LGBT+ groups, women and all other groups with issues particular to there own identity should be more reactionary too by this logic?
It also doesn't recognise that the majority of reactionaries are outside of those groups for obvious reasons.

You have an entire image board to argue about which group of people is more reactionary and you chose my thread where I needed help to do it.

Imagine being so obsessed with a trans eceleb that you pretend to be a leftist to try to dig up dirt to smear her with

Really dude, do us all a favor and take a nap in your garage with a running vehicle

The individual cannot exist outside of the social. People are only able to derive purpose by conceiving of themselves within a social body. Her 17th century pseudo-feminine playground might not be fulfilling to her as long as she's aware that she lives in a social body where not everyone can enjoy such playfulness. At least, it wouldn't be for me.


OP asks for evidence of her supporting an ideology

Thread FULL of people theorizing about her ideas

She has videos

point to the places in the videos

The Apocalypse. Milk gag is portrayed as a moron who's liberal. Pigtails is an anti-capitalist who's trying to explain that capitalism is going to kill us all

she probably isn't fulfilled but i think she's openly desperate enough for it to not even really matter. at least not enough for her to let it go once shit hits the fan and it's time to fight

in short, no, because their identities aren't always dependent on the current social relations.

She's fine but you can tell she's into social shit way more than anything related to marxism, most of her fans are boring anti-ml anarkiddies though

I would definitely need something stronger than being anti-ML.
Theres loads of non-anarchist anti-ML communists out there.

How are the identities of non-whites not dependent on social relations? The way we decide who is "white" has always changed for the convenience of the ruling class.