/br/ Brazil Thread - Fio Brasileiro

/br/ Brazil Thread - Fio Brasileiro
Quase uma semana depois do limite de bampes, um novo fio.
A new br thread, since the last one died of death.
Um lembrete: o /bantifa/ existe, movitem aquela joça.

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Fio anterior:

I confess I preferred to use the Latin American thread, since ours can get a bit… lonely. So I guess I'll try posting only in English, to hopefully attract more interest.

What the hell is that scene from? It doesn't take a genius to figure out using the flag as a fucking handkerchief is an immense disrepect (for whomever still is spooked by that).

Incidentally, these exclusive interviews have only harmed their narrative, haven't they? As if daddy running away from debates wasn't enough, these fucks can't even make a believable interview with openly biased networks, it's incredible. Fuck, even their social media presence is clearly detrimental by now, yet they keep going. They went from background character to chart-topping star of the show overnight, and have no idea how to do anything in big boy politics, neither the actual work nor the sleazy work. They couldn't resist vying for becoming the main actors, but now that the limelight is on them, they freeze because all they ever read of the script is the one single quip their background roles used.

I mean, I can understand, even if it's still pathetic, that they're bumbling their way into high office jobs – Wilson Witzel Whitney Houston is so lost he went to Garotinho for a consigliere. But fucking up the sleazy part transcends any definition of pathetic. They're so used to small town corruption that they think they can keep that routine going, just doing whatever the fuck they want and lie at the end and that'll be the end of it. So they skip hearings and use legal privileges, without thinking of the consequences, and each time they try to fix a fuck-up, they fuck up even harder. It's not just a matter of intelligence, which is decidedly in low offer from that entire crew, but sheer petty-mindedness. It's so ridiculously petty and amateurish that I can't get mad nor laugh, because it really reads exactly like satire but it's what passes for politics these days.

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Sadly this works, it's been the same situation in my country for over 20 years, where they constantly fail, make fools of them selves and provoke disgust, but it still keeps happening over and over and over. It's like the general population has the attention span of goldfish.

They, twatter and caralivro, were saying it was from one of his recent interviews, but its from when his father was "stabbed".
Source: buzzfeed.com/br/rafaelcapanema/o-video-do-flavio-bolsonaro-chorando-nao-e-de-agora
I'm truly sorry for the buzzfeed article.
No one was posting there, which is unfortunate but not surprising.

Well I'm afraid you're right. What I meant is, at lower offices, they rob relatively little, but they can stay there for life, like the overfed lice they are. I mean, who the fuck will start a campaign to get a city councillor to resign or impeached? But now everyone's paying attention, and in the end, they will get away with it, sadly, but they can't do it this cack-handedly for long.

Well shucks. Still, it would have a larger potential readership, but eh, it's up to the people's will.

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Agora, o caso Queiróz faz conexão com o Estado miliciano.

Após a denúncia do COAF, em que ele ficou desaparecido, ele foi esconder-se em Rio das Pedras, capital das milícias.

Operação da PF contra milícias cariocas, talvez a que esteja encarregada também do caso Marielle, acaba de prender um major da PM envolvido com o grupo que a matou, que, por coincidência, fora condecorado pelo Flavim muito tempo atrás. Esse grupo, por mais coincidência ainda, está baseado em Rio das Pedras.

Não para de sair coelho dessa cartola. Os casos Queiroz e Marielle estão a um grau de distância de serem conectados.

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More and more rabbit.

Can I get an english summary whats happening in brazil in a nutshell?

What you know?

In general, we have one america's cuckold as president. Neoliberal reforms in the economy. Ideology is basically 4chan's Zig Forums. So our country is going to shit.

First twenty days of government and EVERYDAY we have a new shitstorm. Currently it's Flávio Bolsonaro, one of the president's sons, being a suspect in some corruption case. Today's news is his connection with militias that dominate certain favelas in Rio de Janeiro. Members of this militia were arrested today because of various crimes, as well as being suspected of murdering a left-wing councilwoman last year.

Eu tinha que postar isso aqui.

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Vixe Maria!
Pelo menos a mãe do miliciano estava, inclusive, entre os remetentes do Queiroz.

I made a big-ass English text about the first few days which I intended to post as a new thread, because there's just so much dirt and idiocy, it's unbelievable. Every new day, the cunts fuck things up again anew, and journalists dig up old shit.

Should I post as a new thread? I think it's more than enough material to inform the rest of the board.

Many videos of the family and cabinet members improve immensely with songs like Spanish Flea and Baby Elephant Walk.


Seria esse o novo modus operandi do governo? E qual vantagem essa estratégia dá a eles?

Fizeram um site dessa imagem:

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Reações ao discurso do bolsonaro em davos
Discurso de apenas seis minutos.
He spoke for only 6 minutes

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The speech


Mercado sentiu um pouco.

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Well, Globo finally decided to grow some balls a few days ago, and stopped trying to smooth things over. A pointless task, because you can't do that with authoritarians.

Meanwhile, the family is so godawful at everything, that Record TV's shameless sucking-up is actually harming their image already. It's literally impossible to make their interviews not make them look like swamp creatures. If you ever asked yourself if Bozo's trophy wife was a dumb as him, well, she might be even worse.

Seems like they're being biased in Bozo's favor tbh

To be fair, this guy was the main contender, but wasn't officially named. Then God knows how, that Olavo cultist was named, and I still don't know if it was Bozo, Onyx or Ernesto who did it. Ernesto is the most likely culprit, since he himself is a cultist, but Bozo will do whatever Eduardo tells him to, and he named a bunch of these idiots. Bozo and Ernesto already had a run-in with the Apex director, who "refused to be fired" by Ernesto and wanted to hear it from Bozo himself.

This isn't a strategy at all. First of all, tho they have highly-paid marketeers who might have made these pitches, these can't work miracles, and the circus will keep fucking things up nonstop. Also, ever since the election, people kept saying they'll use a tactic to accrue popularity: have some lower-ranked patsy make an unpopular and pointless decision, then have Bozo sweep in and set things right. But I have been telling since then that it doesn't work that way with this government. He cultivated a patriarchal image, as if he would oversee everything his underlings do, and no decision would be taken without his consent and shit, and this is doubly important since his entire campaign was a completely hollow cult of personality. It doesn't matter who fucks up, it would make Bozo look bad, and no amount of undoing underlings' mistakes would prevent that. Add to that the fact that, well, all the worst decisions are coming straight from the top anyway. Last but not least, Bozo has a sort of "hard cap" of amount of supporters, which peaked at 57-58m during the run-off election. Due to the irreconcilable differences between the high expectations of the elected, hyper-real Bozo and the utter worthlessness of the real one, he will only ever lose supporters, never gaining a single one. The more people see of him, the less they like, and after the elecion frenzy, no single person who didn't vote for him in the run-off election can possibly change their mind now. So the 57-58m tally is like a countdown clock of sorts.

So then, this is no strategy. It's just plain stupidity married to conflicting interests. And these past few days have made the odds of a military coup against Bozo skyrocket.

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Muito legal ver essa minoria carioca recebendo o seu dia. Não sabia que existiam Samurais no RIO DE JANEIRO.

With all the recent shit, I'm pretty sure the marketeers from the elections were either fired or changed. Because, fucking hell, it's one PR nightmare after another and it won't stop.

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Akira takes place in 2019, and Tokyo's Olympic stadium is undergoing repairs, right on cue. Are your bodies ready?

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You gotta be fucking kidding me. Oh shit, you aren't. He's even more of a comedy character than Bozo. Did you see the police-like badge and "gubernatorial sash" he had made? He even had his predecessor hand the latter to him in a ceremony created just for that, and wore it even in a cabinet meeting.

Fun fact: he has a trans son, with whom he, unsurprisingly, doesn't have the best of relationships. Altho, the very next day after Wilson's inauguration possession, his son serendipitously got his turn in the public healthcare's line for hormonal treatment.

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How can we exploit this?

No, he is one of us:

E os protestos contra o aumento da passagem continuam:


Já começaremos a sentir os frutos da política externa do governo bozo:


Lembrando que o bozo já defendeu as milícias na câmara.

Artigo destrinchando um pouco a relação dos bozonaros e as milícias:


Achei mais um maldito procurador fazendo agitação fascistóide. Puta que o pariu, esquece a lei de imprensa, a primeira coisa a ser feita quando a corja cair é uma devassa nos médios e altos escalões de todas as malditas organizações públicas. Expandir a proibição de militares de fazer manifestação política para todo e qualquer servidor público com autoridade legal, e criar um orgão pra fazer essa merda valer, já que nem os milicos obedecem. Eles efetivamente aparelharam o Estado sem nenhum comando central, só por serem sociopatas e, por natureza, buscarem mais e mais poder para implantar suas imbecilidades. Se a Lava-Jato já era uma paulada na democracia, o meio-escalão do Judiciário já virou sucursal da Marcha Sobre Roma.

Eu não estava sendo completamente irônico quando falei para ir procurando um contato para adquirir um fuzil para guardar em caso de emergência. A fronteira paraguaia é sempre o local mais provável de se conseguir, mas atualmente, a divisa RS-Uruguai parece ser a pedida. Virou um faroeste, pois a falta de oferta de maconha cisplatina fez com que traficantes brasileiros contrabandeassam a made in Brazil barata para o outro lado da fronteira. Há relatos de meliantes vendendo ervas e fuzis até por zapzap.

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Why does Bolsonaro always look like he's about to cry?

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alguém com mais skills de photoshop que eu faz, pelo amor de dilma, um "chad/virgin" do lula e bolsonaro como na pica relatada

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Are the police randomly killing people in the favelas?

>by sheer coincidence, said journo has the same surname as Manuela, facilitating wrong conclusions and lies by Bozo's fake news machine about Globo's leftist bias

This just might be one of the best cases of poetic justice I have ever witnessed. I didn't expect the media's anti-PT campaign to bite them on the ass so clearly and so soon. Reap what ye sow, Globo.

Now let's watch out for more plea testimonies against Folha, Veja, Estadão et al.

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Better ask in the OC thread.

Doesn't look like that to me, honestly.

Of course not. It's not random at all. :^)

Seriously tho, as in any other country, the poorest classes have a higher rate of criminal population, and an even higher rate of police brutality and homicides which surpasses it. Add to that the existence of what are now euphemistically called militias, which used to be vigilante gangs mostly composed of former or acting cops and soldiers. Naturally, their supposed concern for the communities' well-being wasn't exactly truthful, and they pretty much just death squads which required little to no evidence to off supposed perps. A hard rule against drugs in their area used to be their telltale sign, but they extorted people, dealt with stolen goods, contraband etc. At some point in the past 10 years, however, they effectively became a criminal faction in and of itself, including becoming part of the drug turf wars, according to The Intercept BR. Their Brazilian outlet is as maginiciently professional, valuable and courageous as their US counterpart is anodyne.

It should be noted that the immense crime rate began during the military dictatorship, as did so many of Brazil's current, chronic problems. While the supposed tough guys were wasting time torturing teachers and labor organizers, organized crime got, well, organized, and in the wake of this crime wave, the death squads inevitably grew as well. A particularly stupid mistake by the rulers was tolock political criminals together with the common, professional ones, resulting in the former teaching organization and even guerrilla tactics to the latter in order to destabilize the government, giving rise to organized crime. Needless to say, it didn't go the way they expected. The most notorious one is called something like Red Command, as a "homage" to our comrades which helped create this mess. Thanks a lot, guys. Anyway, despite the name, they never had any political agenda. Like I said in the previous thread, all that organized criminals deserve is a sudden, concentrated lead injection to the back of the neck. And ironically, as I also mentioned in the previous thread, organized crime almost always enmesh themselves with the State authorities in capitalist governments, specially the lower ones. It's true of isolated Peruvian villages, and it's true in the urban desolation of Rio favelas.

Here's the article, in Portuguese.
This graph is simple enough, listing the number of anonymous tips received by the police hotline per 1k people in the 10 metro Rio cities most affected by organized crime. Green represents tips made against criminal factions, blue against militias. There's no shortage of favelas and organized crime in other cities and states, of course, but Rio will always be the epicenter.

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Lembrete que Paulo Henrique Amorim é God Tier, baseado e redpillado e só falta ele entrar pra gangue stalinista TERF para ele ser Acima de Deus tier.



Por mais satisfatório que isso possa ser, a Globo talvez seja a principal força de oposição ao governo no momento.
Also, isso levanta algumas perguntas, até quando eles serão "oposição"? O PSDB está a beira da se tornar um partido da base do governo e as outras emissoras já demonstraram o seu suporte incondicional ao bozo, não vai demorar para a globo também aderir ao governo. E como ficará a popularidade do governo quando isso acontecer?

E as noticias não param de chegar:

Flávio Bolsonaro ocupou um cargo na Câmara dos Deputados enquanto fazia faculdade e estágio no Rio.

Seriously, Palocci's testiony against Lula was already suspicious even by Car-Wash's standards, but this really is beyond the pale. He "signed the receipt", as people have been saying lately. It's becoming harder to mask the truth even from oblivious normies, assuming the media still wants to do so in the first place. The fact that Globo of all people might have to dismantle their Car-Wash hagiography gives me a political boner like q-carbon.

Also, Flavim's calvary continues.

Esse filho da puta….. quero nem imaginar o quão grande o nível da demência está na câmara de eco do meu grupo da família.

haha oh wow, Guedes just might be pushing for the inclusion of military pensions in his reform in order to get him couped. I mean Jesus, only someone as stupid as Bozo can't see the trap he's walking into.

About the internet limits, I thought it was already like that here…

Sad but true. Pic related. The left is sleeping through an opportunity. Then again, Globo would hog the label of the opposition, and would never give any air time or page space for any leftist, no matter how pseudo, to steal their thunder. The left is risking being sidelined as opposition to Bozo, and all they can count on is the internet, because the entire mainstream media save for Carta Capital is either hogging the limelight, like I said, or licking Bozo's boots.

Globo just tried playing along and was throughly rebuffed. Given that fact, their only choices were between becoming open opposition, or reducing itself to abject submission, which is the only way authoritarians can "make peace" with an enemy. So open opposition was the only sane choice, really. Therein lies a lesson about chasing people into a corner. The very first rebellion against the first Chinese dynasty happened due to a perverse incentive stemming from its draconian laws. Two army captains were ordered to move their troops to protect the border from steppe invaders, but heavy rainfall made it clear that they wouldn't be able to make it in time. So they thought to each other, what was the penalty for being late to a government job? Death. Well, that's the same punishment meted out against rebels, so really, it was a no-brainer.

As for their relationship with PSDB, well, the party is in shambles and divided, and the anti-Bozo side reclaiming dominance is inlukely. Starting an offshoot party, or even a split which ends PSDB altogether, are still possibilities. A new party consisted of the members who oppose Bozo would be Globo's natural ally. And if that fails, I have a sinking feeling that they would attach themselves to Ciro and remake PDT in PSDB's image.

To understand the orange, you must become the orange.

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lol sai daqui lésbica com camiseta de joy division

never gonna make it

Ishi, eu já desisti disso. Melhor do que perder a mamata do dentista grátis.

Volte para o youtube, Harris Bomberguy.

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Today, and every day, you should remind them.

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Pior que num dá kkkk
se eu sequer insinuar que o QI dos jegues não é de 200, perco meu plano de saúde.

Its just to say "we tried", everbody know that the military and the judiciary are not gonna going to be part of the reform.

Nope, and thats awesome, the ancraps, bozo fanbase and the movements like VPR and MBL are behind the movement against internet limits in the first time that the proposal come out, now they are the situation, and this gonna split them.


Você me lembrou de uma coisa, não seria hora de começar a cobrar esses grupos anticorrupção sobre o flavin? Cadê os protestos na paulista?

A war criminal, supporter of torture, and Orwellian repressor of civil liberties takes a photo with Bolsonaro.

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Well sure, but Guedes actually wants that, and Bozo voiced it publicly. This can't be good for the latter's chances of dying in a freak plane crash or during a common surgery.

It sure as fuck is, but again, we only have the internet to voice this. But then again, I don't see any leftist group doing this on social medias. With Flavim crashing and burning, it's the perfect moment to squeeze the astroturfing bastards.

Oh yeah, something to spam around.

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Jair, o Breve.

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Jesus fucking Christ. Bozo's Weekend at Davos' fiasco, Globo's declaration of opposition, the convenient testimony by Palocci against Globo, PSL's Chinese tour, Olavo's frontal attack on them, Flávio's collapse, Moro's silence, the election for Congress presidents, the rumble over social security reforms, Mourão's compulsive sincerity and the Venezuelan elections are converging to put Bozo's baze on the brink of collapse, and there practically weren't even any protests yet. Just shows how well Porky insulated State power from the people. It's exactly like watching a soap opera.

Tem também no sabor bandeira falsa.

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Esta foto vai estar nos exames de vestibular dos seus filhos.

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¿So, will our army march over Caracas to sit on the lap of amerimutts defend democracy™ in Brazil's backyard?

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Idk when, but likely as soon as Drumpf commands. Biroliro will not refuse to. Not sure about Mourão.

Also, according to the VP: no, we won't be marching into Venezuela, let they kill themselves.

Seria o Mourão nosso agente secreto? hehe

Frankly, the Venezuelan army would wipe the floor with our troops. Maduro grossly overexpanded it in order to secure himself, and ours is too incompetent to merely watch our own fucking borders. They have no chance whatsoever of invading any place, let alone in equatorial jungle terrain. But then again, if this happened, Murka would drone Venezuela into the Stone Age, thus maybe giving our boys a fighting chance. Maybe.

Anyway, like others said, if Trump so much as make that ugly duckface towards Bolsonaro, the latter would send in the troops. But the officers have a bare minimum of patriotism (they were apalled by the idea of a Murkan base here, especially since it was Bozo who offered it), and enough sense not to piss off the troops, which are the single force on this gay country which can cast them down from the pedestal they have been on for 518 years and counting. Not that the troops have any sympathy for Maduro, but out of mere self-interest. Brazil hasn't fought in a proper war since WW2. Pic related is a one-of-a-kind sight: a Nazi general surrendering to HUEHUEHUE, by the time the Red Army rape train had already arrived at its final destination in Berlin and Hitler had munched on a bullet.

The officers just might want to get involved (generals can only reach the highest rank, marshal, if they serve in a war), but no troop wants to lose what essentially is a sinecure with physical exams, and the idea of entering a war is almost completely alien to the entire population.

Fun fact: Brazil has never lost a conflict, not out of any martial skills, but because the obscene majority of military actions have been repression of ill- or unarmed popular revolts, or sometimes, just plain grumbling malcontents who ran out of luck. Its telos has always been one of oppressing their countrymen, their one continuous function that unites the current brass to the very first Portuguese troops to set foot here. Only last year, it dawned on me that, for my whole life, the armed forces have been an unseen obstacle to our development, as they have been among the cunts participating in the anti-PT coups, and are pretty much in charge again already thanks to Bozo. In hindsight, they have always been a fundamentally elitist and self-serving body, in the tradition of the old Portuguese armies whose officers were staffed by porkies and nobles, as reflected in their constant violent repression of rebels coupled with similarly frequent forays into shitting the government up. They are, simply put, warlords holding the country for ransom, and only the troops can put this 518-year-old parasite down.

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O que?
como assim só no ano passado, anão?

I guess I should have explained myself better. Of course, I realized long ago that they're reactionary bastards fagging the country up, but only last year I realized that they're completely blocking our development. They simply can't be argued with or maneuvered around. Even a peaceful and capitalistic path to development, in the bourgeois revolution mold, would get nixed by them, because they are not just a privileged class which wants to keep its privileges, but the one class which has the power to do so at any moment. They're an obstacle which can be dealt with in no way other than destruction. While the officerdom of 1500 still exists, Brazil not just cannot, but will not develop, period.

This man knocks on your door and tells you he needs you to fight for Brazil i.e. the United States, so you're going to be drafted and sent to fight in Venezuela. What do you do?

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Doesn't he have a colostomy bag? Brazil bros should just grab it and tear it out.

Bologna looks like fucking Palpatine lmao

alguém, por obséquio, me explica essa merda aqui:
seria um novo mbl ou algo assim?

Finish the job

Okay vamos ver o que vocês acham de mim, isto é nazbol?

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I show him what a real knife stab looks like.

Can't finish what never started lol

Rapaz, eu não faço a mínima ideia o que aquela putaria de essencialismo quer dizer. Se puder me explicar, fico grato. Só me preocupo com esse teu score de conservadorismo. Tipo, o que esse quiz considera progresso? ateísmo e homossexualismo ou transsexualismo?

Jean Wyllys abriu mão do cargo de deputado por conta das ameaças de morte que estava sofrendo e pela falta de apoio do governo para garantir a sua segurança, indo embora do Brasil. Exílio voluntário A decisão foi tomada após ser evidenciado a ligação de Bolsonaro com a organização criminosa responsável pela execução da Vereadora Marielle Franco e Anderson, sendo a vereadora colega de partido de Jean Wyllys.

O estuprador de clocas, vulgo presidente da republiqueta, já está comemorando no twitter. O presidente do país comemorando um deputado abandonando o seu cargo devido a ameaças de morte.

O que falta para a esquerda radicalizar de vez? Não estão vendo que democracia não vai resolver isso? Temos que fazer uma limpa no país. Tem que haver um massacre, um grande expurgo desses seres responsáveis pelo nosso atraso e miséria.

Pirata aqui
Enfim, sabe qual é o foda, anão? é que esses pós modernos lacradores criaram essa insanamente forte cultura de pacifismo, de ciranda, de bundex. Eu tinha viajado pro Nordeste durante o Natal, e conheci petistas super gente boa e com ensino superior e tudo, mas que se assosiavam com amigas bostanaras, e que buscavam ignorar qualquer susgestão de violência.
Estamos fudidos mesmo. A doutrina pós moderna cancerígena conseguiu botar na cabeça desses frangos que usar arma é algo inadmissível. Que matar sempre é errado. Isso é um pesadelo. Enquanto não rompermos essa barreira que nos separa dos lacradores fdps, continuaremos nesse inferno. Enquanto eles não entenderem que vale até tortura e estupro na guerra, continuaremos nessa gaiola de pássaro.


I already knew he could barely go to work and back home from so damn many death threats, and fucking MBL actually mocked him for it. Now Bozo, even a hair away from being couped or having his support base shattered, is actually celebrating political persecution. The prospect of a civil war is becoming more desirable by the day.

All damn PSOL politicians must be receiving tons of threats by now. I know Freixo is in the same situation as Jean, and has already self-exiled before.

Rio is a lost case. The entire damn country is a mess, and there's a lot of violence in the countryside that media just plain ignores, but the situation in Rio is unironically a literary dystopia. If a civil war happens, that city will be the site of a catastrophe, no matter who wins.

Also, keep an eye on this guy. Former PT member and Marielle's ally, now on witness protection for testifying against crooked cops and militias. A prize target now.

Let me repost this list of advice I wrote before.

Emphasis on the thing about leftist organizations destroying and/or encrypting members' data. I know folks here aren't exactly social butterflies, but if you know anyone or any organization in real life, do tell them this. It seems like an exaggeration, but better safe than sorry. If shit hits the fan, this will have saved lives.

I would only like to add now the thing about seeking contacts to buy a rifle, and keeping it really well damn hidden, for a worst case scenario.

God knows you're right, but from a pragmatic point of view, leftist armed violence now would only move people towards Bozo's side. The left is still smeared in the eyes of the populace, and firing the first shot would only confirm all the bullshit they have been fed and galvanize their spooks. It's absolutely vital that Bozo is thoroughly defamed before that happens, to make it clear to everyone that he always was the greater evil. Make no mistake, if the left takes up arms, no matter if it's a matter of self-defense, the anti-Bozo media won't spare a second thought before demonizing them even more than Bozo, assuming they wouldn't just plain decamp to his side. No leftist revolt can hope to win without having the people on their side, materially if possible, but at the very least, morally. Without the people being aware of the justice of our cause, I'm afraid martyrdom is more tactically useful than arming ourselves, in order to delegitimize Bozo enough. Them's the breaks.

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American here. I realize that monarchism makes up a large voting bloc in brasil, and i'm just wondering if it would be possible to spread an ideology similsr to distributism or a palace economy while taking advantage of the shitshow in brasil. You guys seem to be in dire straits, so it would be a good idea not only to arm yourselves but to save some methods of spreading a leftist ideology without access to the internet. If a civil war breaks out or bolsonaro decides to rack down on leftist freedom of speech, i'm willing to bet online discussion will be silenced as well.
Best of luck to you all.

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Tentar pela terceira vez responder aqui antes que o BO apague tudo.
Precisamos converter a lacralhada a largar de moralismo de não querer matar, de não querer usar armas, etc. Porque os fdps de direita não tem esse moralismo, e isso os dá uma vantagem enorme.

I have no idea what you mean, fren. Anyways, I don't think our monarchist block has any significant power…

Blame my American citizenship for my ignorance. I was under the impression that brazil had a powerful monarchist bloc.

It really doesn't. If you were to make a poll, you'd probably find a surprising proportion of people who would like the monarchy back, but their political engagement is next to nil. Latin Americans traditionally vote for personalities, not policies or parties.

Let me confess something without a hint of irony. This approaching catastrophe has, for the moment, cured me of the suicidal ideation that has haunted my adult life, by replacing it with homicidal urges.

Oh yes, also, reminder to keep writing down names and data of any Bozo supporter you find. It's fair to say that, from this point onwards, whichever supporter you see which isn't a bot nor a shill is a pathological reactionary, undisputably an enemy not simply of the people, but of humanity itself.

Write it all down.

Fuck with scabs

That's great, actually. We need you alive, camarada. Alive to butcher some bozos.

I personally have a huge list of jewtube right wing channels, but not any data on individuals.

Strangling him seems very easy, judging by the physical prowess he has shown after 30 years away from the army.

Nah, MBL is pure Porky-funded astroturf, this seems legit. Keeping in mind nazbol is literally an art project, these guys actually seem to have arrived at the same thing but unironically. Sounds a lot like Stalinism if Uncle Joe hadn't persecuted religions, assuming these guys don't share his bloodlust.

Kinda, I guess. Maybe you belong with this crowd

The "most read" sections of the main publications read like the brochure to a Greek tragedy play.

I had mostly social networks in mind, which expose the people in question much more, for reasons obvious. Write down their name, make an archive.is of their profile etc.

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And of course I forgot the damn video.

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Ok, but if I do it, should I put it here?

So this how leftists react to getting BTFOed. You guys never change your violent ways.

Just remember what you dish-out will get sent back.

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Que BTFO o que seu retardado. Vá lá chupar a rola do seu palpatino preferido. Vamos é torturar sua família mesmo.

Por Que?

Hehehe Keep crying comrade.

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Claiming the moral high ground due to being nonviolent is rich coming from somebody who supports people who claim to follow the footsteps of people like pinochet who coup'd the democratically elected president of chile all those years ago.

Back to sucking that US dick, that's what makes you a patriot after all.

Deem uma olhada nessas páginas e comunidades no Facebook e no WhatsApp que dão as noticias do bairro, no meu a principal fonte de noticias é um página do FB, página essa que é ligada a grupos "anticorrupção" (que até agora não falaram nada do caso do Flávio) e até a associação de moradores daqui é abertamente antipetista.



Ter força o suficiente para isso, não adianta nada repetimos o sucesso das guerrilhas que tivemos na época da ditadura.

First the monarquist are not really relevant, second, the heir of the throne is a "minarchist" and think this is the reason why the monarchist are growing, the libteens (and even ancraps) are filling their ranks, so i dont think this is gonna work.

Mais provável esse pessoal sair do país.

Ou seja, como o filho da puta ganhou democraticamente o prêmio maior, foda-se as parcelas que são contra ele. Faz sentido. A essa áltura, o Nordeste deveria pedir independência mesmo.

Eu topo postar umas aqui, enquanto minha VPN grátis durar. Seria interessantíssimo sabe quem são que estão por traz…

Nah, lembre-se que aqui é um lugar aberto e isso poderia dar uma pista de onde você mora.

Que tal criar um local onde simplesmente depositamos sem bandeiras ou falas de introdução? tipo, um onde não daria pra saber quem foi que botou.

Acho que o melhor mesmo é cada um criar a sua listinha, quando tudo isso passar ai poderemos compartilhar em qualquer lugar.

Nem falo mais nada.

I'd say, let's not assemble our lists yet. If we collected it now, the bastards would no doubt raise a stink about karltural marxists making a blacklist to discriminate these poor lil fashies. Hell, they could even claim it's a fucking hit list and use those damn anti-terrorism laws. It's a backup tool, in case the proverbial shots fired become literal, by which time, putting together a big-ass list of the cunts is fair game, and might prove invaluable.

That's exactly the kind of places they gather. Fascists are cowards by nature, they always disguise their horrid intentions until it's completely safe.

Quem tiver com pressão baixa, dá uma olhada nessa live que cura rapidinho.