Corporation hate

You guys finally won me over about the evils of the international mega-corporations.

Now that I'm on board. How do you fight this? How do we bankrupt them?

How do we starve them of dollars? What do?

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From what I remember reading, Cockshott said something like the best way to end corporations (at least initially, not sure in the long term) was that instead of expropriating them we should make them useless, but I don't remember what he meant by that or how we can do that. It had something to do with coops.

Great thread!

Well I mean that really depends. For starters, where you from? What are the conditions in your country? Then you work from there.

I'm not really sure why you're even advocating destroying Corporations. A more logical transitional economic system would be syndicalism, basically an economic system where many large co-operative trade unions control the means of production on a per industry basis democratically and the central government serves as a regulatory body to ensure that the unions do not become autocratic and disrupt trade.

The best part of the system is that most countries already have large corporations that can serve as the framework for such institutions and it would possess a technocratic element that would ensure a certain level of idiot proofing. It would also serve as an excellent way to fight globalism; no work force is going to vote to send their own jobs to Mexico. It wouldn't destroy the existing market structure that exists within the world, but would rather serve as a new way to produce products in a more equitable fashion.

Syndicalism is something that has always interested me a bit, but what advantages are there to having giant corporations be owned and controlled by trade unions instead of just being nationalized by the workers' state? In my ideal system, all the biggest corporations would be nationalized and the smaller businesses would be managed collectively by the workers.

Because the state is easily co-opted as seen many times over. We have to make the state/corporations answer to the people so they can be used to our benefit.

I am intrigued by siezing the corporation from within for the worker.

I'm a low level accountant in an American fortune 500 company.

Leninism, has publicly owned companies as well.

On the question of denying revenue, you simply strike, and perform bank runs.

Unionize, lad. That's why syndicalism fits America, as you can't pass out Communist fliers nowadays, without being looked at strangely in the the workplace (folk music appeals to burgers, as well)

Coop-based syndicalism with cybernetic economic planning seems like the perfect way to run a society.

you've got a long way to go

you've got a long way to go too :DD

unionizing won't do shit as has been seen in the past. all it does is provide another useless organ that usurps workers rights and subverts their power just as much as the corporations themselves do. we need a system of checks and balances for corporations, however over time all things become co-opted with money. it's a hard problem with no real solution other than public trust and the people within being inspired to help the people around them rather than prey on them. homogenous societies have shown these traits, however, it's only one piece of the puzzle.


The IWW, isn't run for profit, and incorporates direct democracy, you soc-dem, Rosa Luxemburg killing, misguided child.
ah yes, Revolutionary Spain, where they all spoke Catalan.

You sound very naive. The free market has been demonized for ages, with leftism failing every time.

Somebody doesn't even know how to be right-wing correctly.

The OP sounds like I did when I was a teenager. Yes, capitalism has it's issues, but it's more efficient than authoritarian systems.

Whew lad

You have reached the wrong conclusion. What matters is not efficiency, what matters is how many people who deserve to die, die.

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This meme is deeply autistic, please seek help


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srfu, corporations gave us technology and stuff if you wanna live in ancave be my guest but you gotta not wear dem panties ;)