Vietnam and Laos life expectancy

Why does Vietnam has high life expectancy and why does Laos has a low life expectancy?
As most of leftists know, Cuba has one of highest life expediencies in the world. Vietnam and China are close too, with Vietnam having highest life expectancy of any major ASEAN countries, and higher than american vassals in the region like Pakistan, Thailand or Indonesia, yet Lao's has one of lowest life expediencies in the world. Why?

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Laos is a puppet of Social Imperialist Vietnam

As far as I can tell, their education system is crap, meaning there are few skilled doctors to actually provide healthcare in the country in the first place. Laos has a literacy rate of 58% as of 2011, that is a very clear sign that education is not adequate in the country and thus why a huge portion of the population are still subsistence farming.

Laos is a military junta with red paint.

What happened with Laos between Liberation from the French and now?
I thought it was communist like Vietnam for the longest time.

You’ve made this thread before

Being a Dengist will rot your brain.

Being a completely landlocked country with extremely mountainous geography, Laos was considered a capital sink to the French so they didn’t even bother to develop any infrastructural basis for the people there.

Not to mention Laos was the biggest victim of the Sino-Soviet split. With Vietnam being aligned with the USSR, China had to influence Laos and Kampuchea. While the Kampuchea under Pol “I’m an intellectual but fuck every intellectuals that’s not me” Pot went full bootlicking to their masters in Beijing, Laos tried to remain neutral. This led to most of the industrialization resources going to Kampuchea to held up that shit show from utterly collapsing.

At the same time, Vietnam’s decision to unite their country didn’t went well with the Chinese (since this would mean the USSR having a foothold on their turf and they had made promised to the US to stop supporting Vietnam), the supplies from China stopped coming and combined with the completely destroyed northern industrial centers by US bombings forced them to stopped trying to help other countries around like Laos and Kampuchea to rebuilt their own shit (which explained why Vietnam was so surprised at Kampuchea sudden hostility).

Then came the shit show that was the invasion of Kampuchea. The military campaign was simple to achieve, but the political fallout was fucking massive. Every country now have a new reason for fucking over Vietnam, this caused a huge recession the forced Vietnam to go full revisionist, creating a nice gap of influence to Laos that China was happy to fill.

Fast forward to modern day, Laos government still use their position as a buffer zone to China and Vietnam to line their own pockets rather than providing for their people, China’s hydroelectric scheme in Laos continues to fuck with their agricultural production while Vietnam’s half-assed support only amounts to keep Laos from turning into a full Chinese puppet.

Because Vietnam is more racially pure.(USER WAS BANNED FOR THIS POST)

Yep, you’re a Dengist alright.

Not to defend dengists but that's an obvious Zig Forums false flagger.

But why,thought? It's not easy, but in piece time, they could organize literacy campaigns, and with mighty planed economy slowly industrialize and build schools, universities and hospitals. Every socialist state had to pass trough this stage.

Horrible. Why is Lao' government so pathetically weak?

Laos sucks and incompetent, 3 Thai MLs who fled the fascist country were killed in their's land by Thai secret agents, and the bodies were throw into Mekong river a few days ago.

Massive corruption (like 70% of government "expenditure" is lost to corruption and bribes) and they spend a pitiful amount of their government budget on education in the first place, they are in something like the bottom ten countries worldwide for education investment.

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See, Capitalism only works When you have a country that is just a city-state that is racially homogenous.

Singapore's life expectancy in 1970 looks like ~68 years, while in OP's graph for the same time in Vietnam it looks like ~60 years. So it looks like Vietnam has shortened the gap from 8 years to 6.55 years. And that's all with a significantly smaller economy.

I'm not sure how you think this helps your case. Also,


Don't forget the exploitation of borderline slave labourers abroad. Whenever some retard starts talking about a "successful" capitalist state like Switzerland or some shit they always neglect how the profits of the capitalists operating there are totally dependent upon brutally exploitative third world labour in some way. There is no capitalist state not totally dependent upon ruthless worker exploitation somewhere in the world, financial hubs like Singapore are just where the capitalists like to live.

shut up dengist

Now explain to me how a major tax haven in the middle of bumfuck nowhere that produces close to nothing is doing well. The answer is simpler than you think, porky.

Laos has pretty lethal natural disasters every year, dunno how big of a factor that is.

This really triggers me.I really hate how people paint tax heaven where dictators store stolen money as success story,

But the top is still Hong Kong, Japan, Italy, Singapore and Switzerland, all of them highly capitalist and economically right-wing. Explain that, leftists.
Its because they leech off of the developing countries, besides it doesnt really matter if you live to be 80 if every year of it is getting exploited by your boss and company shareholders

Singapore is a bigbrain spectrum-transcending wojack. It conforms to no economic model.

Ok thats interesting, all I know is that they are the biggest asian tiger in terms of GDP per capita, and Dyson is moving its head office there. So are their politics mutualist, social democratic, or what?

To steal from Ha Joon-Chang: they take a little bit from everything. They have a free trade market with low taxation: but also 90% of housing stock is state-owned and 60% of land is nationalised. They have healthcare free-at-the-point-of-use and a pretty damn strong welfare state.
It's like if they fused neoliberal structural features with socdem or even state soc institutions. It is really one-of-a-kind.

Oh and they operate a tripartite labour-relations structure: something you really don't see in the developed world anymore.

Finland does it too, but its kind of ineffective because government will choose its side and then its 2 against one, usually for employers benefit.

Singapore is interesting country. It's a tax heaven, but it is very well government tax heaven. Ruling party, People's Action Party maintains Leninist organization structure, so as expected party members are well read, and as result as other anons have wrote Singapore maintains mixed economy with state ownership in vital areas and solid welfare state.

Oh it's the same in Singapore, the unions are totally cucked.

Same in the Netherlands, government hasn't sided with the unions in forever.

Singapore is the only fascist state in 2019.

I mean, we are the one island that sits between indonesia and malaysia, representing a key point of access to the indian ocean, so no I don't think we're a mere 'tax heaven'

We are pretty major aside from population

we had far fewer resources or support than vietnam, granted we never had to go though a war as horrible as theirs, but they did get direct funding and support from the USSR and China.

uhhhh no

The actual answer is because we are technically a 'succdem' state but the problems arn't different from other succdem states, which is inaction in the face of imperialism etc. etc.

Fascism is not necessarily racialized you know.

we still have opposition parties, even if they suck, and we still have plenty of websites taking the piss at the PAP, and ultranationalism is really kind of laughed at here

A large chunk of Business in Singapore are state owned.

I think your forgetting someone.

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