What exactly is Self-Crit? I hear it brought up most often by Maoists. Anyone have first hand experience with it...

What exactly is Self-Crit? I hear it brought up most often by Maoists. Anyone have first hand experience with it? pic unrelated.

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It's ritualized (often public) self-flagellation to rid yourself of thought and behavior that goes against the desires of the collective.
Or alternatively (group) therapy to help you understand how you've been hindering yourself from achieving your ideals.
Depends on how it's done.

There is only way it is to be done.

In the most dictionary definition of self-criticism it is criticizing yourself.

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It’s literal cult shit.

Self-reflection isn’t bad, but being made to publically declare your sins is stuff cults do, and it’s no accident that the main practitioners of it are self-styled “Maoists”, the closest thing to legitimate “red-fascists”.

Literally just examining your own actions and beliefs and admitting when you were wrong or failed.
When programmers test and debug their code, or take bug reports from QA, that's self-crit. That's all it is. It's an obvious and necessary component of any scientific socialist practice. Hysterical, cult-like "self-crit" is anything but, usually meaning flagellation for underlings and immunity for leadership.


When cults and sects practice self-crit, of course it takes on a cultish aspect! The same goes for gardening/farming, dress codes, reading assignments, donations, group meals, meetings, recruitment, etc. You obviously can't avoid engaging in the same basic activities as a cult if you are creating any kind of organization, as they are the basic activities of organization. Cults are marked by dogmatism, restricted/unscientific thinking, parasitic leadership, psychological control, and so on.

Most groups already have a degree of self-criticism in that sense, groups that really emphasizing “self-crit” are almost certainly into the cult shit. People simply reevaluating their actions and admitting mistakes is fairly normal, when this sort of thing is greatly emphasized, it’s the cult shit 99% of the time.

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'love and solidarity'
learn to recognize this stuff

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Self-criticism is the revolutionary praxis of admitting ones mistakes and then moving on to do better next time. Without self-criticism, any movement moves away from scientific socialism and into liberalism, putting ones needs above the need of the party and the masses.

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Something the Rengou Sekigun perfected:

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Are you suggesting repeating the phrase “love and solidarity” or “solidarity” is cult behavior?

Makes u think

What does it mean to "really emphasize" it? I would say that most Marxist Leninist, Trot, and MLM groups in the West are cults, regardless of whether they emphasize self-crit by name. Same for anarkiddie groups actually. The reason is that real Marxist organization is at one of the lowest points in history in the West. When Marxist, pro-worker organizations get big again, we will naturally see the sects and cults pushed to the side.

Cults don't exist. It is a pejorative term against any group which is outside of mainstream society. Communist groups, by definition, are all cults in the view of brainwashed proles and their porky masters


The concept of self-crit always made me think of the fagellants.

some maoist mystical bullshit

Wow, you sure proved me wrong. Go on, keep telling yourself that self and mutual criticism is merely the tactic of cults and keep wondering why you are not successful in fostering truly revolutionary consciousness

Mortification for marxists.

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Self-crit is literally just public self criticism to my understanding, its in the name

not necessarily