Purely hypothetical question

Purely hypothetical question.

If you were convinced that other races were genetically predisposed to a lower intellect and a higher crime rate would it effect your views on immigration and interracial relationships?

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no and now fuck off with your "hypothetical questions".

Relationships are a private affair and it's pointless to "be against" two people getting together, even less on a statistical basis rather than individual. In other words, would you oppose someone dating a low intelligence criminal within their own race?

As for immigration, of course. But for me it would be just another reason. I oppose (mass) immigration either way, not because I'm xenophobic, but because it's a phenomenon largely tied to capitalism, hence a forceful result of material conditions, often "aided" by Western countries through war. The new immigrants arrive, either uninvited or invited by porky, and friction is created between the native population who anyway have enough to worry about and the foreigners who are still not acquainted with the new way of life. Over a few generations this is usually solved, assuming no exploitative relations are established between the two groups, but in the meantime it gives a great distraction card to reactionaries while corporations try to etch a new consumer base by appealing to the migrants.

Ethnicities, not races. Races are irrelevant anywhere outside of Burgerland and some other Colonial nations.

As for the question, it would really change nothing. If we would choose to implement Eugenic policies, we would have to disadbantage people with undesirable traits regardless of Ethnicity anyway. If we don't chose to implement Eugenic policies - nothing would change.
Thus, it would be irrelevant in any case.

Here is a question to you. Would you have your daughter date a lowlife of your own race, or an ambitious, talented and achieving member of the other?

I should add, crime is mostly a result of scarcety, excluding violent crime for its own sake. Under the abundance of communism any supposed predisposition would be greatly mitigated, not to mention immigratiom on a large scale nonexistent. So any such hypothetical questions are irrelevant for communism, under capitalism it is more of an inevitable condition.

No. Honestly, I don't discount the possibility of there being a genetic component to intelligence and ability, but I think people should fuck and breed with whomever they want. Besides, that genetic component is totally overshadowed by economic and social factors. Furthermore, the genetic differences would only be noticeable and provable if you had individuals with exactly the same life conditions but different genetics, which, of course, is impossible.

The question is totally moot.

No. I'd view it as similar to having a disability, which is to say I think they should have all the same rights as everyone else. If anything, I'd advocate for more things like affirmative action because they would need the extra help.

My opinion of immigration is already negative. It is a product of capitalism and imperialism that negatively affects not only the target country but origin countries and migrants themselves also. In a socialist world with more or less equal development across countries, the only migrants would be people who are legitimately interested in another country's culture, or who have to offer some unique expertise abroad. That said, being staunchly anti-immigrant under capitalism is also counter-productive, because if you got rid of all those pesky migrants the capitalists would just fuck native workers twice as hard to compensate for the losses. That's what Zig Forumsacks refuse to get. Currently your only choice is immigration or a slow descent to gilded era-tier labor laws.

As for race…well, if I lived in Zig Forums's videogame world where there exist fantasy races with +2 STR -2 INT that are locked in eternal Nazi masturbation fantasy, that'd probably influence my opinion. But in real life the environment and material conditions trump genetics any day of the week and we know that it is possible to turn Siberian hunter-gatherers into rocket scientists with the right education. So it isn't really something I even think much about at all.

don't care about mixed kids or racist fetishes

the obsession with Autism Level between demographics is fucking retarded and immigrant quality is irrelevant because i want the imperial core to collapse under additional strain

Not one bit, no.

Yeah sure.
Anyway I'd only factor it in if I was planning on having kids. It wouldn't significantly change my other opinions, I'd just find equal distribution of future technology which affects that such as genetic engineering at birth to be more important.

No. Zig Forums‘s pathological fear and hatred of other races is at an absurd level. They go so far as to try to justify a fear of every black person, even well off ones, by referencing statistics about how middle and upper class black people still commit SO MANY CRIMES! This is then taken to literally render them all as subhuman animals, not even for rhetorical purposes but as an authentic belief of how far below white men the entire race is in intelligence. It is taken as the most direly important issue, the social illness of living with ape people.

You literally just have to live in the world as an average person to see how fucking stupid this fear is. Middle class black people are overwhelmingly completely average to know and interact with. Even if they were to commit more crimes than white people, and even if this were capable of being demonstrated to persist in all possible worlds, it just doesn’t rise to even a tiny fraction of the day to day experience of the social dissonance inherent to capitalism itself. But of course, Zig Forums has hamfisted race into that as well. Clearly black people dont design our entire commercial and political landscape because they’re plant brained, aggro NPCs. While Zig Forums fears black people, it must address the fact that you can easily hide from large black populations in still live in a world that is a fucking shit show for many average people. Instead it is another race, the mortal enemy of the white race, the JEW, that stands behind every corner a white man jams his toe on. Even at a fraction (but disproportionate!!) of the major corporate executives and owners of capital in the world, the majority of white men in these positions are totally powerless to the guile and wit of the Jewish bug people, who will dupe any number of them into supporting “mass immigration” and “degenerate culture” and whatever else is the ineffable, persistent, poisonous substance surrounding us all that is keeping the natural aryan spirit from producing monolithic techno-futuristic cities with a weird mix of big tiddy German peasant women, Vikings, fashwave military death squads and 50s office workers dominating the landscape.

What races?

What if you were the race (white) responsible for nearly all of the evils in the world today?
Would you join us on the glorious day of the mayocide?
If your conscience requires you to betray your racial hegemony, will you do it? Or will you die like a dog in the street for your pseudovalues of race and nation?

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Considering they would lie on "le ebin bellcurve" not really since then still most of my "racial kin" would be more criminal and dumber than the other races' mean. If you cared for it you would slice across all of them vertically on a single line, not genocide black Einstein because his cousins 5 removed are a bit on a dumb side.

Also nothing wrong with dumb people tbh, most "dumbness" today is not intelect per se but a lack of proper education by society. A lot of "dumb" people are thrown into the "go be poor and scrub toilets fuckface" bucket, rather than taking the time to allow them to develop themselves into productive members of society. Dumb people can be taught to be "normal" or even "smart", it just takes some more time and effort. Very few people are actually mentally disabled.

Also your question is retarded and stupid. If there was a statistically significant, provable (eliminating all other factors including epigenetics environement culture food etc) difference between "races" based on intellect, it would hardly be important, nor would it have implications. Most people would overlap. Pic related.

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We should not have mass sweden style immigration and people have a right to self determination

also responsible for the massive increase in standard of living globally

No that's China


No, because I'm not an asshole.

Why would you expect people to act contrary to their own interests? If I'm identified as a white person, and white people become one faction in a racial struggle, I'm obviously going to side with the white people for my own safety whether or not you tell me whites are evil or whatever