What is left communism? Isn't all communism left? Why does everyone mock left communism?

What is left communism? Isn't all communism left? Why does everyone mock left communism?
Please explain to my brainlet mind

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Anarkiddies spout American propaganda and sat "real communism has never been tried"

Infantile disorder

left communism isn't meant in the literal sense, it's a form of ultra leftist dogma used by faggots who sit on their armchairs all day calling every revolutionary action "opportunist" or not actual socialism.

Anarkiddie utopians who believe literal CIA propaganda

It's an umbrella term that stems from various factions who were in opposition to the Bolsheviks from a left wing perspective. The main currents are Italian (basically anti-Stalin Leninists), German-Dutch (councilists), and the more contemporary communization theorists who are a hodge podge of tendencies from narchos to Marxists to post-leftists.

It means left relative to communism in general. Same way that social democrats are the "left wing of capital." There's multiple tendencies, including people who think Lenin compromised too much or people who think that the only way to get communism is to wait for capitalism to collapse.

This. They are kind of likd like "sports analysts" that bitch constantly about players and coaches but have never actually played or coached anything in their lives, but with socialism.

Praise Stalin btw, also, are you faggots illiterate

Because they were to the "left" of orthodox communists and the Bolsheviks, especially in their view of parliamentary politics, which they staunchly refused to participate in. They're also called ultra leftists. They're often viewed by "right communists" as weighing principle over actually engaging in politics (hence the the term "armchair") and historically none of them were all that successful. That said, this is mostly just a historical debate anyway, since neither the Bolsheviks nor the leftcoms exist anymore.

Leftcommunists as in, their opposition to the USSR, don't exist anymore, but certainly there are Bordigists, communizers, councilists, etc.

Bolsheviks, as in, the faction within the Russian Social Democratic Labour Party don't exist anymore, but there are still lots of Marxists-Leninists, of which few are even a relevant force within their country.

Why are there "leftcoms", but no "rightcoms"?

but there is

True enough, but both of them are well past their heyday, and in the case of ML's they're pretty far removed from the Bolsheviks of 1917.

There are rightcoms. Bukharin, for instance, was considered to be at the right-wing of the communist party since he advocated for the continuation of the NEP. Any communist whose politics are more right-wing than the mean would be a right-wing communist. It's just that people usually don't call themselves that, and the common practice is to slander everyone to the right of you as bourgeois - acknowledging them as communists would be self-defeating.

Marketsocs and libsocs are the right-wing of communism.

They are more often called "left of center" or "center left" or whatever.

Because we are correct

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Left Opposition is the group of leftcoms who opposed the treaty of Brest Litovsk and wanted to wage a revolutionary war against Germany. They saw the peace as a betrayal of the world revolution. Leftcoms also opposed the NEP, though some people like Bukharin basically went from leftcom to rightcom.

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No wonder leftcoms have brain damage.

"Left" as in "They left communism to go pursue lesser economic models".

Leftcommunism is usually in reference to communism/Marxism that is so far left that it pretty much disavows all socialist countries to ever exist. Maybe with the exception of the early SU but even then its only really trots that would defend that and still be leftcommunists

They're disliked here partially for ideological differences, but tbh I think the reason most people here hate them is because their almost always the most annoying of contrarian users on the whole board.
also yes, all communism is left wing obviously

Right coms would just be DemSocs/SocDems, assuming this is an honest question

Leftcoms seem to have a quasi-religious approach to Marx, and theory in general. Rather than analysing the content of a written work, comparing it to material reality and evaluating whether it's true, they begin from the position that anything Marx wrote is *a priori* true, and dismiss any dissenting interpretation as "revisionist" because they regard their chosen dogma and material reality as interchangable

Left Communism is to Communism what Austrian School is to Capitalism.

It's 100% correct but it will never work.

Pretty accurate I suppose, left communism is our anarcho-capitalism and trotskyism is our stra├čerism ("b-bro it would've been actually socialist if our guy who got purged had been in charge!")


Camatte was a doomer saint tbh

Left-communism was the variant of the anti-Soviet left before Trotskyism took it over. As much as I despise them, and as glad as I am that the "leftcoms are well-read" meme is dead, no sane socialist can deny that if they took over the Western left instead of Trots our situation would be 100x better than it is now.

Nobody mocks left communists. In fact, out of all leftist tendencies, they are by far the most respected and admired.

Pics related is what a leftcom might look like before he begins his reading session on communization theory.

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Why so many names for the almost same thing?

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The guy gives a somewhat accurate descrption of Leftcommunism but his description of what the USSR is considered by Leftcoms is somewhat lacking. Aufheben in fact regurgitates Ticktin's claim that the USSR was a "non-mode of production", a ridiculous claim, but some Leftcoms like Chattopadhyay do claim that the USSR was state capitalist, while Bordiga was more ambiguous about it. To make no difference between state capitalism and capitalism as communisers have done it seems to be the same sort of vulgarism to think fascism and liberalism is one and the same and there we should resist fascism. But he's generally right that the term state capitalism came from an offshoot sect of Trots, not Trotsky himself but the Tony Cliff school.

Still, Leftcommunism is completely dislodged from the real world these days, as it always have been, you will never hear these theories outside of the milieus of philosophy students or anime-posting Twitter issues, it really has been a stillborn. I assume some Italian workers may or may not heard or Bordiga because he's an historical figure in Italy but that's it.