We need to produce more memes

Pic related is what shows up when you google "Pinochet was shit meme".
See the problem?
There's hardly a thing about Pinochet being shit. We need to fix that. Reactionaries on /b/ are posting pro-Pinochet memes on their little circle-jerk threads, meanwhile we're focusing on some dumb shit.
In fact, reactionaries are posting about "commies" even in threads that have nothing to do with their political autism. What the fuck are we doing, allowing that shit on our imageboard?

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I would but i donut knots what to use other than ms paint
Photo shop? Gimp?

GIMP works fine yeah

making memes about throwing commies out of helicopters is easy because American media systematically dehumanizes anyone to the left of like, Kamala Harris now.

Talking about helicopter memes is easy, but Pinochet's dogs trained to rape people, systematic torture and execution of innocents, and ruthless persecution of any elements which opposed capitalism is not as meme-able due to the human factor. It would come off as dumb edgy humor if people understood what it actually was, and would just be proclaimed as fake news otherwise.

Besides, a literal meme war would have no use for leftists.

Zig Forums don't even like Pinoshit anymore
They like some irrelevant meme group of Chilean NutSacs that had 10 members of which Pinoshit shot them all in the head

I see what you mean but those memes in pic related are dogshit and go against what most polacks would prefer in memes (way too much text, not rando/schizo enough etc). Also, what are your thoughts on taking Zig Forums memes exactly as they are and making them lefty? For example, take this shit and simply change the occult sun to a hammer&sickle or some shit like that, change the people to literally any working class people of any country (doesn't even need to be the stereotypical soviet propaganda workers, that might be a bit too edgy for newcomers), change it to "embrace your class" and put something like "workers of the world, unite" or "hasta la victoria" instead of "hail victory".

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I thought you were going to mention the Chilean Na.tSocs who tried to perform a coup and literally got massacred by the police

Pinochet actually long-knived the nattysocs because they were too far left for his taste.

Chilean here, yeah that shit was pretty funny. Too bad it seemed to be the only relevant/serious example of rightwing infighting during the 20th century for our nation

I'm not saying we should avoid memes with text completely but it's been proven at this point that memes with little to no text attract more people and aren't considered "boring" by normies which might be interested in more radical ideologies. Besides it's a huge thing being able to send a message and/or convince people through pics with little to no text, this should be a given by now.

most leftist memes are ether inside jokes or just random "seize the means" punchline. it's not that the left can't meme it's just relatively obscure.
but if you want memes

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That first and last are good, but the second is pretty bad, way too much text just to point out retarded strawman is retarded and that third one is literally an insidejoke between actual socialists, so that one is useless for propaganda too.

The reason why they say "the left can't meme" is because we're the good guys. Not even Stalin went so far as to kill so many innocent people the way Pinoshit did. Pinoshit memes are effective because they're edgy and evil.
The usual counter meme to Pinoshit's edgecopter ride is that turkish? guy firing a bazooka. It's a decent counter meme, but not enough.
Realistically, if there had been a communist country that still exists to this day and that had put liberals in humans farms for experimentation, then we would have our left wing version of Pinoshit memes.

I see what you mean, but from what I've seen we do still have a fair share of those types of memes too. Like pic related, I know in this one the dead dude has a nazi armband but I believe there's one where he doesn't, which normies could imply as an innocent person.
Also, not trying to say Stalin was muh evil totalitarion gorillions but ~680,000 people being executed in the Great Purge is undoubtedly going to have more innocent victims than the ~4000 people executed by Pinoshit, despite many of those 680,000 deserving it

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Purging is not edgy enough, even if by numbers more died. It's not creative enough, and it's not like Stalin himself was ever pictured shooting them himself, while in the case of Pinoshit, he's usually pictured inside the Heli. Furthermore, the idea of throwing a person out of a helicopter " for free", and fusing that idea with a "Communism= free stuff" makes it more potent. I have yet to see this type of nuanced joke being used by our side. I don't even know what the equivalent would be.

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Google algorithms are rigged. Looking for "soviet breadline" gives you breadlines in the united states, russian empire and the russian federation but not from the soviet union.

Fucking lamo.

Reddit's shit, but this, and stupid idpol are fucking great

You can help improve it. Put He Ma'am's face onto DK's.

I'm not a great editor, but I did find this.

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We could steal rightist memes, but they usually get onto us for that.

the reason why the left can't meme is that leftism is based on rationalism and materialism while rightism is based on larping and magical thinking. the former might be correct, but the latter is far more emotionally satisfying
dissatisfied teens ideology shopping on the internet are more likely to start larping as crusaders with magical powers fighting jewish sorcerers (or native american witches casting dark spells at the patriarchy), than trying to learn economic theories
the best and most successful leftypol memes are the ones that throw theory out of the window and revel in absurdity and pure ressentiment, i.e. gulags, spooks, nazbol, posadism etc
but the question remains whether we should take demographics that base their worldviews on memes seriously

Expropriated my nigga ;D

I see what you mean. What about the type of vids that Batko or Socialism or Barbarism make? It's edgy, to the point, could become more popular. Vids like this for example:

Ok, let me see them….
SoB's meme was good.
Bat'ko's meme was mediocre. Kirk got fucked not because he didn't have the money to get some doctors to fix him, but because there weren't any available doctors. Although, I have no idea how burgerland works, so correct me if I'm wrong.

I wouldn't know either, I'm not american but they said no beds available, which I suppose could be implied as low quality healthcare.

Low quality paid healthcare? cuz you can't naturally conclude that free healthcare would be of a higher quality. The joke is gay.

I see it as simply an edgy video making fun of the massive rightwing retard that is Kirk, but then again idk how known he is to normies so it's probably not too effective. Both SoB and Batko got these type of videos though, that as I've said could be useful tools to at least grab the attention of normies towards socialsim.

Bless you Zig Forums you just keep on trying

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Corporations are government. Your memes are weak as your brains. "Making memes" is a shit meme anyhow. It's something only children and normalniggers think and say.

What you're seeing is hegemony. The right have a hegamon over the internet because the internet is primary used by the first world, and first capitalism is going to bleed into it. Take 4/his/ for example. The mods, whether they try to be impartial or not, can't. They don't understand enough about marxism to enforce the rules properly, so they delete, ban you or move threads to Zig Forums when they're about communism despite the fact marxism is integral to humanities and communism and Stalin are inevitably going to come up when discussing history. Meanwhile fascists are allowed to spew propaganda all over the board without penalty.

Its impossible to win on the internet, its control by capitalists who have more money to buy influence and the simple fact almost everyone on it is from the first world and therefore isn't a communist and knows jack shit about it. Communists do better on the ground in the real world talking to people who have real world problems.