Pour one out for Comrade Kirk. If only there was a system of health-care that could have prevented this

Pour one out for Comrade Kirk. If only there was a system of health-care that could have prevented this

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Unironically hope he dies.

How will he ever recover?

charli RETARD

B-but muh wait times!

Charlie Kirk out here exercising his right and FREEDOM to die of a blood clot due to a shitty health care system.
What a patriot

Frog nigger, stop supporting the mujaheddin, since your back apparently
Sincerely, user

sadly most conservatives will interpret this as a fault of government intervention in healthcare, and if it was privatized this wouldn't happen

oh, the ironing

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Note that tag on his left arm, doesn't that mean he already went to the hospital for his back?


no it just means he entered the hospital and went outside when they told him he had to wait.

Looks like some dumb PR stunt to me, there's no way a shill like Kirk doesn't have fancy private healthcare

I assume they just went to the nearest hospital so he has to deal with whatever accommodations they have there. Also a lot of these shills aren't paid very well.

Christians write God with capital G.

P.S. I hope he will die.

this he's going to say its because of big gov't socialism

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Update. Can someone tell me what sort of facial expression or hand gesture the cretin is making?

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it's the "right hand rule"

Why are those eyes full of kitsch terror?

The kind of gesture someone who would dress up in a diaper in public to protest cultural marxism would do.

yeah the guy makes a fairly average salary iirc

it will be funny as shit if he actually dies

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The guy who posted this, Kashuv, is propagandizing kids from high school to their organization I know Kirk is better known, but these are fucking kids man. Can't we dox this guy, hack his twitter, something?

All the antisocial script kiddies are fash nowadays sadly

via the internet or real life?

I'm not sure, it's just that his twitter says 'Director of High School Outreach @TPUSA' so I don't think it really makes much of a difference.

Fucking lol

Thats a cute couple

who's the top & who's the bottom you think

Charlie is the top for sure.

The same way BLM makes African Americans look bad, these fuck heads make white people look bad. Reactionaries are scum even without trying.

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Charlie is the kinda top that gets the D though

*If only there WERE
stupid illiterate…

So there was this fellow on youtube called Jay Herrod who was milked like 8 years ago. He had very serious health issues, barring him from doing work. The dude ran for presidency and was heavily against any "socialist Obummer care." It was an interesting sight to say the least: 1 vid about muh freedumb vs. communist healthcare, 1 vid about his crippling condition, and so on.

People on right wing ideology can't make the simplest connections, even if it means their doom. Reminds me of an RT comment I've read a week ago, which meant like this: "I'm a working class white American and I know very well that Trump isn't helping me very much but I don't care because the Wall will keep out the gays and immigrants."

In a sense neo-conservativism is the most egalitarian political ideology today: everybody suffers and they celebrate it as society's shared burden.


TPusa is literally just professional photos of kirk and pals or stock photos with some text on them. if he had money he'd do like prager and hire someone to make animations