How would leftypol solve this

explain to me how marxism solve the class division between rich and poor people because of genetics and Autism Level.

a white kid from a trailer park is still smarter than a black kid from the richest families.

IQ determines which social class you end up when old, also it can predict income.

Poor people tend to be dumber, which also correlates with their skin color.

This can't be solved with any kind of goverment investment in better education.

Eventually darker races end up on the lowest social classes and the whites and asian end up always on the superior social classes.

Of course this doesn't mean a black kid that is smart wont move upwards in social class, but this is because of his Autism Level.

This is why class can't be somehow solved by economics or policy.

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You don't know what class means.

I mean economic class.

You don’t know what class means


Define bourgeoise

Not true in the slightest, the I Q difference statistics show are between whites and blacks of the same class/socieconomic status. A black kid from a rich family that studies, reads, and endulges in culture will undoubtedly be smarter than a white crackhead kid. Also, this is I Q we are talking about, I'm not going to be one of those leftists that completely disregard I Q but it's literally just a test that runs you through some basic math, anagrams, and other shit like that. It may show you how "smart" you are but not how intelligent you are.

rich people.

A white kid from a trailer park will score still higher on their SAT test than the richest black kids.


the poorest whites are as smart as the richest blacks.

False, 'on average a white kid from a trailer park will score higher than a black kid from a trailer park. Same thing with richer whites and blacks.

we're gonna build zoos

By abolishing classes. Look kid you're gonna have to work and eat alongside retarded Jamal, sorry I don't make the rules.

You’re clearly 18

Let's not get ahead of ourselves here, he might be 15.

Did Lenin eat with the retards or as usual set himself apart from the worker bee suckers he scammed?

This broke my brain.

Imagine thinking that Meghan McCain is smarter than you.

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The Point of Communism is not that everyone is equal in the sense that low Autism Level retards are the same as high Autism Level but so that everyone has a chance to succeed. If people of a certain racial background succeed then so be it.

Under the current system a retard is now the leader of the free World.


We don't see division of class as a matter of wealth. We see it as a relation to the means of production.

So if it happens that black people somehow end up "worse off" under communism then so be it. If they are somehow inherently inferior to the point that makes them entirely incapable of being members of society then it'll show.

In short.

Imagine believing in Jesus, a bum, that lived off his friends is the savior. How smart can you be?

Forgot pic and sage

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Autism level logic.

I like how these suburban "concerns" about equality somehow robbing them of opportunity show most of these people are, at some level, aware that their wealth is not earned but extracted from others who are exploited by the international capitalist system for their benefit.

The free ride is ending. China rises, america decays. It's not too late to embrace the future.

Well that's a new one.

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i just don't want to live among the pocks they are barbaric and violence

take all my of my money and my house just don't force me to live among pocks mmmmkay

Try make an argument next time.

I feel bad for hating you

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your autism level has increased

You're assuming we have a functioning meritocracy which surprise surprise we don't. Also you just might be forgetting when you have money it's a lot easier to stay wealthy especially with rent and getting into the best universities because of daddies money and not getting sick because you have good healthcare and a simple thing like a speeding ticket not destroying your ability to travel. Yeah that rich Instagram thot isn't as smart as a Doctor or a Programmer or a engineer but working off your retarded autism she would be.

Oh well I guess Donald Trump is literally the smartest person on earth since only the smartest highest Autism Level individuals could become one of the most powerful people on Earth and money has in no way elevated him to this position.

LMAO the page just says the same thing you repeat like a retard.
tfw Zig Forumsyps are just bugged out npcs that are stuck on repeating one phrase

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You still don’t know who the bourgeoisie are.

oh boy another Autism Level thread i love these it's totally not always the same arguments, rebuttals and rearguments every single time and gets us fucking nowhere

this is the reason i left this shithole

You realise socialism is classless anyway right? So even if all X race really were dumber, it would be fine because they'd do whatever job they were best at, and get treated the same as anyone else? So what's the problem?

what are they good at? shooting each other for ten bux and making SoundCloud albums?

Yes, something will have to be done to white people (the dumbest race).

What job you have is a huge social status thing, even in a capitalist society, regardless of the money you make.
If it turns out blacks are going to be at the bottom tier of any type of labour then blacks will do exactly what they are doing now. Revolt against the socialist white supremacist "classless" society that obviously disenfranchises blacks and unfairly benefits whites.

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genetics and autism level is basically sharpshooter fallacy

wealth is genetational, so no shit certaon genes will be common among wealthy people. doesnt make that a cause of wealth

autism level is a narrow measure of intelligence that mostly related to being good at numbers and patterns which is useful for maxizing profit or whatnot but doesn't translate to good/hard work generally

and in socialism amy personal wealth is based on how hard you work. nobody works hundreds of times harder than average, which is how much CEOs and the like get paid for.

To be fair, she could be a fucking genius or something.

Stereotyping based on physical characteristics is pretty reactionary.

Now if you want to hate her for being McCain's daughter on the other hand…