Trump recognizes US-backed head of Venezuela’s opposition Juan Guaido as country’s interim president

Trump recognizes US-backed head of Venezuela’s opposition Juan Guaido as country’s interim president

US President Donald Trump has recognized Venezuela's opposition leader Juan Guaido as interim president in a provocative move against the elected government of Nicolas Maduro.

"Today, I am officially recognizing the President of the Venezuelan National Assembly, Juan Guaido, as the Interim President of Venezuela," Trump said in statement.

He added he would use "the full weight of United States economic and diplomatic power to press for the restoration of Venezuelan democracy" and encouraged other governments in the Western Hemisphere to also recognize Guaido.

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moderate Venezuelan rebels armed with American weaponry soon

except there will be no Russia to bail out Venezuela here it's in another hemisphere

Yep. And few or no south american governments to back them up either since the latest Right-wing tide. Brazil is probably what gave them the confidence.

This will look good for the approval numbers of Drumpf and Boslonaro both. They will arm rebels first, have the Venezuelan government attack the armed rebels, shit will deteriorate and then they will get to have a quick victorious war with shock and awe and everything.

Russia sends nuclear-capable bombers to Venezuela 12.12.2018 December 13, 2018

A few Russian state media journalists enjoyed the opportunity to take selfies with a nuclear-capable bomber on Monday when two Russian Tupolev Tu-160s — their NATO code name is Blackjack — landed at Maiquetia airport near Caracas. The planes had flown almost 10,000 kilometers (6,213 miles) from their base in Saratov, accompanied by Norwegian fighter planes for part of the stretch.

Russian pilots have given the supersonic bombers the charming nickname "white swan" — but their cargo is deadly. The Tu-160 can fly long distances without refueling, and it can also be equipped with numerous nuclear cruise missiles and bombs.

The US government does not share the Russian reporters' obvious enthusiasm at the arrival of the bombers. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo is not known for his diplomatic nature, but even taking that into account, his reaction to the Russian bombers' flight to a Russian-Venezuelan military exercise was harsh and clear. Pompeo writes on Twitter that Russia has sent its two planes halfway around the world. "The Russian government has sent bombers halfway around the world to Venezuela. The Russian and Venezuelan people should see this for what it is: two corrupt governments squandering public funds, and squelching liberty and freedom while their people suffer," he wrote on Twitter. Dec 10, 2018

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What a coincidence that over the past couple years an immense amount of racial prejudice has been drummed up against south and central Americans among the US people, right before an intervention in a South American nation occurs. It's almost like the USA is literally fascist or something, using a racial minority as a scapegoat for all the nation's problems and white supremacy as a populist motivator for foreign imperialist wars all while the ruling class profit from it.

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Trump's also using this excuse to draw attention from the still ongoing shutdown. It'll probably work, knowing how many Americans love to support illegal imperialist wars.

Is the 3rd world war theater gonna be played out on burgerstan's home field? This could get good.

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I hope this coup fails and the opposition is arrested once and for all.

God I fucking hope so, maybe the warmongers in burgerland will finally come to understand the horror of war that they love to inflict upon the rest of the world all the time.

Nah it's just posturing Russia can't do shit unless they start unloading their troops and AA systems this very week and even then their logistics are gonna be all fucked up and could be cut off by the US fleet at any time

Canada will recognize Juan Guaidó, head of Venezuela’s opposition, as the country’s new president

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Will Russia really help? Seems like Trump and Putin are too friendly to even consider that

Canada is a US puppet state.

What a coincidence north american countries had knowledge of the coup and prepared statements, totally not coordinated at all

A civil war is about to pop up Or probably not, there has been a lot of weird opposition flexing through the years without actually achieving anything
The forces of reaction are joining forces again to destroy light social-democracy Socialism.
What you gonna do?

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Make sure Britain doesn't send any more squaddies to die for fucking oil.

They can pour old Soviet era tanks into Venezuela, T-55s are still good enough to run over protesters as they were during the Czechoslovakia uprising.

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Fascists never change. Always cowards waiting for as much foreign supporter as possible, because if they fought their own people alone they'd be crushed.


Where the international brigades at?

Just kidding I am probably going to sit on my ass like a pathetic maggot like I always do.

Shitty tanks aren't gonna do shit against the actual US air force. They will probably be happy to have more targets to blow shit up

It's not even "destroy Socialism", that would imply they have ideas and principles to stand for. It's literally just access to resources. It can even be a guy as neoliberal as Assad in charge, the US won't settle for anything but complete takeover.

Russia should give them a shitload of SAMs instead, they demonstrably fucked shit up in Syria, same with TOWs.

That wouldn't the goal, the goal would be crush the domestic opposition before the US military could help them, as the Pentagon can't raise the dead.

They should really be going full on NKVD on them right about now

they should have done that like a decade ago tbqh

So is Maduro's presidency dead or what?


If you're american, helping stop a potential US/NATO intervention in case this scalates into a civil war is waay more important than fighting yourself, one soldier doesn't make any difference. And remember, popular pressure is what saved Syria.

What I'm saying is, you should start shilling hard for Maduro now.

well they just had a military coup that seemingly failed. And the opposition declared itself president so it's heading for a civil war

Fuck yes. Do it Putin. Stage a "reverse coup" and kill Guaido and every one of his associates. Send a message to the world that Latin America is no longer going to be America's playground.

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US cant even win a war with remote controlled highly accurate death drones against untrained fundamentalists with rusty AKs running around on a flat plane of sand. The AKs that russians have will be at least few years newer and the guys are trained to actually hit their target.
The last time US fought a war on their own soil was when they were fighting each other, and the losers of that war are now in charge. They may have one of the biggest and technologically advanced military on this planet, yet their actual homeland defense is so bad that a couple of dudes literally just took a commercial plane and went through their defense headquarter's wall with it. Not that its a big deal, since the US citizens shoot down more of their own countrymen on weekly basis than the terrorists ever did.
Did I also hear something about the "government being shut down?" What the hell does that even mean? Are the lights out from Pentagon to Area 51? Are their troops even getting paid right now?
If you ask me, it doesnt sound like the US has exactly ideal cards this round, but then again their president on twitter is saying its all awesome so I must be wrong here.

The US can't find ground wars because their troops are fat cowardly and retarded but they do have a very effective airforce and fleet so they will just bomb the shit out of every building and government installation and have their paid rebel shills do the fighting on the ground, I imagine they will have Brazil chime in with some troops as well.

Trending Topics right now on Venezuelan Twitter.
1: #ScreamWithPride.
2: We have a president.
4: #ChavismHaveTheStreets
5: Habemus President
6: Long Live Venezuela
7: #DownWithTheChains
9: Public Ministry

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It still just sounds like a new forever war dumpster fire but this time right at USA's front porch, and their house is made entirely of sticks of dynamite. Might be just wishful thinking but we'll see.

That would be hilarious, sending 500 dudes to commit one PR disaster after the other in the format of war crimes


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all online and telephone surveys are unrepresentative of the actual venezuelan population.

American shills hard at work. Honestly China and Russia should look into sponsoring a twitter clone if they don't want to continue losing allies. It should be quite plain that all American social media sites are simply extensions of American foreign policy at this point.

See Bay of Pigs. Even Operation Fury was one big SNAFU where if the USSR sent just one battalion they could easily have slaughtered the entire US complement of 7,000 troops where the US didn't even bring up to date maps, with them all being before the revolution thus didn't have the airport on it.

If Maduro survives this they should publically execute everyone involved.


What time is it in the US? Just 6 hours ago since the last twitter spaz and now hes already sent 3 tweets about Venezuela in the last hour. The amount of coke/adderall they let him do can't be good for a man of his age and weight.

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People his age usually sleep like 4 hours a night. I think any stims stronger than a cup of coffee might kill him.

Right now, the schizophrenic venezuelan right is talking rumors of Maduro leaving the country on a commercial flight to Cuba.
Let's remember, the people scattering this rumor are not actively believing it (well they do, but not the ones that have started the rumor), it's just a strategic move to make look the Venezuelan goverment bad, it's almost impossible this has actually happened.

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well if they spend a few trillion dollars producing an alternative pipeline infrastructure in Yurop that bypasses Russia then sure as it stands their oil exports would be twice as expensive and have to be shipped by tankers. What they did was cover domestic demand and at the same time fucked up the Canadian economy that relied on exporting to the US

It's like something InfoWars would do. It's so funny how the Right is virtually the same everywhere.

Be honest, do you think they have what it takes to start a civil war? My perception of south-american conservatives and elites as way too soft and pampered for anything that requires consistent effort and self-sacrifice makes the thought of it ludicrous to me.

Don’t meddle in Venezuela, Moscow tells coup-cheering Washington
(16 Jan, 2019)


Google "Assad flees" and see how many times western news orgs reported him fleeing a city or fleeing the country since 2011, it's hilarious.

I fucking hate America so fucking much.

The fact that they are throwing this out there indicates to me that they don't have as much support as they wanted at this particular moment and are trying to rally the undecideds.

Implying Murica won't just ship in Blackwater and their Cartel assets and then call those mercenaries the Free Venezualan Army for Democracy or someshit

The new, self-proclaimed "president" of Venezuela, has entered a colombian embassy

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The problem is mercenaries is they old fight for the highest bidder, there is nothing stopping Maduro from offering them more to fight for him.

Fuck, now we can't even assassinate the bastard, can we?

Question to burgers:

Is the US army affected by the shutdown? If so, to what extent?

They are CIA mercenaries, they are armed and paid by the CIA if they go against the programme their accounts will be frozen and their relatives will be killed off

I could see Russia or even China sponsoring opposition to whatever groups America supports. Latin America is a key source of super profits for the US. Disrupting US designs there would definitely hasten the collapse of American hegemony.

Yeah, that's not really how it works.

You know what, somehow this would be the most sensible ending for this batshit crazy story arc.


that's literally what the did in Syria. Most of ISIS and Al Nusra were foreigners on the Saudi and Qatar payroll

Iran-Contra showed different, where once drug money found its way to mercenaries it grew far larger then Reagan planned as drug dealers had deeper pockets and more firepower.

Absolutely not lmao. Stop believing whatever left-wing equivalent of boomer viral e-mails you've been reading.

Brazil’s Bolsonaro joins several S. American states in recognizing Guaido as Venezuela’s acting head

Brazil, and several other South American countries have recognized Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaidó as the country’s interim president, following the lead of the United States.

Guaidó, currently president of Venezuela’s National Assembly, swore himself in as the country’s interim president on Wednesday and encouraged the Venezuelan military to support fresh democratic elections.

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What will this cuckold do, I wonder?

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probably just eat some honey. it seems like a blustery day

Does he have any reason to go along with the US?

That new is, actually, fake news, he isn't on a colombian embassy. He is still making a new goverment tho.

Thats a very social democratic way to do a coup.


Jesus fucking christ. As much as I hate AOC for supporting the transgenderist mafia, I have to pray that she wins the 2020 burger election. Otherwise, I fear for Maduro-sama…

I bet a hundred social credit points he will do nothing.

user, radicalize your people. Give them strength. You guys gotta kill this bastard and make it look like a disappearance.

Brainlet post of the fucking millennium
Neither can Russia, Europe, or any other developed country. They all failed against insurgencies in the 20th and 21st century. That says nothing about their capacities against a conventional military power. Read a book, brainlet.
Laughable that you think the quality of small arms has any noticeable effect on the outcome of a war. Rifles and carbines inflict negligible casualties.
Are you actually braindead? Sorry to tell you this but the slaver class that used to dominate US politics is now extinct and southern culture is dying.

I literally can not believe someone this retarded is capable of breathing.

Just walk up to him and punch him in the lip or kick him in the balls. You can end this.

The logistics of transporting US personal and equipment into Afganistan are pretty hard. Also while the US struggled against Insurgents, their is less than a hundred thousand US personnel in Afghanistan. If the US were to go into total war mode, they could have ten million soldiers in a week. They could also invade and Annex the entire western hemisphere. Their hasn’t been a total war in nearly a century, but if their as one, the US would win. Losses would be minimal, and the military training would end all of the Obesity problems America has. America has lost minor wars, but never total wars, because in all the minor wars, America put in half ased effort and discipline, but as Japan knows, America undisciplined and unorganized is nothing like it under a war economy. Let’s hope this situation ends peacefully.

Hopefully he stays there.

I'm not Venezuelan, dude, I'm spanish
I've chosen VenezuelaAnon because that's how I named myself when a coup happened in 2017, and translated some stuff about Venezuela, mostly coupist speeches.

imagine my shock


Araguan Military have covered up Chavez face

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Free Catalonia when?

AOC cannot run in 2020 as she is legally too young to become the president. I thinl she can first run in 2028 or 2032

Reminder that if we had true multi-polarity this would never have happened.

Massive military spending and technological edge didn't give Hitler a win in WWII. WWII showed the fundamentals matters far more then having war toys.

literally what is the Korean war where they got rekt by the Soviet Union without the Soviet Union even being there once Soviet pilots where allowed to shoot down the USAF they lost all the ground battles against Chinese peasants and where at the point of chimping out and almost using nuclear weapons on China

Never, fuck catalonian bourg independentists. I would fear what a constitution made by right-wing tards would be like, I love having free healthcare.

And you wonder why Boomers cuck the shit out of younglings…
Btw, who should I root for then?

Nu Maoist Rebel News video

Damn it Maduro, what are you doing!?!

>This is why you DON’T do bourgeois legalism. This is why running for office in capitalism doesn’t work. This is why you have a DotP. No more 21st Century “Socialism”. Revolution NOW!

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Right because the US never intervened in Latin America during the Cold War.

ok so Maduro is very fucked. Once you lose the military as the state you are fucked

Oh, my bad. I had my hopes up that we had a venezuelan user here…..
do we even have a venezuelan user around these parts?

Are you fucking joking? It would take the US years to raise an army of that size. If it were possible to just raise that many arms in a week WWII would have ended 1-2 years earlier. How could you possibly say something so stupid?
The US could easily topple every government in the Americas within a few years but it would never be able to hold onto all of it's conquests.

No they didn't. You clearly aren't very well-read on the PRC's history if you don't know how much their failed invasion of South Korea factored into their strategic plans for decades after the war.

This thread is so full of fucking brainlets it's insane dude. Zig Forums has now fallen to Zig Forums levels of illiteracy. DO NOT talk about military strategy if you haven't read a book since you were 12 people.


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This is a Zig Forums-tier analysis. The Empire learned from the mistakes of Vietnam (relatively free press reporting from the scene, conscription, large opposition at home). Since the gulf war they have a much more evil and strategic approach: the media emphasizes the importance of "surgical strikes" (read: bombing hospitals) and how few and how short term the personnel (mercenaries) are serving on foreign soil.

Today, the wars of the Empire have become pure spectacle, with all media giving the same reassuring report: only a few casualties (the coffins coming back contain HEROES), everything is going smoothly, the constant "just one more month and we'll be out," etc.

It has been argued several times, but here it is: US comrades MUST emphasize the importance of bringing back mandatory conscription if they wish to act truly in solidarity with the rest of the world. Only by making US imperialism the whole burger society's issue can it again be politicized.

I mean he isn't wrong. Even lame social democracy seen as radical communism by the US and their puppets. Might as well do the real thing.