70K Mexican Workers go on strike. No coverage by the media

It seems like the wsws is the only one reporting on this strike. Its extremely striking how not one news establishment, "progressive" or otherwise has reported on this strike. Even the "radical" sites like jacobin, counterpunch, etc has not reported on it. Why is this? Is it because the strikers are anti-union and are calling for solidarity with US workers? Please help share this with as many people as possible, this news needs to be out there.


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I'm mexican and i didn't know about this, only thing they talk about is the recent explosion and Maduro.

I think they're trying to black out worker's struggles. Its news like this that makes the proletariat realize that they have power and that they can go on strike and have real effects. I believe that Mexican federal troops with the help of ALMO might be called in to break the strike. Please help share this with anyone you can, this news needs to get out there.

Only place i would be willing to share is r/mexico tbh, guess i could use my dead facebook account as a tool for propaganda too.

Thanks. This is the largest strike to hit north america in several years. Everyone should know of it!

they absolutely are. i'm a poo in loo, and most of my family is in the cpi, and despite there being millions upon millions on strike, there was absolutely 0 coverage of the bharat bandh


For real, people need to know about this shit.


Big solidarity. Hope the strike spreads far and wide.


Burger clap here. Can someone give me some context and details on the story? Why are they striking? What is the catalyst for the strike? Which companies do they work for?

They didn't receive their december "bonus"(not sure if that's the word) and Coparmex(patronal syndicate) stated that even though the collective contracts of the workers present a clause that indicates that their salary must increase proportionally to the increase of the annual minimun wage, this clause has no effect in the case of presidential decree when the intention is to employ to set increments in current salaries in the labour market

Its disturbing how not even youtube news channels like RealNews, JimmyDore show, etc are even covering this. Largest strike in North America for over 20 years is an astounding story.

La mayor parte de las noticias parecen venir de periódicos de Tamaulipas, no he visto reportaje en El Universal o algo más grande.

I'm sorry I dont speak Spanish but the strike is in the process of being "legalized" and the unions/ALMO are attempting to get their hands on the movement. Maybe after this development, major news like El Universal will begin to cover it?

That's some good spanish, and i hope you are right.

I think it was due to the whole social security system's crisis with the bank accounts for retirement pensions and such being empty all of the sudden (ISSSTE and/or IMSS)
Here in my place it was big news with several of the big streets being blocked. Shamefully nothing will be done because the ones in charge of searching the thiefs are the robbers themselves.

The strike was basically a 3-day event to show people aren't happy, and against a state enterprise instead of a private corporation. At the end of it people will go back to their jobs, disgruntled as hell, but still there.

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That's a straight lie, people stole fuel to make a quick buck just because they could and got burned for it (no pun intended), there's no considerable shortage to go around doing that.

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Amlo's the best thing thats happened to Mexico in 20 years, give him a break


If the unions end up controlling this strike it’s gonna fail. The strike got so big because the workers defied the unions and launched a wildcat strike with the election of rank and file committees

Okay but what has that got to do with AMLO?

Can we delete the other thread? Also can somebody use Twitter to send this to Dore, and the IWW btw (only things the other thread came up with)

ALMO supports the unions.