Call to Organize

There are more than a few of us here who live or have lived in China. We add our hot takes to the most recent Xi Jinping threads and are patiently awaiting the release of b站's 领风者。

Let's up our game. We have a duty to not only keep up with the theory and praxis of the CCP, but also to connect Chinese comrades with foreign their foreign counterparts and do our utmost to participate in Socialist construction.

Some of the ways we can help include:

Please add my WeChat: KyonxHaruhi96 and I'll invite you to our group chat. Trots and MLM's are welcome, but will be removed if anything too illegal is stated. 中国人我们当然也欢迎哟

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Nice try FBI.
Go away NSA.
Something something CIA.

It‘s no less subject to government surveillance than discord groups or google hangouts, and it is significantly easier to keep the nazbols out.

Huh. What happened to b站. Do you mean bilibili? Is bilibili alright?

Join in on the fun

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They are releasing an animated series on Marx, 领风者。

rofl you mean the Marx anime. I am so f'd up from this recent yellow panic I literally thought you meant they shut down bilibili ("release" as in from jail)

I need to go back to China man. Every time I go back it's like they finished an upgrade on mobile game or something. Like you know how you can click "upgrade" on a house in clash of the clans and it will turn into a shinier version of the same house with like, a flower in front of it or something. Yeah it's like that.

Wew. If they shut bilibili down the weebs and their liberal professors here might actually start bombarding the revolutionary headquarters.

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Now in 2.5…

Well boys buckle up.

Unlike with Georgy and his goons,
Xi's checks always arrive on time.

China's earned the right to be cyberpunk.

CIA wrecker thread. China is already the most powerful (socialist) state on the planet. The DOTP is in control of the commanding heights of the economy. Ultra-leftists want to destroy it

Fuck China and fuck anyone who praises the bug-people.

AI has no ideology. Any country that plans to use AI to improve the conditions of man should be supported in its efforts, especially countries that, while not yet Communist, are still at least sympathetic to our cause. The utter mechanization of labour and the automation of leadership will lead mankind to great new heights.

An AI can be programmed to do what the programmers want. If they're programmed to maximize profit, that's what they'll do. If they're programmed to fulfill as many basic needs as possible, that's what they'll do.

Nice spooks you got there m8.

That word you're using. I don't think it means what you think it means.

Stay spooked retard.

I'm not even the poster you first responded to, faggot. and wtf is a blackflag poster doing supporting fucking china?

I'm not. I was just cruising along and saw that spooked af comment.

Op here. Perhaps I chose the wrong venue to post something like this.

Let's be real my dudes, China is more or less a state capitalist country; most people, especially young folks, interact mainly with the private sector. They work for private companies, buy consumer goods at private shops, and the only economic leaders they see on tv or on weibo are CEO's like Ma Yun. Thus it should be no suprise that many Chinese citizens don't take Socialist Construction very seriously. It's not a part of their day to day lives.

Luckily, for very obvious reasons, the CCP can only use the language of Marxism and the goals of Socialism to justify their policy, regardless of its economic direction. This means that people who want to join the party still need to study the theory and history of Marxism. More than a few of them come out of that process as principled ML's looking to serve the masses. Some of those few take a radical line, but the majoirty feel that Capitalism is currently in the interest of Chinese working class and should remain the dominant economic form until that fact changes.

Beyond just a portion of the party membership being sincere about Socialist ideology, there are local level leaders who are still involved int the practical task of non-capitalist productive relations. At least 50 collectivized villages are extant in China, with at least a dozen others hoping to make the transition. Besides those collectives, there are "the professional farmers cooperatives," which roughly constitute half of all rural households now. The continued development of the collective and cooperative economies are far more clear examples of proletarian control than China's corporately managed state enterprises; they are rallying points for Marxists throughout China.

Our hope now is that one day, when party leadership feels as though productive forces are sufficiently developed and the instability of capitalism has begun to outweigh the material benefits that opening up brought, the party, acting as the DotP, will re-emphasize collective ownership over the private sector.

It is our job to help them get there. Advancing technology is not enough. Only by helping to sustain and grow anti-capitalist political consciousness and economic organizations in China can we incentivize party leadership to move that direction.

Connect with your Chinese comrades, many of them want full communism just as bad as we do.

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you're still showing you don't even know what that outdated meme even means.

Please enlighten me as to how racism is not spooky you disingenuous faggot.

I read the comment as him referring to China as an international entity, and the show-runners as the bugmen. Because dengists are bug-men. Maybe I went too far in assuming that this poster like most others here is not racist.

Are you an official representative of the CCP?

Does someone know where I can read this? Preferably in English but just taking a grasp in Chinese is okay for me too. Do you have a PDF?